SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF, Increase Productivity, Creativity and Happiness by Chade-Meng Tan

Chade-Meng Tan is a Google engineer who with the assistance of some Zen Masters and some friends, devised an extraordinary mental program: Search Inside Yourself. Chade’s work at Google has been science-based, developing the incredible programs that go on inside Google headquarters. Google has long been at the forefront of creativity, thinking of new ways to do things. This easy-going, unpressured work-environment has led to many of the innovations from Google.

Daniel Goleman the author of Emotional Intelligence went to Google headquarters to give a talk on that subject. He was surprised that so many engineers and technical people turned up to listen to his talk. Chade saw that at the heart of emotional intelligence was knowing yourself. And the best way to know yourself — what goes on inside your head — is through mindfulness meditation.

Google executives approved of this development, and it has become a regular part of the Google culture. Chade wanted the public to experience the benefits of this course, and so with help from some other experienced meditators, developed the program explained in this book.

Chade became interested in meditation after reading about tests that revealed all the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of meditation. He decided that, with the approval of his Google leaders, to introduce a method of releasing the mind from artificial restraints.

The basis of this program is Mindfulness Meditation.

Even if you just read this book, you would learn a lot of useful mental techniques, but by following the Mindfulness Program, you will develop your mental skills, and at the same time, lay a foundation of calmness, objectivity, and inner knowledge.

Chade writes: “Meditation, at its simplest, is the training of attention. With enough meditative training, one’s attention can become unwaveringly calm and focused. With that enhanced quality of attention, one’s mind can easily, and for extended periods, become highly relaxed and alert at the same time. With that combination of relaxation and alertness, three wonderful qualities of mind naturally emerge: calmness, clarity, and happiness.”

You will soon see the benefits of following this practice. Chade gives lots of simplified ways of doing the meditation, which can be done sitting, walking, or listening. You can start by just doing a one-breath meditation each day. As simple as that.

This book contains a lot of little cartoon drawings related to the text. I found them a bit distracting, and not particularly useful, but someone else may find them amusing. Don’t let them put you off the program.

All in all the book is a great introduction to mindfulness meditation, an elementary, well-explained course in a single book.

Search Inside Yourself, has been taught at Google headquarters for the past eight years. No wonder they never run out of new ideas.

Blackjack Sniper – Another Scam

You have probably heard of Roulette Sniper, it has been around for a while and it is one of the programs I bought in one of my many gullible and desperate times. The software is designed to be used in online casinos. The roulette sniper software does not work. Online casinos use software that gives them a huge advantage and there is no way to gain an edge.

So now there is Blackjack Sniper. This software is from the same guy and has apparently been in development for the past 2 years. The software sells for $39.95 (usually $149.99 yeah right!), but someone sent me an “invitation” to buy it for $21. I decided to give it a try, knowing I could request a refund when it didn’t work.

I hate to crush your hopes, but Blackjack Sniper is basically just like a blackjack calculator that you can download for free from a number of places. Unless you have never played blackjack before, it will be of no use to you.

The sales page says that the software works using perfect blackjack strategy, combined with card counting and various other techniques. All you have to do is select options and how much you want to bet and enter the cards you are dealt and it will tell you what to do. You can choose to bet progressively or not and it will adjust your wager accordingly.

I used the software in practice play, as I do not intend losing money in an online casino. Whilst progressive betting with a basic $2 wager, the software advised me to bet over $200 at once to make just $2 profit. Thank God I was in practice mode as I lost that bet. Without progressive betting it still had me betting huge amounts when the adjust wager button was checked. When I kept the wager the same (no automatic adjustment) I still lost over $100. I tried it at 3 different casinos and the results were always the same. Even when I won and got ahead I soon lost it all. Here is why it does not work:

  1. Online casinos select random cards from the pack as if the pack were constantly being shuffled. Therefore, card counting can never work online. It is useless to try and use it.
  2. This software does use perfect blackjack strategy most of the time, but this can be learnt very quickly for free online, by looking at strategy cards or downloading a free blackjack calculator.
  3. Progressive betting is an option that will never work for long. Online casinos work against you, so it would be very hard to come out a winner.
  4. The sales videos show the guy winning easily, but think how many videos he made before getting this one. It does not work like he says it does.
  5. Using casino bonus money is not as easy as it seems. Many casinos will not let you cash out your bonus until after you have wagered it a certain number of times and blackjack and roulette often do not count towards the wager, so you have to play, even more risky games like slots.
  6. The reason people will hype this up is because it is an affiliate program. The promoters will make money if you buy the product.

