A List of Foods That Burn Fat Fast: Go Catabolic

It’s a basic principle of weight loss.

Every item of food you put in your mouth contains calories. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

Some foods, like a piece of chocolate cake slathered with chocolate icing, are high in calories, and take a while to burn off. Other foods, like lettuce, are low in calories, and can be burned off faster.

Your body is always burning calories, even if you’re sitting still and doing nothing. But being physically active helps you burn calories faster.

So, what are the foods that burn fat fast?

Catabolic foods burn more calories than they contain. For example, an apple contains around 80 or 90 calories. But the energy your body uses to metabolize the apple burns about 180 calories. So, when you eat an apple, your body burns off up to 100 calories more than you consumed.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Here is a list of high catabolic foods.






















Sweet Potatoes





Now, this doesn’t mean you can eat a slice of chocolate cake, and then eat five apples to make up for it. What it does mean is, if you are on a diet, eating certain foods will help you burn calories and lose weight faster. These are also foods you can snack on throughout the day, satisfying your hunger without worrying about ruining your diet.

Word Search Puzzle Generator

You are probably already familiar with word search puzzles. They are puzzles that consist of a grid of letters arranged in rows and columns. If you just glance at them, they appear as if the letters are completely randomly chosen. However, a closer look will reveal that there are words hidden within the grid. The goal of the puzzle is to find all the hidden words – they can start at any point in the grid, and can be orientated in any direction whatsoever, not just horizontally and vertically, but including diagonally, and backwards directions such as right-to-left.

Word search puzzles can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They can be themed around any subject whatsoever – simply by choosing the type of words to conceal in the grid. And, the level of difficulty can easily be varied, by giving or not giving the solver a list of words to look for, by varying the size of the grid, and in puzzles intended for younger children, by avoiding hard-to-spot word directions such as backwards or diagonal directions.  This flexibility makes them very well suited for magazine and newsletter publishers, and also means that they can easily be used as an educational tool (children can be introduced to new words, and also help learn the spelling of words they already know).

Creating your own word search puzzle of course involves fitting words together into a grid. If you try it using a pen and paper, you will soon discover this is no easy task and requires a lot of trial and error. However, this is the kind of thing that computers excel at. If you use a PC and some word search generator software, you can make a new original puzzle in just a few minutes.

How to Pack a Bridesmaid Dress For a Flight

So much goes into planning a wedding that often times the smallest issues can be overlooked. One such example is that of bridesmaids who must travel to reach the wedding. What is the best way to pack a formal bridesmaid dress when traveling by plane? And how do you avoid losing your dress in transit? Below are some suggestions for showing up in your bridesmaid dress as if you just stepped out of the showroom.

o Roll your dress and pack it like a sleeping bag in your suitcase. Once you arrive at your destination, unroll your dress and hang it up.

o Use dry cleaning garment bags, a regular garment bag, or the dress bag that the dress maker sent the dress home in to transport your bridesmaid dress with ease. These kinds of bags are designed to keep wrinkles in clothing to a minimum.

o If extra reinforcement is needed, wrap the bridesmaid dress in a large cotton sheet before placing it in the garment bag.

o When traveling during inclement weather, add a large industrial garbage bag on the bottom to prevent the dress from accidentally dragging on a wet or dirty floor. Do not pin the bag to the dress; instead, pin or tape it to the garment, dry cleaning, or dress bag already covering the bridesmaid dress.

o Call the airline ahead of time and ask if there is any way they can offer a cabin closet for you to hang your dress. They are usually happy to hang a wedding or bridesmaid dress in the first class closet if there is room.

o Consider taking your dress as your carry-on item. Again, check with your airline ahead of time to make sure that the bag with your dress in it will fit in the overhead compartment.

o Rolling your dress up in a carry-on bag is another way to make sure it doesn’t get lost en route and remains wrinkle-free. Not only do you get to keep your it with you for the flight, you can make sure that it’s not getting unnecessarily dirty, tossed about, or trampled upon.

Once you arrive at your destination, unpack your dress immediately. Minor wrinkles should come out by hanging it in the bathroom while you shower. The steam in the bathroom will help the material loosen and creases should disappear. If, however, you still further help, most hotels, cruises, and laundry services offer pressing for a reasonable price, usually under $20.

