Headblade Reviews – Is This Thing a Deal Or a Dud?


If you’re considering the HeadBlade razor, or are simply curious about it, then be sure to read my HeadBlade review and see what I have to say about it. I first came across the HeadBlade razor a couple months back at my local grocery store.

“That’s cool,” I said to myself as I examined the package. “I’ll have to try this out pretty soon.”

Wait, what the heck is a HeadBlade?

Before I go further, the HeadBlade is a yellow-orange colored razor specifically designed for shaving your head. The best way to describe the shape is like a mini tricycle that slips on your middle finger like a ring. The broad end of the device has a blade and the narrow end has two small matchbox car wheels. The HeadBlade glides over the head with the wheels in contact with the scalp at all times.

My Head Shaving Background

My hair had started to thin out on top over the past two years and two months ago I began shaving my entire head. I really like the look now and have noticed many other middle aged men sporting the bald look too.

Okay, back to the HeadBlade review…

I finally got around to picking one up. The model I bought was the Sport model which comes with the wheels. I eagerly opened the packaging for my first HeadBlade shave. Special HeadSlick shaving cream is available but I opted not to buy it, though the labeling on my HeadBlade package suggested it.

So what did I think of the HeadBlade?

I’ll start with the bad. There is a slight learning curve to this device. I found myself pressing too hard on the blade end, which you are only supposed to use pressure on the wheels. This resulted in some cuts in the beginning, but is now no problem.

The HeadBlade finger loop is advertised to adjust to fit your finger. Despite much effort, there is little movement in the plastic ring and it continues to be rather loose on my finger.

The HeadBlade comes equipped with a three blade razor blade. The problem I had with it is that cut hairs would easily jam up in the blade and not wash out easily. This is because the blades are very close together and there is poor access to wash the blade out from the back. This was a big problem and almost caused me to stop using the HeadBlade.

The last trouble I had with the HeadBlade was around my ears. The bulkier shape of the HeadBlade made it difficult to get a good shave around my ears. (I continue to have to use a traditional razor to finish off that area.)

Well, that sounds like a negative review so far, but it’s not over just yet.

The HeadBlade makes for a quick shave. The wheel feature is cool and after a couple of practice tries, the device is easy and fun to use. Best of all it works!

My trouble with the three blade razor blade was quickly corrected because the HeadBlade is compatible with Gillette’s Atra Plus two blade replacements. These are much better in my opinion that the original three blade version that comes with the HeadBlade. These replacement blades are also rather affordable.


Unique Features of Chicago Style Pizza


One of the most popular types of pizza in the United States and Canada as well as in other parts of the world is Chicago style pizza. Through the years more and more people have taken to ordering and enjoying Chicago style pizza.

Chicago styles pizza is distinguished by a number of different factors. For example, Chicago style pizza is a particularly deep dish style of pie. In this regard, Chicago style pizza contains a base or a crust that is formed up the sides of a deep dish pan. (It is cooked in a pan and not directly on the bricks or other baking surface.)

Another of the  unique  features of Chicago style pizza rests in the fact that this type of pizza actually reverses the order of the ingredients. When it comes to the more common combination and ordering of toppings on Chicago style pizza, the base or crust (obviously) remains on the bottom. However, from there the cheese is placed on the base or crust. This is followed by “filling” or toppings. (There can be a variety of other toppings used on a Chicago style pizza to taste.)

The sauce (which normally is spread directly on the base or crust) ends up being placed on top of everything else that is placed the Chicago style pizza.

There is another version of the Chicago style pizza this sometimes is referred to as a stuffed pizza. This variation of the Chicago style pizza utilizes two layers of crust, with sauce and toppings or filling on both.

There are a variety of variations on the deep dish pizza theme in this day and age. Generally, it is agreed that the invention of the deep dish pizza occurred in the United States. With that said, the deep dish pizzas that are seen in different locations today actually transcend a single ethnic group.