Hopefully this review has cleared a few things up. Blackjack is a fun game to play in a land based casino and can be beaten by using card counting if they do not use an automatic shuffler, but you cannot keep beating the online casinos. Please do not waste your money on Blackjack or Roulette Sniper. I’m off to request my refund.

Suggestions for Golf Themed Wedding Favors

In the recent years, more and more people are into personalizing almost everything. From small personal items to big social events, almost everything is being customized according to one’s style or interest. Weddings are a great example of this. Apart from the traditional weddings, there are many wedding themes that reflect the couple’s personality, styles and interests.

For people who seem to be married to golf first, before even meeting their spouse, golf plays an integral part of their lives. Also, especially for couples who met each other on golf tourneys or have gotten to know each other better by playing the sport, golf then becomes so dear to them that the wedding becomes a golf themed wedding.

In every detail of the wedding, this can be mostly seen and felt through the images, activities and other things that reflect golf. In the wedding favors, you can incorporate golf themes as well by choosing the following favor suggestions:

– Golf Pen & Envelope Opener Set – As golf players are generally businessmen or affluent people, this practical favor will truly be useful everyday.

– Personalized Golf Towel – By giving this classic and favorite favor a unique twist, personalized towels will surely be appreciated.

– Golf Bag Wedding Favor Key Chain – Nothing says ‘I love golf!’ more than a golf bag shaped key chain.

– Chocolate Golf Bag – A truly delectable treat for people who breathe, sleep, and well, literally, eat golf.

– Golf Cookie Wedding Favors – Another great and more affordable yummy treat for your special guests.

– Golf Luggage Tag – Golf enthusiasts are also travel enthusiasts. This luggage tag is fit for your guests who will indeed travel to places.

– Golf Ball Wine Stopper – It’s not everyday you get to use a wine stopper that is shaped like a golf ball. This unique practical gift will truly impress your discerning guests.

– Personalized Golf Balls – With your wedding details printed on the ball, these personalized item makes for a great decor.

– Golf Ball Candles – It’s golf everywhere and even candles are uniquely shaped as golf balls.

Personalizing a wedding is not just trendy, but it shows that you are willing to share your personal moments with your guests as well. Golf themed favors are available in local bridal stores and on online favors stores. When purchasing, it is important that you come up with a list of the people you will be giving favors to, whether all guests, couples or families, so you get to order just the exact quantity, but order a few extras for those unexpected guests as well.

A golf themed wedding is fun, unique and truly enjoyable especially if most guests are golf enthusiasts as well. What is important is that you get to express your style and share your love for the sport with special people in your lives as well.

Accessible Cruise Trips for All – What Do You Need to Know?

Its peak summer time and that calls for long vacations, travel excursions, days off from work and a time full of absolute bliss surrounded by family and loved ones.

While most people may plan their vacations without too much planning, persons with special needs need to think of a lot of things before they can finalize their vacation. While it may involve extra planning and organizing, it certainly is possible for people with special needs to travel and enjoy just like everyone else.

One of the best vacations for persons with physical restrictions is a cruise vacation. Many major cruise lines offer accessible travel for persons with limited mobility. From the port to the staterooms and everything in between, each element of the ship is accessible for persons with special needs.

Accessible Travel with Senior Persons

If you are travelling with seniors who may have special needs, then here are some pointers that you need to consider to plan a smooth and fun filled accessible cruise trip:

1. Call ahead – check on the special needs provider for equipment rental, way before your trip, that you may require for you or your senior family member. This gives them a margin to prepare and arrange for the equipment on time – wheelchairs, electric scooters, oxygen equipment, beds, walking aides, etc.

2. Be Clear – clearly mention and specify your needs to the service provider to ensure you get the right kind of equipment and the preferred size (e.g. electric mobility scooters are available in different sizes).

3. Stock up on Meds – take extra medicines on board, you don’t want to miss a dose in case there is a diversion and the trip takes longer than the arrival time to reach the destination port.

