Review of the Truth About Six Pack Abs Program by Mike Geary

You might be losing hope of ever seeing yourself looking the way you want to look, but we can help. Our weight-loss and firming programme does not claim to be a magic cure for fat and flab – instead, it’s a set of simple, practical, but little-known rules for firming and toning. This programme is simple enough for anyone to follow, and easy enough for those with the weakest willpower. Our dietary tricks and work-out techniques will allow you to see changes in your body quicker and more easily than ever before.

Maybe you’ve tried eating so-called “health foods”, but the truth is that most of them are simply cleverly disguised, well-marketed junk food. You might have tried diet pills, but did you know that there is no regulation over the manufacture and sale of these? You could be eating pills made entirely from sugar, and you’d never know. You may have cut out fatty foods completely, but the fact is that without eating fat, your body simply cannot lose fat. We’re not selling you anything drastic, we’re showing you a sensible way to lose and regulate your weight.

Maybe you’ve done thousands of crunches and sit-ups and seen no results, but these exercises have almost nothing to do with firming your abdominals. Our programme will show you the common mistakes that people make while working out, and the exercises that you really should be doing. Don’t be disheartened by all of the time wasted on exercises that didn’t work – be relieved that you’ve found the answer today.

This programme can work for anyone, no matter what their age, or if they’re male or female. The plan is all about working with your body and not against it, and that’s a rule that everyone needs to apply if they want to get thinner or more toned. The same basic rules apply for men and women, with some details tailored to suit the   unique  male and female bodies.

The owner of, and the plan’s creator, is Micheal Geary. He’s the author of “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” – the number one ranked eBook on abdominals – and of an online fitness newsletter. Micheal is also a contributing author to Muscle and Fitness and Oxygen magazines. As a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer, Micheal specialises in body fat reduction strategies and functional strength and power training, and also has a Bachelor of Science. If there’s anyone to trust with your abs and fitness, it’s Micheal Geary.

When you find out all about this plan, you’ll wish that you’d known about it for years. You don’t have to struggle with you weight, or spend your time straining your body into exercises that it resists. Your path to a better body can be a smoother and shorter one, where you enjoy your food and your work out, and are constantly encouraged by the results you see. So why wait? You can start shedding fat and gaining muscle – and enjoy doing it – today.

7 Ways To Make Money From Minecraft

Think you can’t make money playing your favourite video game? Ever been told that all those hours spent on Minecraft was a waste of time? Well think again, now you too could be making money from home. But how I hear you ask, how is it possible to make money from Minecraft? Well read on because you’re about to discover seven simple ways to make money on (and impress your friends at the same time.)

Firstly let’s take a moment to discuss the web site, is an online marketplace where people tackle any number of bizarre gigs or “micro-jobs” in exchange for payment of a whopping $5. Users might offer to place 100 flyers on 100 cars, or design a company logo, or record a customized message while imitating the voice of a “Star Wars” character. The sheer scope and variety of available gigs will impress anyone who isn’t familiar with the site, and on your first visit, you might understandably wonder how on earth you can get all this “stuff” for just five dollars.

While some gigs have an opening rate of $5, the more popular and well-reviewed one’s are earning much more per gig. For example you need a project done in 24 hours add $10, you want more detail in an illustration add $15, hand out another 200 flyers add $20 and so on. Now a gig that was originally five dollars in price can earn the seller much, much more.

Like all web sites has some terms and conditions that need to be followed to protect both buyer and seller. At the moment the site is available to anyone aged 13 and over, isn’t limited to any particular country and doesn’t allow any violent, spam or illegal type gigs. Other than that, anyone can sell their talents and services there. So what can you offer on this website? Here’s eight ideas to get started with…


Are you always doodling scenes from Minecraft? Got a killer scene of Herobrine and Steve in combat? Well if you’ve got the talent you can make money from it. A quick scroll through using the search term “Minecraft” and you’ll find lots of artists offering to draw scenes in exchange for money.

Recreate Images In Minecraft

If drawing isn’t for you, maybe you’re one of those people who likes recreating real world scenes in Minecraft. Are you able to build the Statue Of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, or a 747 airplane? Then you could also make money from this talent. With this gig, customers provide a photograph of a real world scene and you recreate it in Minecraft, simple.