Hot Conferencing – Unique Communications Software

This innovative combination of advanced hardware and software applications has made it possible to conduct both audio and visual communications between participants – regardless of geographical location. TELECONFERENCING ADVANTAGES:

o Offers organizations who conduct business on a national or international level to communicate effectively with various groups of individuals simultaneously.

o Effectively gives businesses ongoing cost-effective access to a virtual boardroom instantly.

o Low cost method of real time communication where participants are not obligated to travel from one board room to another.

o Removes seating restrictions as a teleconference can be arranged between unlimited participants.

o Free web based info sessions with crystal-clear telephone quality.

o Moderator has the ability and resources to arrange teleconferencing with minimum planning and effort.


o Ability to control selection and numbers of participants who can attend meetings.

o Able to veto or outright forfeit unauthorized attendance.

o Has access to participants’ profiles once they are logged into a call.

o Visual and audio notification of members’ participation.

o Reject unauthorized requests for participation in conference.

o Ability to monitor vocal and text communications between participants.


o Huge potential for financial gain.

o Distinct and noticeable reduction in travel and long distance calling expenses.

o Saves time for everyone involved.

o Ability to communicate with and co-ordinate multiple branches of related business.

o Able to share visual documentation with selected participants.

o Able to offer improved customer service.

o Instant collaboration and training opportunities.

o Never have to be concerned with seating allocation, participation is unlimited.

o Desktop application allows the option of calling impromptu meetings at the discretion of the moderator.

o Multi-tasking functions make video/audio communications effortless and efficient.

In today’s fast-based, hectic business environment it is often necessary to co-ordinate instant communications between various interested parties. This is where VoIP technology, with its digital compression of audio and video streams available in real time, has become one of the most effective tools which can be used to enhance and promote any business venture.

Video conferencing is a technologically developed tool that provides modern day business operators with an opportunity to telecommunicate efficiently and effectively with others via a module previously unimagined at any level.

By offering the opportunity to share digital and audio presentations among selected groups of people at the same time, the moderator of the telecommunication module can take advantage of a secure, innovative opportunity to conduct business while receiving simultaneous input from various locations and interested parties.

Any successful business person knows the key to success lies in communication. Web based conferencing is able to allow previous barriers of space and time to be hurdled over with ease.

Effective communication is based on many things including voice reflection which can often convey either the enthusiasm or ennui of participating members. Often not immediately obvious in written text, audio/visual communications is able to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the personal commitment of interested parties.

By implementing a VoIP module of communication, mutual sharing of pertinent data is a simple keystroke away, providing an innovative, dynamic, result-oriented communications tool that is gaining world wide recognition and credibility on a daily basis.

What Are The Essentials Of Mobile Game Development?

The high inclination of the next generation towards mobile and game app has raised immense opportunity which entrepreneurs are perfectly tapping, and the new game apps are launched in the market daily.

The mobile game development has gone mainstream with the unprecedented success of some of the games like- candy crush saga, angry birds, the clash of clans, and dragons. The apps are not just catching more eyeballs, while it has become a lucrative business that’s generating a million dollars in revenue.

The winning outcomes are not because the businesses have realized the tremendous potential, but the range of mobile game development tools has also made the equal contribution. The advanced tools have shortened the learning curve and made the game development a breeze.

Still, the story is not over.

The reason is if you have come up with a great game app idea, and hired the best mobile game developers team to shape the app idea into reality, doesn’t mean your app will score high on target audience and top the app store charts. To make the excellent game app, there are a few suggestions, game engines and principles in regards to game development that you should consider.

If you feel the urge to create an amazing game experience via a unique game application, stay focused till the end:

(1) Be choosy for the game genre

Over the last decade, the game app industry has evolved and the wide spectrum of games of various genres like- puzzle, scary, casino, racing, card, education, celebrity and pretty more are built. Besides, the game apps are developed using different technologies like- virtual reality and augmented reality to introduce uniqueness in the app.

So, at first decide what’s the genre of the game app you are about to build and then find out the challenges to face when the app development begin. Try to build the game of the genre that’s highly in demand in the market that inch the app closer to success. Also, it gives a rough idea of how much the app will cost to you and how much time it takes to market the app.