4. Special Rooms – when booking your cruise, make sure you ask for rooms that are accessible easily for persons with special needs. Also, they should be large enough so you can easily maneuver using your electric scooter or wheelchair.

Accessible Travel with Children

1. Accessible travel agent – find travel agents who can arrange travel trips for people with disability. Since they have experience with making arrangements for disabled persons of all age groups, they can suggest the best one for you and your child with special needs.

2. Look for bigger ships – when choosing accessible cruises, make sure you choose new ones and bigger ones since they have more facilities; spacious doorways, roll in showers, open theaters, easy pool entrances, etc.

3. Service dogs – if you have a service dog for you or your loved one, make sure you check with the cruise line if they accept them on board. All major cruise lines do accept, but it’s always good to check. You may have to get the service dog vaccinated and keep the documents at hand before booking your trip.

Knowing the details and requirements before planning accessible travel can make travelling enjoyable for both the disabled person and their loved ones. Special Needs at Sea understand the needs of people with physical restrictions or disabilities and thus provides on board special needs equipment to help such people become independent, confident and relaxed.

Persons with special needs can avail wheel chairs, oxygen equipment, electric scooter rentals and other special equipment on board from Special Needs at Sea and enjoy their cruise like capable persons.

Why Dogs Bark

• To give out a warning – Dogs are always concerned about the strangers who come to your home. When somebody is passing your house or comes to your door, they would tend to bark in order to alert the owners. In addition, the dogs tend to warn the strangers not to come into the home. In fact, they see strangers as a threat. The dogs feel that it’s their responsibility to protect the home. In such instances, the barking is usually authoritative, loud and sharp.

• Responding to other dogs – Dogs tend to bark in order to respond to other dogs also. You must have come across such instances as well. When one dog in your neighborhood starts barking, other dogs would respond to it. Your dog would also join it after a while. This is more like a cacophonous rendition.

• Boredom – Dogs often tend to bark when they come across boredom. They prefer to hear their own voices when bored. As a result, dogs naturally tend to bark. This would come across as annoying for most of the dog owners. On the other hand, it can arouse empathy within your mind as well. Some dogs tend to bark in order to release the excess energy that they have. When you have figured out that your dog is barking due to boredom, you can think about recommending an activity for him to engage with. Or else, you can become the play companion of your dog.

• Attention seeking -a lot of the dogs bark in order to grab the attention of people. They will even bark to grab your attention too. Some dogs bark and whine together to grab attention. This is something similar to the whining of a little child.

• Excitement – This is another common reason why dogs bark. Most of the dogs tend to bark when they are playing with other dogs or the owners. It would be possible for you to distinguish barking out of excitement from other situations. In here, the bark tends to sound upbeat. Moreover, dogs get excited when the owner is about to take them for a walk. As a result, they would start barking out of excitement.

• Anxiety – Barking out of anxiety can be considered as a self-soothing act. You will also be able to figure out that this barking is associated with a   unique  tone. It is usually high pitched. In addition, this type of barking is associated with whining. When dogs are separated from their owners, this type of barking can be experienced.

In order to contain excessive barking in some dogs and alter their behavior, first we have to identify the type of bark and the reason behind it. To do this it calls for a little bit of close attention to your dog or dogs. If you can figure out what type of barking it is, it becomes really easy to correct the problem. Remember dogs barking is a totally natural way of them communicating, but it is possible to control and correct any excessive problems with barking in your dog.

Glutathione Vs Glutamine

What is the difference between glutathione and glutamine?

Glutathione is an antioxidant, one of the human body’s most powerful antioxidant particles, while glutamine is an amino acid. However, Glutathione is also said to be an amino acid but a different kind, as it is a material resulting from several types of amino acids. This material is also beneficial to the body as an antioxidant as these help avoid cancer from occurring by preventing carcinogens and other cancer-causing substances from damaging important cellular components in a human body.

Both glutamine and glutathione are already naturally produced by the human body; however, both can also still be enhanced further by outside sources such as natural glutathione supplement and glutamine supplement.

These two substances may seem the same, but, their roles and effects on the body are quite different from each other.


The long name for this is glutamylcysteinylglycine and as mentioned above, it is an antioxidant and is also made from several kinds of amino acids, such as glutamate, cysteine and glycine. You might have also noticed that the long name of glutathione includes these three amino acids.