Video Banners

If you’ve watched any Minecraft videos on YouTube, you’ll know the best ones always have a banner, logo, or set image on them. They have to come from somewhere, so why not from you? If you find image editing software like “Gimp” or “Photoshop” a breeze to use, you could provide a service creating opening or closing credit banners for a price. Do it well and you could find yourself very busy, very quickly.

Minecraft Servers

Do you know how to set up a Minecraft server? Could you do it all day and even in your sleep? Well you could provide that service at a cost. Just because you find it easy, doesn’t mean everyone else does. So why not get paid for your expertise? You could provide a service helping fellow players set up and maintain their servers.


Are you one of those people who loves making short movies with Mine-imator? You could offer your services for a price. With this gig you can either offer to create a unique one off short animation for a customer, or (even better) sell the same video over and over again and make money off of it. With this option you can offer different alternatives of the same video. In one you could change the music, in another place your customer’s domain name on it, make it shorter or longer or many other options to make each video unique. And of course each change comes with a price tag.

Minecraft Skins

Do you find it easy to make Minecraft skins, then why not make money from it? Simply offer a gig where your customers provide a picture, example or idea of what they’re looking for and you create it. To see examples of this, search with the search term “Minecraft Skin.”

Minecraft Parties

Do you or your Mum know how to create the ultimate Minecraft party food or birthday cake? Could you create Minecraft birthday invitations better than your local store? Then maybe it’s time to put that knowledge to some use. You could provide this information in a document, print out, or group of videos that you could sell over and over again. Heck with so many Minecraft parties out there, you could offer your baked goods for sale to parties in your area.

As you’ve seen with a bit of imagination and creativity it’s possible to make money from Minecraft. Are these the only ways to make money, definitely not? Once you’ve spent a little time on you’ll probably come up with other ideas and services that we didn’t think of.

Will you be able to retire to the type of home Notch has, probably not? With everything it depends on how good a service you provide, your reviews and how many people are looking for what you have to offer. But do you best, don’t give up and you too could have a nice income coming in all from your love of Minecraft. Now who said playing video games was a waste of time.

Please Note – Mojang now takes their copyright infringement more seriously than ever before. Just to keep on the right side of their lawyers, its best to read over their terms and conditions before creating any gigs first.

World of Warcraft

Nowadays, more and more people around the world begin to play multiplayer online role-playing games, especially World of Warcraft. Despite the large-scale multiplayer online role-playing games have been appeared around the world for many years, World of Warcraft has fundamentally changed these types of games.

No matter who you are, World of Warcraft should be the best choice among all of the online role-playing games. This is because that the World of Warcraft not only has all the outstanding elements that other same types of games have, but also has many good elements that the similar games do not have. There are many special roles produced by Blizzard Entertainment in the game, which are very interesting, memorable and successful roles.

In the World of Warcraft, you can create your own favorite role from a range of different races and strong careers, then you can begin exploration, do tasks and fighting in Azeroth. It is full of challenges in the game. The players can find many familiar things in the game, which has made a lot of players shocked. Meanwhile, the other online role-playing game players will also be impressed by World of Warcraft. The game links a large number of different styles of regional together, and these areas look like a whole in the game.

What’s more, the outstanding innovation in the game’s own actions make the game smooth every day, which gives people a vivid experience. The   unique  point in the design of the  games  is that it makes incredibly huge, beautiful and impressive world into a wonderful experience.

Fortunately, the game is very easy to play. World of Warcraft is a complex game, but the complexity hidden in simple, clear and clean images and the impressive 3D graphics engine, which make the game run smoothly and have an excellent screen. Also, the game interface is very pretty, and easy to learn and understand.

The most important is that the operation of World of Warcraft is very fluid and smooth. The game has a vast seamless world, but it only needs a few seconds for you to enter the game.

Top 5 Osho Books Review

More than 600 books are attributed to the controversial spiritual leader Osho. This article reviews 5 of the most popular Osho books.

1. The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within

The Book of Secrets was published after his death in 1990 is a compendium of his lectures and follow-up question and answer periods. The reader will enjoy the casual and conversational style of the book and it makes for an easy read.

