Five Great Family Movies That Aren’t Animated

The changes to family movies have been drastic. The usual family film offering tends to be the newest animated feature by a major studio. Granted, these are usually fairly stellar films that really nail the entertainment value for the entire family, but at the same time, it can be tough to simply sit through what may only be deemed as ‘cartoons’.

Don’t fret though, as there are plenty of great celluloid works that appeal to parents & kids alike. Here are five particular movies that do their best to stay away from animation:

Babe – What happens when a little pig does amazing things on a farm? You’re greeted with a magical tale of an outcast little pig that no one really likes & doesn’t feel at home anywhere form a relationship with a tough, old farmer. It’s a story that teaches lessons on accepting those who are different, never judging a book by its cover, and everyone has a chance to be terrific (wink-wink).

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial – Who knew you could learn so much about both the dark nature of humanity as well as the strength of the human spirit by way of such a weird-looking alien who likes chocolate-peanut butter candy? E.T. is an inspirational story of believing in the unbelievable and that the idea that sometimes the only way to live life is to believe in something bigger than yourself.

The Princess Bride – Do fairy tales have meaning in the real world? Does true love actually exist? Is it possible to be swept away by the fantastic in a world that demands a realistic, and often pessimistic, approach to life? Is it possible to laugh silly at the word ‘inconceivable’? All these questions & perhaps one of the best casts assembled are yours in this amazing film.

A Christmas Story – “You’ll shoot your eye out!” For over three decades, this classic movie has absolutely entrenched itself into the holiday traditions of families the world over. From the irreverently childish daydreams of the film’s main character to the subtle jabs at the commercialism of the holidays, this movie has it all.

Enchanted – This one’s kind of interesting. It initially starts off animated but then decides to take the entirety of the characters into ‘the real world’. This stylistic approach allows us to see how “fairy-tale” animated princess movies can be when seen through the prism of reality. Oddly enough, though, this allows us to cast an even brighter light on just how much cynicism there is in terms of ideas such as love.

Family movies are a great way to get the whole gang together for a night out on the town or even for a nice, comfy evening at home. What’s more, no longer does the family have to rely on animation for a great, family-friendly film, especially if the kids are a little older as well. Remember that the key to a great family movie is being together.

Quick Easy Guide to Weight Loss and Dieting for Beginners

Are you sick of being overweight? Does the reflection of the person you see in the mirror not match who you wish you were? Well, you’re not alone because obesity is one of the evils that are plaguing the modern society. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it’s not as easy as just following weight loss tips, especially when they lead a hectic lifestyle that goes far beyond the standard 9-to-5 routine.

However, don’t be discouraged because you’re not in this fight alone. Today, we will talk about some of our most favorite tips for weight loss and how to use them all in your day-to-day life.

Best weight loss tips

1. Remove distractions at the dinner table

According to experts, people tend who tend to eat while watching television usually end up consuming larger servings. This is one of the worst overeating habits that people hardly talk about. So, remove the television set and pay attention to what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.

When you eat slower, the stomach will have the necessary time to signal that you are full and have not eaten too much.

2. Throw out the temptations one by one

To lose weight, you must remain faithful to the weight loss regime. And to remain true to your routine, you must get rid of all temptation foods from the freezer, cabinet, and kitchen. Get rid of all fatty foods and excessive sweet substances and replace them with low-fat snacks that don’t contain a lot of calories. Sugar-free pudding and low-fat popcorn are our favorite health snacks.

3. Stop the bad habits

Old habits die hard is a common saying, but what does it mean in the context of weight loss? While most of us were raised to believe that it’s not okay to waste food because there are starving children all around the world, the truth is you should not consume everything that’s on your plate, especially if you’re someone who is trying to follow the best diet to weight loss.

It’s important that you listen to your body and stop eating when you’re full, eat six small meals a day instead of three big ones, and avoid the trips to KFC and McDonald’s whenever possible.