One of glutathione’s major roles is to control the kinds of bonds created between proteins and other substances in one’s body. Another one of its many roles is to help the human body absorb and make use of other amino acids.

There are many varieties of natural glutathione supplement nowadays, so, it is best that you are familiar with their benefits:

1. Anti-aging. This is one of the well-known benefits for these supplements. This antioxidant recycles both vitamins C and E which helps in protecting the body against the causes of aging.

2. Detoxifies the body. This antioxidant also benefits in being able to control immune cells and detoxify parts of the body, for example, the liver. Another way glutathione helps in cleansing the body is by getting rid of unwanted heavy metals such as mercury.


Glutamine may also be an amino acid just like Glutathione, but it is the richest one in the human body. Glutamine has an essential role and that is to eliminate ammonia, a waste product, from the body. Its other roles also include maintaining the normal function of one’s immune system, digestive system and brain.

There are numerous glutamine supplements these days and they are available in forms of medication or even raw foods. The medications, however, are sensitive to heat, so, it is advised that they be taken with water at a cold or room temperature.

The benefits of glutamine supplement include:

• Helps keep the brain healthy by providing various substances such as glutamic acid and gamma-aminobutyric acid which also help the brain to function well. This also aids in the mental health of a person to help them think properly and clearly, therefore, avoiding cases of mental illnesses.

• Like glutathione, it also promotes anti-aging by slowing down the causes and effects of aging.

• Other benefits of glutamine supplement are helping in maintaining the proper function of kidneys and also to boost one’s immune system to prevent them from sickness and infections.

• These vitamins can also help by healing wounds faster.

Lion And Wolf Tattoos – The Most Popular Animal Tattoo Designs

Animal tattoos have become very popular in the recent times. Different animals like butterflies, snakes, turtles, spiders and dolphins are being inked on the body parts of human beings nowadays. Lion and wolf tattoos are also very popular. Although wolf tattoo designs are mainly popular among men, still women are also having it on their skin nowadays. Here in this article we will deal with these two popular animal tattoos for women.

A wolf tattoo generally comes in two definite designs-realistic or portrait looking style and cartoon like prints. Realistic style is more preferred by women. It has a deeper meaning and significance. Energy, power and aggression are some of the most significant meanings associated with a wolf tattoo design.

Wolves are generally considered as evil and menacing and thus you will find this kind of tattoo design only on those who are fascinated by fierceness of a wolf. This animal is also used as a mythical character and appears in many fables and folk tales. This adds charm and mystery as well as an element of danger. This creature is also related to cunningness and cruelty. These characters make the creature more bewitching and captivating.

However, many positive meanings also associated with this animal. It has an important role to play in the lives of North American tribes. It even symbolizes guidance and intelligence. As wolves live in pack, they even symbolize loyalty and unity.

Various designs of wolf tattoos are available. Some of the most popular one’s include only the head of the animal, the entire body of it, a wolf near the moon, a pack of wolves, howling wolf, snarling wolf and a wolf looking through the paws. All these different designs are imprinted on the body using colors such as white, black, red, dark blue and many others.

There are many places of imprinting this animal design on the body. If you plan to imprint a pack of wolves, the most preferred place on the body includes the stomach, back and shoulders. If you wish to have the head of the wolf marked on your body, you can make it done on your leg, arm, back of neck and waist. Wolf tattoo designs are usually donned by adventure lovers, bikers and hippie culture followers.

Lion tattoos have always been preferred by women because this design represents female superiority in its highest form. Most of the women who choose to go for this design want to show their place in the stars, meaning it is just a symbol of astrology.

Different designs of lion tattoos are available. Most of the women prefer to go for pattern that depicts a realistic lion. The design of this approach focuses the lion either on a distant object or focuses its captivating eyes and flowing lines of savanna from where it came and beckons you with its eyes. Some of the designs are done so beautifully that you won’t feel like moving your eyes from it. You can literally spend hours gazing into the design. Some of the other designs of this tattoo art include tribal styles and cartoonish lions.

2008 Beach Wedding Favors and Ideas

Beach and destination weddings have increased in popularity over the years and it’s no wonder – the beach is a very romantic setting for your wedding. Whether you are a romantic beach bride or a destination bride, there are beach wedding favors to suit your bridal personality and style. Here are some beach wedding favor selections for every style of bride.