This is one of the longest Osho books with more than 1,100 pages. Osho gives us a comprehensive and practical guide to learning how to meditate. He believed that without meditation we can never discover the deep secrets of life but merely its surface.

The meditation techniques are based on ancient texts that have been translated to contemporary understanding. Each of the 112 meditations are described in detail and explained how best to put them to use in our everyday modern lives.

Whether you have a particular faith you follow or not you will derive great benefits through meditation. And you needn’t go to a temple to practice it-any quiet place will do. Your mind and body is temple enough along with the willingness and courage to experiment with something new.

2. Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

Of the more than 600 Osho books, Tantra is his all time best seller. For more than 1,000 years the writings of Tilopa, the 11th century Indian master of Tantra have lived on. Tilopa passed on his mystical insights to his student, Naropa, in the form of his Song of Mahamudra.

Osho, in his humorous, beautiful yet powerful way, teaches Tantra through Tilopa’s song piece by piece, showing how Tantric meditation techniques and mystical insights apply to our lives today.

3. EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

Life is nothing if not emotional, and not understanding our emotions and how to deal with them effectively lies at the core of many of our problems. And these problems not only affect our physical, mental and sexual health but also our energy levels, sleep pattern and relationships with our loved ones.

In Emotions, Osho gives us a guide that is both practical and comprehensive that helps to master our emotions by watching and learning from them when they arise. And once we learn this our emotions no longer have the power to provoke us.

4. Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships

If you are truly seeking something different from the same old worn out advice on relationships, then this is just the book for you. Love, Freedom and Aloneness was also published after his death from his teachings.

In it we find, that only by learning to live by ourselves and with ourselves first, can we cultivate real freedom in our lives; and this freedom allows us to find love and happiness with someone else. The book is a free flowing dialogue on how to balance lifestyle, love and meditation- not a 12 step formula.

5. Being in Love: How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear

In this book Osho challenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us up the idea that love, instead of consisting of jealousy and possessiveness, is natural and fulfilling.

He dares us to resist the patterns we’ve learned from culture and those around us that are unhealthy, and rediscover being love and loving without expectation. From an early time we’ve been so filled with rubbish about what love is that by the time we are ready to explore the world of love there is not much hope we can tell the difference between what is real and what is false.

Osho asks us to explore new ways to love that will forever change our relationships by answering the questions that so many lovers face including how to:

• Become a life partner with whom someone

• Be fully present in your relationships

• Love without clinging

• Free yourself from the fear of being alone

• Let go of expectations, rules, and demands

• Keep your love fresh and alive

• Surrender your ego so you can surrender to love

These 5 Osho books go far beyond the understanding of conventional psychology and bring unique insight to the workings of the mind, heart and essence of being.

A Facebook Game – A Puzzle Bobble Review

Usually we can find a lot of games in Facebook, but never have I ever thought I ever see a classical puzzle game in it. Puzzle Bobble is a real classic, back during the early days of 8 bits graphic. Yes, it is that old! The game has been ported over to Facebook and added into Social Games collections.

For those who think this game looks really odd! Do not judge the game by its age as this game is one of the earliest gems puzzle games ever created. The game was created by Taito for one of the arcade game machine (Imagine how much money I fee into those evil machine when I was a little kid). The game also represents the company’s icon or more like stars idols during that era which are the Double Bubbles dragons. Cute adorable and shoot bubbles out from their mouth, these little guys will be helping players to navigate the gems.

The gameplay to this game is very simple, just match the gems with the same color and destroy all of the gems above you before it hits the ground. Aside from just shooting, gem can also bounce itself from the side of the wall to an area which may be hard to reach by normal method. This tactic takes a bit of getting use to and most time players may actually make mistake. Try mastering it and it will save the game a lot.

The game also provides a bit of hints during gameplay. Player will notice the small little brown bag with spare gems beside it. This is the next gems that will be use next. This allows players to plan ahead of time before shooting the current gems to their target.

The look of the game is old, but what do you expect from a game that was made 20 years ago! However the game was ported nicely to Facebook and there is not much lag in the game. Everything runs smoothly.

I would really recommend this game to all the old timers who really missed playing arcade games. This is really a great finding in Facebook, just like finding an old friend.