Most pizza historians attribute the actual invention of the first deep dish pizza to Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo. It is believed that the first deep dish pizza was served at the Pizzeria Uno bistro in 1943. This iconic pizzaria is still in operation today.

When all is said and done, there are many different types of pizzas available today. Moreover, people who consider themselves connoisseurs of pizza believe that the development of new versions of the pizza pie hardly is at an end. Indeed, with each passing year, there seems to be new, tasty additions to the more universal family of pizzas. In the end, it seems that the types of pizzas that will be seen in the future is only confined by the imagination of people the world over.


Artist, Don’t Be Afraid To Be Unique


As a music producer working with many artist over the internet I spend a great deal of my time listening to new music. I started to think about my quest for new discovery. What was it that made me prefer one artist over another when both might have equal amounts of talent? What made me download and purchased one artist’s music over another? What made me really want to follow one artist over another?

To answer these questions I engaged in a little research. For the last two months I have kept a written log of all the new artists that I have checked out. (Around 500) In this log I recorded information about my interaction with the artist’s website and music. Information about how many times I went back to their page, if I downloaded free product or not, if I purchased music or videos, and if I put them up on my website.

What I soon realized was all the artist that I had started to follow had one thing in common, they were  unique .

 Unique  in sound.  Unique  in appearance.  Unique  in their approach to video.  Unique  in the way they presented their products.

For much of my professional career I’ve seen so many artists allow other people to persuade them into becoming a copycat of some other currently successful artist. Mostly at the hands of the “major” label. They let other people talk them into changing their hair, clothes, songs, and sound.

This might very well work for some to gain immediate success, but there is no better way to damage your career than to become a copycat. What do Kanye West, Prince, Usher, Drake, Madonna, Metallica, Slayer, Johnny Cash, and DJ Tiesto all have in common? They are  unique . They all have inspired tons of other artists to copy them.

In the past the only true way to get your product (you as an artist) out to the masses was to go through one of the major labels. They controlled most of the major distribution outlets and had a tight grip on commercial media. (Radio, TV, Magazines) If you wanted your video played on MTV you went through them. If you wanted your recorded music in a department store you went through them.

Then along came the internet and digital music downloads. No longer could the major music companies completely control the distribution and major media outlets. Now the independent artist has a level playing field. Most of the time these days you can’t even get signed to a major label without creating your own buzz.

Always remember that you are creating a brand. You are just like a car company that has produced a new product line and has to get their message out to the world. The car company has to give people a reason to buy their new cars. A reason why people should buy into their brand. You are a company who is building a brand and selling a product. You have to give me a reason to buy your music, watch your videos, buy tickets to your concerts, put you up on my website, or tell my friends about you through social media and word of mouth.


Unique Ways to Change Your Relationship With Money


Thinking about money in terms of being in a relationship isn’t the way we normally think about it. Yet, we relate with everything in our life experience, be it a person, the earth, our car, and our money. We are in relationship with it all. Think of yourself as a relationship partner with everything you come in contact with to some degree or another.

So how do you know if you need to change as a relationship partner with money and how exactly do you do that? I have just the thing for you.

First of all, look at your bank balances, your debt balance(s), your paid and unpaid invoices, your income, your savings and investments. These are the aspects of money that you are in relationship with specifically. Rate the quality of each aspect from 1-10, 10 being great, 1 being just awful. Now, this is the quality of your relationship with this particular aspect of money. Each aspect means something a little differently. This is why I have broken it down this way. You have relationships with multiple aspects of money.

If your ratings are less than 8, it is time to admit that you and this particular aspect of money need to change. You need to become much better friends, in fact, you need to be the best of friends! Some people like to think of their relationship as two lovers in love.

It only takes one person to change in a relationship for the whole relationship to change! That is good news for you since you never really have control over other people, places, things, or even money.

Let’s take income as the particular aspect of money that you would like to become best friends with. If your income isn’t flowing to you in a consistent way, if you experience feast or famine, or if money only comes to you when you are in trouble and you’re about to lose everything, these situations will reveal to you what you believe about your ability to receive and/or how much value you believe that you have, particularly in the business world.

