Free Logo Design


A logo is the graphic element of a trademark or brand, which is set in a special typeface or arranged in a particular, but legible, way. The shape, color and typeface of a logo have to be different from others in a similar market.

A logo is a tangible reflection of an organization’s personality. In recent times, the term ‘logo’ has been used to describe emblems, signs, symbols and even flags. It has to be unique to avoid confusion in the marketplace among clients, suppliers, users, affiliates, and the general public. One of the most effective ways of protecting it is through registering your logo as a trademark, so that no unauthorized third parties can use it, or interfere with the owner’s use of it.

While large corporations spend thousands of dollars to update and implement their logos, many small businesses will turn to local graphic designers to do a corporate logo. These days there is a lot of software available on the market which can help you create your own logo. You can also download basic graphics from different sites. You can choose the design template of your choice and create your own free logo design. The process requires you to download and install logo design software. You then need to choose a logo template, add new logo objects, customize colors and designs, adjust the overall logo and print your new logo at no cost.

Remember that a good logo is unique and is not similar to any other company’s. It has to be functional and should look good on a business card and on products. An attractive logo creates a unique identity for a company, and a little research and effort can help you develop a beautiful logo at the lowest possible cost.