Give it a try.

Uniformity Vs Conformity: How to Nurture Creativity and Dress for Success

Schools or vocational institutes are the place for learning and gaining education where students spend a significant portion of their day. It is thus important for them to feel comfortable and happy to remain productive, creative, and energized for the entire duration.

A student can perform at its peak when the vibes emanating from the scholastic environment is elevating and inspiring. For that, it is desirable to empower students to make their own decisions, embolden them to follow their hearts, and encourage them to cherish their dreams.

For that to happen, students should be allowed to choose their own attire which can help them to remain comfortable in the class and accomplish heavy-duty performance in playground. Of course, one can question the dressing sense of young students especially that of toddlers, pre-teens, and teenagers.

Moreover, school authorities are often flabbergasted by the gust of rebelliousness reflected from the garments of young students. However, these can be limited by issuing a strict restriction on some types of clothes that students must refrain from putting on.

Some of the positive attributes of encouraging students to choose their own attire are:

Focus on comfort and utility

Every student in a school is different and   unique  in its own way. While one may be studious type, other may be athletic type, another may be creative type. They have different requirements depending upon the activities they perform all in a day’s work. The studious type is more than happy to remain the entire day in the classroom and spend the lunch break in the library. For him a neat collared t-shirt or a shirt coupled with a pair of chinos will do just fine. However, the athlete may require something durable and sporty for his entire day.

Economy and value for money

Parents need to consider the comfort and hygiene of their children. Thus, buying five to six sets of uniform would be an expensive affair for the middle class parents who already spend a lot of their hard-earned money for the education of their children. Besides, it will put undue workload on the parents to take care of laundry considering the kids wear uniform for school and casuals in the evening. Parents will end up spending a lot in the wardrobe of their children if the school uniform is mandated.

Expression of Individuality

Children usually dress to express not to impress. When children are given the option to choose their own dress, then they find an outlet to assert their own individuality through their attire. However, if the option is blocked then some children can take a hazardous route to express their individuality and stand out. They may resort to drama, criticism, unpleasant attention-seeking behaviors, and even substance abuse in a belief that these will set them apart from the rest and help them to create their own identities.

Allow Students to Manage their Time Effectively

Allowing students to choose their own attire helps them to save the time that would have been spent in dressing up for school and changing for tuitions, recreational, or outdoor activities. When a school does not enforce a dress code, it saves the time of students as well as teachers who would otherwise be involved in uniform policing.

Reduces the Chances of Violence & Hooliganism in School Campus

Mandating uniform in school campus does not prevent the entry of intruders. On the contrary, it increases the chances of intruders to trespass into the school campus and perpetrate violence and criminal activities as all they need to do is buy a similar pair of the school uniform and get inside the campus without raising any suspicion. In many instances of violence inside the school premises, perpetrators have been found to do just that.

Advantages Of Blogs

Blogs are the simplest from of having websites. It can be also said as the base of a website. It helps you to fulfill your dream of having your own website. In few minutes it will give you professional looking and a running site. Now without giving you boring lecture I am going to tell you advantages of blogs.

The Advantages of blog are:

Blogs are easy to create

Now creating blog has become child’s play. You don’t need any advance and expensive softwares or monkey tricks to create a blog. You just have to sign up to blog providers (Blogger, wordpress, typepad , etc). Then you have to follow just 3 steps i.e. name the blog, Choose template (blog providers will offer you varieties of templates) and start posting.

Blogs are easy to maintain

You don’t need any software to maintain your blog. You can maintain your blog online. After you sign in to your blog account you can create a post, edit post, change blog template, customize your blog and change blog settings easily. If you are anywhere either in hotel in Nepal or other places and if you have internet connection then you can log in to your blog account and can update your blog easily. The blog created in Nepal can be edited from US. Your blog automatically move your newer posts at the top, while archiving older posts by date or topic you don’t have to bother to move your pages around.

Blogs are search Engine Friendly

Since each post of the blog is assigned with different URL address. Each of them will have its own and separate web page. If you care of making good posts focused on a specific topic and carefully choose good keywords describing your posts then it will have more chance of ranking well with search engines. Also blogs trends to be updated regularly, search engines will crawl them easily to their index since search engines prefer fresh posts.