How do you react to the inconsistent flow of income in your life, and how does it make you feel? Chances are, you might feel very stressed out and triggered to react in a fight/flight/freeze survival pattern. This could be a response similar to your conflict response in other relationships. You become a reactive partner when things get tough.

Do you become a victim to your income and blame other people for not seeing your value or do you blame circumstances (economy) for it not showing up? Perhaps you expect money to show up because you demanded that it would because, after all, you worked so hard for it, therefore, it should reward you. You could be sabotaging yourself by not reaching out and asking for what you want and need from a place of knowing it is there for you.

Tap into that part of yourself that can respond to stress from a position of peace and strength, not conflict. You must realize that it is your reaction to your current circumstance with money, which is who you are being, that creates your next experience.

Appreciate and know that the energy of money flows to where it is appreciated, paid attention to, and wanted. This seems rather simple, yet, so many of my clients have discovered that this is where they have blocked their income from coming to them.

All significant change must first begin as an inside job, the job of becoming a loving and appreciative relationship partner, just as you would in any relationship. Just as you would like to be treated yourself!


Learning What Is Unique Selling Proposition From Expert, Roger Kanopasek


USP,  unique  selling proposition, is one of the most important issues that you can possibly tackle and the interesting thing is that maybe you’re in business or maybe you’re an employee as the case may be, you need a  unique  selling proposition.

In the case of a business obviously you would like to sell your product but guess what in today’s rapidly expanding web economy, by 2010, only 30% of all jobs will be the same.

Only 30% of the jobs by 2010 will be new jobs. That means 70% of all jobs will be old, 30% will be new what does that mean?

That you will have to sell yourself as a completely new person within the next 10 years. Just applying for a job won’t do it anymore.

Ok, let’s go straight into the first part. Let’s talk about a business  unique  selling proposition. A business  unique  selling proposition is the first thing, you are in business, hopefully you’ve found your niche. And guess what right now, it is time to find an even maybe sharper  unique  selling proposition.

How do you do that? I have developed a very simple 5 step concept. Normally you could read books, you could buy videos, it’s amazing the amount of information there is out there on USP.

Answer the following 5 questions or design your USP along the following 5 simple guidelines.

The first is, the USP has to contain the essence of your product or service.

Number 2, it has to contain the essence of the benefit of your product or service.

Then it has to be short, why? Simple. There have been tests out there where by they measure the eye movement of normal people reading newspapers or scanning websites to see, you know, banners and all the information written down there.

And you know what? You only have 1/10 of a second to catch the attention of somebody. Believe it or not, 1/10 of a second. You have to break through this fast. Otherwise you get on the phone try to cold call companies and then you start telling them a long story. Nobody’s got the time, forget it. You have to be fast and short.

Next point; make it as tangible and measurable as possible.

Last but not least, you may want to mainly paint pictures. Mainly paint pictures. Those are the 5 guidelines. Lets look at some case studies.

Case studies


How does that work? Let’s look at a few examples that you may know. First example, let’s choose pizza. In the United States you got two chains, one of them is worldwide, I guess it’s Dominos then you’ve got Little Caesers.

Dominos went out and they said, great, either we deliver to your house in 15-20 min, whatever time span they promise, or you get the pizza for free, right. So imagine is that short, tangible? Yes it is. The essence of the benefit is, in x time or free. Great benefit. Tangible? Yes. 15-20 min whatever time span. Short? Yeah, fairly.

Was the pizza market gone with one single company? No. The pizza market has got many competitors but they have got different  unique  selling propositions, they’ve opened up different niches. And one company that has a different niche with a very simple USP is called Little Caesers.

And for those of you in America, I guess you know what Little Caesers promises. Pizza, pizza. Maybe you do not know if you live in some other place. There is this little commercial there’s this little caeser character comes out and just says, pizza pizza. What does it mean? Two pizzas for the price of one. Great. How simple can it get?