The Romantic Beach Bride – if this is you, your view of the beach is of beautiful sunsets and moonlit walks. A perfect wedding favor for your style is the popular “Sea Shell Design” lantern candles. These feature beveled sand colored glass lanterns and a rim of seashells. They would make lovely centerpieces or gifts. When lit, they emit a soft ivory glow – a great reminder of the beach.

The Modern Beach Bride – modern beach brides love the beach, but also love their sense of style. You probably have been called stylish, chic or trendy. If this describes you, try “Hot Wedding” Personalized sunscreen as your favors. Available in 21 theme designs and 27 color schemes, not only can this beach favor be personalized (a hot trend) but can match your colors. With so many designs and color options, no two brides who select this favor will be giving the same gift.

The Destination Beach Bride – wherever your wedding takes you, chances are both you and your guests will be travelling. A marvelous destination favor are luggage tags, more specifically for beach weddings are flip flop or shell inspired luggage tag designs.

The Classic Beach Bride – sitting in the sun, reading a good book and sipping on a cold drink is your “perfect day at the beach”. Share this feeling with your guests by giving them a beach inspired bookmark or personalized cocktail mix favors. Another classic idea is shell inspired wine stoppers or coasters (to put those yummy drinks on!)

The   Unique  Beach Bride – let’s face it – you are  unique ! Why give the typical sand, shell or blue colored favors to your guests – you want something different! How about a pink seashell candle? With a ring of pink and white shells you can fit your theme while still being a bit  unique . Other  unique  ideas are crystal shells with faux pearls inside, or shell inspired wooden trinket boxes.

The Fun-Loving Beach Bride – if a typical day at the beach involves sand castles, volleyball, beach balls or catching waves for you, then you are a lighthearted spirit. Try giving flip flop photo frames, beach ball bottle stoppers, or sand castle candles to share your spirit with your guests.

Tarot Reading – How to Interpret a Pair of Opposing Cards

Identifying possible card combinations and interpreting these combinations are complex and exhausting skills to learn. But there is an easy way in learning this important tarot reading skill without banging our heads to the wall.

To consistently and incrementally improve we have to skillfully maneuver in all areas of our lives. Sometimes our actions offset each other in a harmonious expression that is sometimes clear but all too often hazy.

The keyword here is balance. We need balance to utilize all the energies surrounding us. Personal equilibrium is always moving. It comes from our skills to choose options that will work in the spur of the moment.

Tarot reading is a guide to our tendency to counter-balance whatever is happening in our lives at one time or another.

To be able to interpret this guide we must understand the law of opposition or sometimes called the law of polarity. Things come in pairs. All opposites are the same in nature but differ by degree. They are dual expressions of one principle. That is one of the cosmic laws that governs life.

On the core level though, opposition is non-existent. There is just oneness, but in our material universe we think oneness as segmented into many different energies. These are the challenges we go through in our quest for balance.

One technique to explore our balance issues is by looking for two cards in a tarot layout that oppose each other. For example, the meaning of three of swords is heartache. A painful love relationship. You will realize that by acknowledging the idea of emotional anguish of unrequited love, you imply the opposing idea of partnership commitment and mutual love.

This quality is represented by the two of cups. In a reading, these two cards could be indicating the significance of the unrequited or reciprocated love issues in your life.

I mean, how would we not appreciate a state of bliss after having experienced emotional pain?

Another example is the card combination of king of cups and queen of pentacles.

King of cups acts in an imaginative, emotional way. He makes decisions based on hunches rather than for any logical reasons. On the other hand,the queen of pentacles has practical focus.

In a reading, this pair could indicate a conflict between two people-an intuitive, emotional type who acts on his gut feelings and the practical type who carefully plans ahead, with an excellent head for brick and mortar business.This could also represent an opposing attitude within you. A need for tangible and solid evidence versus plainly trusting your instincts.

These two cards may not exactly be in conflict with each other, in fact they could reinforce each other. Both queen of pentacles and empress suggest nurturing female qualities. Sometimes this pair shows that a certain energy could be revving up an extra oomph.

Ironically, sometimes we have to experience situations in a lopsided way for a time to attain what we aspire for.