Blogs allows you to interact with your customer base

Blogs allows you to interact you with your customers and to get their feedback. Since blog offers you the option of enabling a comment field to your posts where readers can give you their feedback. It not only makes the visitors come back but also it gives you a great chance to know your customer better.

Blog hosts are for free

You have probably seen in various sites or blog “5 mb web hosting just for $5 per year”. People waste their money doing web hosting. Blogs are free for all. Any people of this world can start blogging in just few minutes. Blog allows you all the features provided as the site. Some more features are also provided by blogs. Not only blogs are free but also you can earn money from blogging.You can display ads many ad agencies and can earn through it. Thinking blogs are free please don’t misuse it.

Blogs gives you unlimited space

Blogs are free and gives you unlimited space. You can make as much number of posts as you like in your blog. It may be thousand or million blog can support it all. Besides this you can upload as much no of videos, images as you like in your blog. Think if single image can be uploaded of size 1024mb then what is the space provided by blog?

What Makes You a Unique Network Marketer?

With over 4,800 network marketing companies and millions of network marketers affiliated with those companies, what exactly is it that makes you different from all the rest? Why should someone join you – and your network marketing business – rather than signing-up with someone else?

Do they perceive that you can provide assistance for them to succeed in the business more so than anyone else? Have you built your brand – YOU, INC. – to such a level that they desire to model themselves after what you have done in order that their brand be built?

We all have different talents. The object of succeeding in network marketing is to take a long hard look within ourselves and find that talent we have the most passion for. Once discovered, nourish and nurture it to build your business by others observing your special ability and wanting to associate with you as they recognize themselves in you.

Some of us are great calling strangers and building a relationship over the phone. Others are not. I have never been one to cold call a stranger and work through the awkward silent pauses as the person on the other end of the call is wondering why is this person bothering me.

“Dialing for dollars” was probably not Daegan Smith’s favorite pastime so he developed an email marketing system with a distribution of a “guestimated” 200,000. One thing Daegan does do is write creative emails…and, more importantly, creates captivating subject lines to get you to open each one of his emails. (And, look forward to the next one arriving either that afternoon or the next morning.)

One of my team members disseminates a daily quotation and thought provoking question. I – along with countless other people – go searching for this to start the day. She has indeed positioned herself as providing tremendous value with her ability to research and give her readers a compelling reason to keep returning so that her daily posts are not missed. In short, she has found her specialty and is viewed as an expert.

There is no better way to showcase (and uniquely brand) yourself than by becoming literally a video machine. You can easily cut one or two videos a day. And, your being new to the making of videos can only lead to those viewing your video to get to like you even more. They can relate to your uneasiness at first because that is exactly how they would feel were they in front of the webcam.

There is no one in the world exactly like you. No one has your exact talents. Let your uniqueness work for you in building your network marketing business.

Wax Painting – A Unique Art Form

Wax painting is a  unique  form of painting where molten wax is used as paints. Also known as encaustic painting this wonderful artwork provides the scope to explore the creative skills and bring in new innovations into the world of art. There is also the freedom to make alterations uninterruptedly. The wax painters indulge in unbridled creativity and make breathtaking creations of arts. They can add, remove and make changes according to their own will. Delightful yet mystical the wax paintings have interesting stories to tell.

Wax painting has a rich historical past. The tradition of painting with wax began in Egypt, Greece and Rome about several thousand years ago. The antique wax portraits bear a testimony of the existence wax paintings in the ancient times. Liquefied bees wax and colored pigments were blended to form colors. With course of time several other forms of waxes like caranauba wax, dry oils like linseed oil, colophony, dammar crystals and mastic were used to create the paints. The molten wax is then applied with brush on the surface. Wax paintings were generally carved out on canvas, paper, stones and wood panels. Some sources of heat were then passed over the surface in order to fuse the paintings. Finally they were let to freeze in. Later on the paintings were polished with soft fabrics for the extra shine and glow. The wax painters preferred encaustic method for several reasons –

– The paintings remained unaffected to moisture and unfair weather conditions.

– They produced rich textures and were subject to changes.