Two words. Essence of product, pizza. Essence of benefit, pizza pizza. Tangibility, 2 times pizza for the price of one. Finished! That’s as simple as it can be.

Now, let’s take another example from a different industry. You might have heard about UPS, United Parcel Service. Good. UPS started in a market that at that point was non-existent, they discovered a new niche. Because you may or may not remember from the case study, the American postal system was in huge disarray.

And if you put in your piece of mail into your mailbox, you started hoping and praying that maybe it would arrive some time. The man who founded UPS said, great, there’s a market for me out there. He said, if you send you’re material with me, your package, whatever you’d like to send, you courier it with me, I’ll do one thing for you. I’ll guarantee delivery.

UPS’s USP, guaranteed delivery. Short, sharp, tangible? Yes. And guess what? Again, was the market over and done with? No. A company called Fedex came into the market and they found a new niche in that market and that market in the continental United States was called, overnight. We’ll deliver overnight for you. And they took the market by storm.

So remember the simple 5 guidelines and use them. You’ll never go wrong.


A Unique and Splendid Gift


Thanks to my keen mother’s ears and eyes, I happen to know that there is an especially sweet, handmade gift awaiting me at this festive holiday time.

It is a carefully cut paper snowflake, wrapped in the mother of all wrapping jobs. Again, my maternal instincts tell me that an entire roll of tape might have been used in the process of wrapping up this precious gift.

As I take a moment to appreciate my gift, my thoughts begin to wander. My mind wanders past images of my own gifts for loved ones that still need wrapping, past the visions of bustling malls, and the dizzying din of the toy stores, and the hum of crowded places that sometimes take center stage this time of the year.

I begin to think about the most  unique  and splendid gift of all. The one that resides at our very center, underneath all of our different outer wrappings of our many human forms.

We are all  unique  and special gifts to the world. Every one of us.

You are the best gift ever.

Yes, you are the best gift ever–just the way you are. There is no one in the world who has ever come before you or who will ever come after you that brings your singular mind, your one of a kind experiences, your vast soul, or your extraordinary human body down to its microscopic, cellular level.

In fact, you and I are this perfect gift, right now in this very moment, even if where we stand is messy and painful. We do not need to have attained outer successes or even inner peace, to embody this best gift ever. It has always been there. Sometimes it may take us whole lifetimes to realize that our gift we bring lives right within us. And that is OK. This is the fabulous human experience! As we move through our days, take down metaphorical walls, remove our blocks and barriers, we will eventually know our gift.

Once we follow our hearts and live our truths, it becomes easier to see our inner gifts. In fact, living your authentic personal story is your gift to yourself and to the world. Your story is your heart’s expression. What is it you are here to express? Come, join me in this New Year, during the magic of Winter Solstice, and meet your authentic self, embrace your deepest desires of the heart, and live your dreams.

As you begin to know who you are, you will begin to live your life authentically, and your gift to the world will naturally emerge.

What is your gift you bring to shine on the world?

Perhaps you are playful, and adventurous.

Maybe you are thoughtful and serious.

Do you move with caution and care?

Are you the friend with the ever-patient, listening ear?

Are you unconventional, weird, and wonderful?

Do you faithfully march to the beat of your own drum?

Are you wildly creative in your endeavors?

Do you embody joy, peace, and acceptance?

Maybe you are someone who embraces human emotion. Maybe you feel all of your feelings deeply.

Do your bring your nurturing self or your inner warrior to situations?

Are you passionate?

Are you driven to meet your every goal?

There are such a variety of gifts that make up the human tapestry in this experience! What is your gift you bring to shine on the world?

Sometimes it is easier to see the gift in others. Look into any child’s eyes and you will see it. Take a moment the next time you greet your loved ones, and look them in the eye, and you will see it. It is probably something you have seen in him/her before.

And with a little practice, you will be able to see it everywhere–in your co-workers’ eyes, in the grocery store clerk’s eyes, in the waiter’s eyes, even in the eyes of the downtrodden and the less-than-saintly. Everywhere you deliberately seek it, you will see it.