It’s preferable to go with a game app which can be built in less time and low budget along with the use of high-level technology to stay synced with modern gamers.

(2) Assess the app idea uniqueness

The app idea you have may be unique for you, but the target users will also find it equally unique is uncertain. Finalize the game logic, gameplay challenges and rewards in the app, and then start analyzing the game app of the similar niche by playing those games. It helps in identifying what are the unique points you have included in the app and that unique value proposition could bring overnight success to the app.

When you zero in all the elements that make your app one-of-a-kind, it’s time to jump onto the mobile app development bandwagon.

(3) Introduce excellent graphics with unreal engine 4

The game app stands out when the graphics and designs are out-of-the-box. Unreal engine 4 (UE4) that’s packed with advanced lighting capabilities provides Cascade Visual Effects editor to add details to the fire, dust, snow, and smoke. The ability of dynamic particle manipulation enables the incredible visual and scenes creation.

The live updating power also saves the iteration time and minimize the editing process to a large scale. Additionally, the unreal engine community provides complete support at every game development stage.

(4) Go with Unity 3D engine

The popular game development engine is perfect for 2D or 3D game app development in a user-friendly environment. The platform export tons of programs and tools that make it easy to develop and deploy the app on different mobile platforms.

The platform’s Pro license, which is available at $75 a month is the best suite for varied developers and let them create stunning visual 3D gaming experience across multiple devices and platforms. The Assassin’s Creed and Temple Run are some of the examples of the games that are built on the top of unity 3D game engine.

(5) Gamesalad- the best fit for novice developers

For the rookie game app developers, building the game apps with coding is quite a task, but with Gamesalad crafting any genre of game has become the matter of hours. With the dragging and dropping of resources through a simple visual editor, the features, sound effect, music, and art can be inserted in no time. Plus, the masterpiece of your art can be shared on a range of the platforms.

This is also used to create the prototype of the future game apps so that a lot of efforts and time can be saved.

(6) Leverage the power of Corona SDK

Engineering the cross-platform apps are all the rage. Corona SDK enables the developers to build elegant apps that work impeccably on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle, tvOS, and Mac OS. The cross-platform development software enjoys the virtue of being used by 300,000 game developers.

It has numerous APIs that allows developers to create beautiful graphics and real-time simulator where the instant changes made become visible on both Mac OS and Windows.

(7) Embrace Marvel to create instant POC

It takes a lot of time for the mobile game development company to design the prototype of the game apps that illustrates the app flow, animations, transitions, and interactions. With Marvel, it’s possible in an hour and the developers don’t need to have the advanced knowledge of tools, platforms, and devices for which the proof of concept they are building.

With simple sketch or photoshop, the prototypes can be created and shared, which helps in getting quick feedback.

Summing it up

Certainly, the game development is not a work of an average Joe. Just the way game app users are selective about the game apps, the businesses also have to be equally selective when it comes to the selection of app idea, game app development tools and app development company to engineer phenomenal experiences.

Do all the necessary research for the mobile game that makes it successful and then couple your game idea with the right set of technology and tools to let the app creates a major breakthrough.

Brief History of the Optical Gaming Mouse

If you’re like me, you’ve been a gamer since you can remember. You grew up playing games the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, and in actuality it was only the demo version since I was just a kid and my parents at that time didn’t believe in using a credit card to purchase a game “through the modem”.

You were playing Commander Keen and Avoid the Noid, all using the arrow or WASD keys on your keyboard. Soon we were using the mouse after a time of conversion from the comfortable keyboard controls, inside the bounds of gaming, we were running around in Rise of the Triad shooting enemy gangsters and dogs and taking out enemy monsters in Doom with our mechanical ball rodents.

Soon games became more detailed and required better accuracy and a quick wrist to be successful. Traditional ball mice would gunk up and skip across the screen, they just couldn’t keep up.

Voila! Enter the Optical mouse in the form of the Microsoft Intelli-Mouse Optical. In general, the “new” Optical mouse technology of the time provided higher sensitivity, no skipping cursor across the screen because of gunked up mechanical features, and the mouse could now be used on a wide variety of different surfaces. Read here to learn how Optical Mice work.