– The wax enabled other substances to be collaged to the surface with its adhesiveness

Wax paintings involved the usage of various forms of tools. A kind of metal palette knife called ‘Cautarium’ was used to blend deposited wax colors on the surface. A delicate metal needle with a sharp end called ‘Cestrum’ was used to sketch the painting. ‘Pencillium’ was a kind of paintbrush that was used to apply the wax color on the required places. Modern wax painting has come up with advanced tools and scientific techniques that speeds up the method of painting and add more perfection and uniformity. Electric irons, heat lamps and hotplates are used on surfaces like papers, cards and thin fragments of wood. Variety of art forms from landscape arts to figurative and abstract arts is reflected in the wax paintings.

Cold Waxing is another kind of wax painting technique. Dioscorides and Pliny, the noted Roman historians first propounded the idea of cold wax painting. Here beeswax is heated in salt seawater and filtered through cheesecloth and left open under the natural exposure for the whitening. Then they are blended with sodium bicarbonate and given soap like shapes. The impurities are drained out with the help of cheesecloth. They are then washed off in lukewarm water and dried in the air. Finally they are heated with other natural elements and used to form painting.

For comprehensive information on Wax Painting and related topics, please visit Wax Painting

Money For Reviews – Get Paid to Review Movies

Before I begin I’d like to ask you a few questions, just answer them in your head. First of all, how many movies do you think you have watched in your life time? Second, how many hours did you waste on boring, uninteresting, unoriginal, poorly thought, just downright BAD movies? Well it makes sense there are so many movie reviewers, since there is such a high demand for quality movie reviews, because of the never ending supply of poorly written, directed, etc. movies. I’ve been getting paid to write movie reviews since I was 16, and honestly I got paid pennies writing for newspapers and magazines than I’m getting now. How? Publishing the reviews my self, on the internet.

Everyone knows where the moneys at: the internet. What everyone doesn’t know, is how do you take advantage of this? How do you make a dime on the net, there are so many frauds and scams, you can’t find any legitimate way to earn online. How can you get paid to review movies?

The Big Picture: Every time I surf over to websites that allow users to post there own personal movie reviews, and I see hundreds (sometime thousands) of reviews posted for any given movie, I get a good belly laugh. A lot of these articles are high quality, insightful, well written reviews. With a descent understanding of article marketing, these reviewers could be making a KILLING off this talent. But because no one has told them about it, and they haven’t bothered to run a quick Google search, they are getting ziltch for something that could literally be there primary source of income.

Getting paid good money for your movie reviews isn’t about the way you write them or on what movies you write about. It’s about where you post them, it’s about applying article marketing principles. Article marketing is a mixture of SEO (Search Enginge Optimization), simple internet marketing, and just plain resourcefulness. The idea is, your reviews will get indexed on Google for terms like “[Insert Movie Here] Review.” So for example you write a review for Hellboy 2, and you apply the article marketing techniques, and you see some descent results. Your article “Hellboy 2 Review” gets indexed on the third spot, so when someone searches for “Hellboy 2 review” your article is right in front of there eyes.

This article in this scenario, will probably earn about 250$/month until Hellboy 2 is no longer in theatres, once it hits DVD the article will make roughly 100$/month, and after that it will make about 40-50$/month.

As you can see, you could make hundreds, sometimes thousands of a single well written review.

The Facts

Who’s paying me?

The owners of these movies! After every review you leave an affiliate link, this is simply a URL that has your user name embedded. If someone purchases some movie tickets for that movie, you get a commission. If you rated the movie poorly, simply leave a second link for a movie that you would recommend instead.

Is this going to cost me anything?

Nope, your reviews are submitted to article banks and blogging sites such as EzineArticles or Squidoo.

Do I need my own website?

No. Again, you will be submitting these to blogging services and article submission websites.

How much can I expect to earn?

Well that all depends on you, and how much time your willing to invest, and how seriously you wish to take it. Even a poorly written review will make at least 20 – 30$ per month. Pump out 10 reviews in a day, and at the minimum you added 300$ to your monthly income.

Article marketing is your key to success in the field of paid movie reviews. It’s literally the only way to go, unless you get a job working for a national newspaper, this is the highest paying way to get paid for movie reviews.