I emerge out of my reverie. And my eye catches my little boy’s gift, wrapped in yards of tape.

This precious gift reminds me of me. It reminds me of you. We are each a splendid snowflake gift, waiting to be discovered, under our own  unique  human wrappings.

Here’s to the unwrapping! And thank you for you.


Raw Minerals Review


We’ve heard a lot about raw minerals recently. That’s because Raw Minerals are infused with active botanicals, which really makes them innovative. We haven’t seen anything quite like them before.

Yes, we’ve seen many mineral powders on the market but they do little more than cover and smooth the complexion. Raw Minerals is different in this regard. Because it is packed with pure plant extracts as well as powerful peptides that work synergistically, you get a perfect complexion combined with improved skin over time.

Instant results with long-term benefits are exactly what we want from a product. The high performance botanical peptides help protect your skin’s collagen, which is what keeps your skin firm. As we age, our collagen depletes and we start to sag. Raw minerals can potentially slow this process.

VitaFirm isn’t just a lot of hype. It has the research and clinical studies to back up its claims. While giving you that smooth flawless complexion it improves elasticity by 35% and reduces moisture loss by 60%. Hydrated skin is smooth, supple, and has reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

In just 6 weeks, you’ll find a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also enjoy hydrated skin. If you haven’t used minerals before it’s an experience, you’ll enjoy. In fact, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried natural cosmetics before.

Raw minerals are all natural and its fragrance free, perfect for those that suffer from fragrance intolerance. There a no harsh chemicals or alcohol, just natural active botanicals from remote areas around the world, because only the best botanicals are used.

You will instantly enjoy the visual reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while any access oil is absorbed leaving your complexion flawless. Your skin will be energized from the natural corn extract leaving you with a radiant youthful complexion. Soybean extract helps protect the skin and balances the overall skin tone and texture. VitaFirm is like a natural collagen filler instantly filling in those deeper lines leaving you with a smooth flawless complexion.

That’s a lot of benefit from one product. What’s   unique  is that you not only get the benefit of a powder foundation that’s natural and gives your skin that perfect finish, you get the benefits of all those botanicals that will help keep your skin healthy, radiant, and more youthful.

It comes in a wide range of shades so there is something for every skin tone, and it has an SPF of 18, which will protect your skin from the harsh suns rays.

There are many mineral products on the market. It’s important to understand the differences. Raw Minerals is Paraben and petrochemical free, uses no color, and has almost a zero allergy risk. Compare products before purchasing. Not all mineral foundations are created equal and Raw Minerals has the science to back it.


Spherical Party Tents Lend a Unique Shape to Your Party Ideas


If you want the sort of party that calls for a great deal of wholesome fun and laughter, an indoor party isn’t always the way to go. Indoors are for more intimate gatherings, where family and friends can meet up and enjoy a quiet cup of punch or cocoa, and have a laugh or two before it’s time to go home. If you want room to run around and breathe fresh air, an outdoor party tent is the way to go! But do you want just any party tent? For an especially memorable experience, look into spherical party tents.

Regular triangular tents, sometime called teepees, don’t have as much room inside for movement as spherical party tents. Spherical tents – also called dome tents – have canvas walls that form a semi-circle. There is more room from wall to wall – and from the floor to the ceiling, overall – than there would be in triangular tents. Canopies, closed or open, may offer a larger amount of space, but the design may be too plain and boring for those used to outdoor gatherings. Opt for a little novelty!

What makes a party tent? Well, usually it’s the people inside them – or, more accurately, the party people inside them. If you consider yourself a real party person, even the small confines of an outdoor tent can be fun – devise fun games and neat party tricks to keep the company lively and laughing.

Another thing that would classify a protective piece of canvas as a “party tent” would be the designs on it. Whatever shape you want for your tent, you can purchase one that has a blank or monochrome canvas. Then you can proceed to buy non-toxic canvas paints from your nearest art store, and have fun decorating your party tent with your family and friends. It’s not just the fun moments that occur inside a party tent that end up being memorable, after all – the act of decorating the tent itself could be a happy memory!