The only limits were set on the capabilities of the LED optics of the optical mouse and the speed of which the processing of these images takes place, the measure of this is called Dots per Inch (DPI). It wasn’t until the Gaming Mouse that DPI numbers shot up utilizing the Optical mouse technology. An Optical Gaming Mouse of the past couple years is capable of over 1600 DPI, example: Logitech MX518,yet early ball mice were capable of around 200 DPI. Over 8 times the resolution!

Although traditional LED Optical mice are still the majority rule, the Laser Optical mouse made its huge explosion into the Optical Gaming Mouse market with the introduction of the Logitech MX1000 in 2004. The initial advantage the Laser mouse provided was the exact precision of the laser sensor was more accurate than an LED based optical sensor. The MX1000 only had a max sensitivity of 800 DPI but its precision blew all previous mice out of the water, move your hands even the slightest bit and you will see the relative movement of the mouse immediately, no more “stuck” cursors because of the lack of precision. Laser mice can track on even a wider array of surfaces than typical LED based Optical Gaming mice can.

Since the MX1000, Laser mice have made leaps and bounds to where even 5600 DPI is possible as demonstrated in the Razer Mamba There are plenty of other specifications and features that matter on a gaming mouse nowadays, customization of mouse buttons, USB polling rate, max acceleration, even on-board memory storage to store profiles of the above mentioned options.

The computer peripheral we know as the Mouse has gone from plain and clunky to sleek and agile in a mere 10 years time. The Optical Gaming Mouse has played the majority part in the push for this technology and the race between the different companies in the market. The demand has grown as Gamers realize the limitations of the old age hardware and the near limitless possibilities of digital enabling them to step up their level of competitiveness. Technology is a beautiful thing, the Mouse is a platform where this has been shown over and over again.

The Cost Drivers of Video Games and Consoles

The gaming industry has become a huge business over the last thirty years, and companies have been collecting a seemingly endless supply of revenue. As the years passed, games advanced through graphic design and innovation. Prices for these games and consoles increase with each new generation. The average new video game today costs consumers about $50, while the average console costs between $250 and $300. Why do they cost so much? What costs go into creating these devices that make it so expensive for customers? This article will explain what cost drivers, or factors that cause changes in costs for activities of creating products, affect the production of games and consoles. This should give the younger demographic a better understanding of what it takes to create a game.

The best way to explain the cost drivers of gaming is to go through the five main steps of a product’s cost life cycle: research & development, design, manufacturing, marketing & distribution, and customer service. First we will begin with research and development. This step in developing a product revolves around a single question: what can we do to add value to our products? Companies must answer this question in a way that not only will customers purchase their products again, but new customers will buy from them too. In this case, production managers and employees work on ways to add value to games to satisfy customers.

When creating ideas for the console, gaming corporations must determine how to innovate their products. For example, the Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo’s most recent console, offers innovation through the controllers used to play their games. These wireless controllers (with the exception of the wire connecting the Nunchuck controller to the Wiimote) use motion sensors that give the player a greater feel for what is going on in the game. If you are playing a golfing game, you swing the controller like a golf club in order to hit the ball in the game. This breakthrough in gaming is new to gamers and offers a better use of motion sensor activity than its competitors, Sony’s PlayStation 3™ and Microsoft’s Xbox 360™, which simply offer wireless controllers with their respective consoles. Innovations tend to add costs to production, but the companies know that if these innovations are sufficiently intriguing to the customer, these companies can accumulate enough revenue to make up for these added costs.

After completing the research and development stage, gaming companies then design their consoles and games. They must pay attention to detail; what graphics card to install, along with the CPU (central processing unit, which serves as the “brain” of the system), RAM (random access memory), hard drive, and so on. Each new console requires more memory and faster processors to keep up with consumer demand. The new technology needed for games requires specific designs that will appear to consumers; designs that look attractive and at the same time be cost-effective. The Nintendo GameCube™ was, as it implies, shaped as a cube, allowing for a maximum internal volume (given fixed dimensions) while using minimal surface area and taking up as little external space as possible. With these dimensions, Nintendo was able to put its technology into the console’s casing and keep costs at a minimum. Once these costs are determined, the company must create a selling price in order to make a profit (this is called target costing).

The third step in the process is manufacturing the product. It takes a lot of money to build and manufacture complex technology like video games in order to sell them in mass distribution. Costs have to be allocated to the employees who build the games and consoles, as well as paying for the materials needed for production. A company must take into account how much material and labor expenses will cost the company so that it can maintain a budget. Once they products are complete, they are distributed to wholesalers and retailers.

Marketing and distribution are an important part of determining costs for video games. Companies have to know where to sell their merchandise, as well as who they should target their product to. Video game companies must advertise games and consoles in a way that is so appealing that customers will care less about the cost than what the product will offer them. Video game companies must pay retailers and wholesalers to sell their products to consumers, who in turn give money to the retailers and wholesalers and eventually back to the corporations that produce the merchandise. After the products are sold, they must keep track of the customer’s satisfaction with the games.

The final step in this process is customer service. Video game companies create their games so that they contain as little mistakes or defects as possible. These companies create a customer service program for consumers to call in case the products are defective or broken. If customers are happy with their games, they will continue to buy more games from these companies; however, should there be any problems, customers will contact these companies and explain the problems with the games. Once the companies gather this information, they can use it as research and develop newer models, thus creating a new cycle of creating games.

As you can see from the life cycle of a product, video game companies must spend a lot of money on different costs to create products that customers will be content with. When you take into account all the research and development costs, design costs, materials and labor, as well as so many other cost drivers, it is obvious that creating games and consoles are not as cheap as one may believe. The next time you play a video game, you should feel thankful that there are people that work hard and spend a lot of money on an enterprise made to make people like yourself entertained.

Discount Perfumes At Bargain Prices

On special occasions, selecting the perfect gift for that special woman in your life may seem hard. One fail-proof gift idea is… Perfume. What woman doesn’t love perfume? Perfume makes a wonderful gift for women of all ages. It helps them feel confident and flattering, and helps them overcome any lack of insecurity or self esteem.

Buying name brand perfumes may be unaffordable to some, but fortunately there are more affordable means of purchasing perfumes:

* Perfumes often end up on the sales rack, because of imperfections in the product or packaging. Retailers tend to mark down the price if the product or packaging is damaged.

* Perfume brands or scents that do not sell well are often taken off the retail shelf to be replaced with newer brands or scents. These discontinued perfumes are then shipped to the sales rack to be sold at a discount. These discount perfumes are still in perfectly good quality but now at a more affordable price.

* Perfumes aimed at specific seasons may be moved off with the approach of the new season, for example, shops would not sell gingerbread scented perfume during the summer as it is more suited for a winter or Christmas release, and obviously after Christmas this perfume would then be taken off the shelf too.

* You can even get perfumes without paying, by asking for free perfume samples. Many companies, especially those that retail online, offer consumers free perfume samples. All you have to do to get your free sample is to simply fill in some basic information on their signup web pages.

* You could team up with a bunch of friends or families and purchase perfume wholesale. As wholesale perfumes come in bulk, their prices are reduced to a great degree. There are many companies that sell wholesale perfumes, but be sure to take time to find the company with the best quality perfume at the lowest prices.

* Buy cheaper knock off perfumes in discount and dollar stores. These perfumes are often produced by unknown companies that copy the scent and packaging of popular designer perfumes. You can spot these cheap perfumes by looking for the label “compare to,” or the packaging may look similar to the original but with a different brand name. Knock off perfumes usually do not smell exactly like the original, but for their price, they are still a cheap option.

As you can see, it is not so hard looking for good deals on popular and designer perfumes. These discounted perfumes can be found anywhere, from perfume stores, department stores to drugstores.

Casio Keyboard or Yamaha Keyboards – Which Is Better?

Casio keyboard or Yamaha keyboards which should you buy? There is much debate today on which is the better choice if you want a musical keyboard. Well here you will learn the differences.

There are two sides these days when it comes to musical keyboards. Just like Apple vs. Microsoft, Cannon and Nikon or Republicans and Democrats, it can be hard to convince a person once they have joined a particular side.

Many people feel there are very distinct differences between the keyboards made by each of these two companies. However, when you really dig into all features, whistles and bells each has to offer, they are actually quite similar.

Both offer high quality products. Both have a wide range of keyboards from learning keyboards, to those that are light and portable to those that are digital performance designed and recording pianos.