If you intend to host a large outdoor event, such as a children’s party or a family reunion, you can buy a lot of spherical party tents and set them up, one for each group or family. The people attending the party can then go “tent-hopping” and enjoy socializing with and getting to know the different residents of each tent! You can also devise a fame where people can hunt for different items that are hidden in some tents, with clues to set them on their way. Be creative – get uniquely designed party tents, and make unique party plans!


Nokia 7500 – Unique In Its Design With Geometric Patterns


The new Nokia 7500 music phone comes in three accents; pink, blue and green. The mobile phone arriving with a sleek black colored casing is  unique  in its design with geometric patterns all over the phone’s casing. The 7500 Prism coming with screen that is capable of displaying high quality colours for the user to enjoy the images, organic screen saver, animated wallpapers and video clips. The prism is slightly lighter than the Nokia Prism with a weight of 83 grams and measurement of 109X43.9X14.4mm.

The 7500 Prism with its music orientated features is a real feast for the music loving users. It comes complete with a built in FM radio, visual radio feature and a music player that is capable of playing all popular music formats. The FM radio feature provides the latest musical hits bringing an air of delight by entertaining with music. The music player comes with a changeable skins feature that allows the user to change the skin to suit their style whilst listening to their music.

The mobile phone model 7500 from Nokia has an internal memory of thirty Mbytes that could be increased by inserting a memory slot or by adding a MicroSD(TM) memory card. This mobile phone is capable of supporting a memory card up to two Gbytes in size. It is possible for the user enjoy fast and effective data transfer with the help of the built in EDGE technology. The user can transfer data or download files simply using either a wireless Bluetooth® connection or a USB cabled connection between compatible devices. The Nokia 7500 mobile phone’s battery provides upto 2.8 hours of talk time or 280 hours of standby battery time from a full charge.

Another attractive feature of the handset is the 2 megapixel digital camera complete with video recording capabilities. The 8 x digital zoom camera coming with a flash allows the user to capture closer shots when required. The digital camera existing in the mobile phone comes with a colour mode feature that allows the user to capture images in either sepia, solarise or with a black and white effect.


Xbox Kinect Games: Turn Your Body Into A Controller


A controller has long been part of the gaming world. This is so since, gamers had to use this device so that they can properly play the games that they love getting into every single day. Because of this, the controller has long been considered as an irreplaceable component of gaming. However, this concept is slowly starting to change because of powerful recent innovations in technology that has affected the gaming industry by storm. One of the main reasons for this change of concept would be the Kinect games brought about by the makers of the Xbox 360. I know that you’re starting to wonder about the reason behind this.

Did you know that you can actually turn your entire body into a game controller through the Kinect system? If you are doubtful about this statement, you don’t need to be because the answer to the latter question is a huge yes. Yup, you’ve heard it right. Through this innovative gaming system by Xbox, you can now bring yourself into the games that you are playing by turning yourself into your very own controller. This is possible because this recent add on feature to the Xbox 360 makes use of a Kinect sensor, which is sold separately. This sensor has the ability to provide gamers a multiplayer experience. Hence, it has the ability to respond to people’s voices while tracking the different motions of their bodies at the same time. Through this, your entire family can now get into the gaming world instead of having to take turns every time you want to take the time off and play games inside your living room at home.

This recent innovation by Xbox has been said to be a really huge threat to Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, which has been attracting millions of people recently. One of the main advantages of the Kinect system would be its ability to get the whole family into the fun of gaming while giving each one of them the chance to shape up at the same time as to the reason that they have to move their bodies so that they can play games. This big plus has eliminated the trouble that some parents had to deal with whenever they wanted to play games with their children on a console. Since the human body is the controller, parents and other kinds of people who are not that into gaming, no longer have to deal with the trouble of pushing buttons and using the controller efficiently.