If there is any slight difference it might be that Casio has more offerings on the lower priced end of the scale. It seems for the keyboard beginner there are more Casio choices than with Yamaha. As well, as you move up in price, it seems Yamaha has a slight bit more to offer at the top end.

But I wouldn’t take this as absolute truth. Your best bet is to research carefully and look at all the features each has to offer.

One of the best ways to make a decision on what is the best keyboard to buy is to read the reviews from people that have bought the same keyboard you may be considering. If a person takes the time to write a review they have to feel pretty strong about the product one way or another.

In reading customer reviews often a common theme will start to surface and that will help you make a more educated buying decision.

All too often people make buying decisions based on what they think is true vs. what is actually true. Both companies, Casio and Yamaha have been around a long time and make quality products. They both have devoted customers and followers.

The best way to decide is to identify what features you want on your instrument and then seek out versions that have these features, regardless of the manufacturer. Then read reviews from other buyers.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are caught up in the debate Casio keyboard or Yamaha keyboard.

Nordictrack Exercise Bike Reviews

NordicTrack are a popular brand of exercise bike. They are popular because they come with one of the best consoles on any bike – certainly for a machine under a $1,000. But, are they a good machine overall, what sort of user do they appeal to, and what kinds of rating do customers give NordicTrack exercise bikes? The answers you get depend on the model of machine.

Most people can’t afford or justify paying more than a thousand dollars on a LifeCycle or Schwinn exercise bike. The biggest market for this type of fitness equipment is around the $500 mark and this is the niche that NordicTrack exercise bikes fall in to.

The most popular model is the AudioRider U300 bike; it’s also the cheapest, retailing for around $400. It’s an upright model and, for its price, you do get a lot of features. As you would expect it has magnetic resistance and it runs smoothly and quietly. The console really is the big plus point about this machine. It’s large, well laid out and easy to use; someone has described it as being like the dashboard of your car, which is a very good analogy. It displays the usual feedback data of time, speed, distance, resistance, pulse, RPM, carbs burned and calories burned. The handlebars have grip sensors to monitor heart rate and the seat is nicely cushioned. Another great feature is the AutoBreeze Workout Fan, which automatically adjusts the airflow to match your speed.

Getting to the more important features, you get 20 built-in workouts; 18 Personal Trainer workouts and 2 Heart Rate workouts. The personal trainer workouts will automatically adjust both pace and resistance during the workout to maintain the best optimized settings for aerobic, weight loss, or performance goals.

Many, especially first-timers, need motivation. It’s now quite common for all sorts of exercise equipment to be fitted with iFIT card technology. Each card is designed by a certified personal trainer and plugs directly into the bike’s console. During the workout, the trainer’s voice can be heard over the load speaker, helping you to achieve your specific goals. You can also download iFIT programs off the internet.

The bike also comes with Interactive Audio CrossTrainer, which is an interactive fitness coach that verbally and visually prompts you to perform a variety of strength-training and calorie burning exercises.

The AudioRider U300 is a great piece of kit however it really has been designed for casual or entry-level users. Those who are serious about bike training may find this machine lacks teeth. For instance, the position of seat and handle bars results in a sit-up-and-beg position. For more demanding training many prefer a more trapezoidal position with the hips up and shoulders down.

The AudioRider U400 is the same as the U300 except that it is a recumbent exercise bike. The features and workout programs are pretty much the same. It costs an additional $100. These bikes in which the user is in a reclined position are proving to be increasingly popular as they are more comfortable for those who have lower back problems or those who are overweight.

Lastly, there is the NordicTrack SL710 recumbent exercise bike. It retails for a little less than the U400. Personally, you are better off spending the extra and getting the U400. You only get 8 rather than 10 programs and the user weight capacity drops from 300 lbs to 250 lbs. The biggest claimed benefit of this bike is the Step-In design – this is where the center of the bike has been designed to be as near the ground as possible making it easy to get on and off the bike. The only reason to buy this model would be because you find it difficult to get on and off a more conventional recumbent.

In conclusion NordicTrack bikes are great value for money. If you’re a first time user or need something with a lot of motivational features then you should take a close look at these machines. However, if you’re a seasoned pro you should be looking at something a little more substantial like a Schwinn exercise bike.