4. Find an exercise buddy

While it’s evident that a practical exercise routine should be a part of any weight loss process, it would do you good if you found yourself a workout buddy. When you work out with someone who shares the same goal as you, it’s easier to keep each other motivated, share health food recipes, spot each other at the gym, and not to forget share healthy meals together.

But what do I eat to lose weight?

Listen, we know that you’re excited and nervous at the same time with the thought of not getting to eat your favorite snacks. But dieting doesn’t have to be that hard. The last thing you want to do is go on a crash course diet that causes rapid weight loss but makes gaining back weight even faster.

Remember, weight loss is a gradual process, and without a solid plan to guide you along the way, the end result will be less than satisfactory. Not to worry; we can tell you about some food to eat for weight loss so that you stay right on the path of your goal.

Food like apples, yogurt, almonds, avocados, grapefruit, green tea, and green leafy vegetables can substitute for snacks when you’re following weight loss tips. These not only have less calorie content but also come with vital nutrients to keep us healthy.

Sticking to a fixed dieting regimen, not skipping breakfast, not eating too much and frequently eating in small amounts also can help you a great deal.

Can everyone follow a weight loss regime?

Yes, everyone can lose weight if they have a proper exercise routine figured out and are following the best diet to weight loss. Just remember to take it slow and steady in order to adopt a lifestyle that sustainable. Permanent changes to one’s lifestyle are the only way to remain at the target weight or else its back to square one all over again.

Even though our guide barely scratches the surface of the huge industry focused towards losing weight, the tips we’ve mentioned will be a good starting point towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyles of the Fabulously Rich and Dissatisfied in the Great Gatsby

As America’s most famous novel about the Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby helped create an image of the 1920’s as a ten-year party ranking high in the list of eras to visit given time-traveling capabilities. The decade is now synonymous with fringed flappers, bobbed hair, and glamorous bootleggers, thanks in part to Fitzgerald’s detailed, albeit inebriated, eyewitness accounts. But don’t let all the booze cloud your thinking; as Fitzgerald tells it, people in the twenties were quite the unhappy bunch.

Just take a look at our narrator, Nick Carraway. Nick presents himself as a neutral observer, but as the story progresses, his dear-diary-style criticisms reveal how little he respects everyone around him (except Gatsby, of course). Fed up with “the whole damn bunch of them,” he eventually dumps his girlfriend, packs up, and heads west to escape the wild party scene. To be fair, however, Nick might not be the best litmus test for happiness, considering the mad showdown he witnesses at the end of the novel. Let’s have a gander at the other main characters in The Great Gatsby – before the ships, “borne back ceaselessly into the past,” really hit the fan.

At the top of the social totem pole are Tom and Daisy Buchanan. From an outsider’s perspective, the two are living the American Dream: they’re a rich, good-looking, respected couple with a dream house and a bouncing baby girl. Incidentally, they also have an abusive, joyless relationships perpetuated by a serious cycle of dependency.

Tom’s the kind of guy who can’t be bothered to show up to the birth of his own kid but refuses to give up having a wife – whom he cheats on, by the way. On the other side of this winning combination is Daisy, the kind of woman who could have any man she wanted but lacks the self-respect to apply that to anyone worth having. When Daisy turns Gatsby down and Tom throws him to the wolves, we pretty much decide that the two deserve each other.

Jordan Baker seems to be the only person in society’s upper crust who isn’t concerned with keeping up appearances. She’s worldly and hard to fool, which contrasts sharply with Tom and Daisy’s need to deceive themselves and others. Recognizing the game that’s being played doesn’t mean Jordan’s above it, however; it just makes her cynical, dishonest, and bored. So much for the truth setting you free.

Since living at the top obviously doesn’t make you happy, let’s look at the theme of dissatisfaction in Great Gatsby among characters at “working class” end of the spectrum. George and Myrtle Wilson’s relationship can be described as a mirror image the dynamic between Tom and Daisy. George is a smart, hardworking guy who genuinely cares for his wife. His reward? Myrtle sleeps around with Tom because George is too poor and effeminate for her taste. Yeah. Nothing says “real man” like an adulterer who beats you up. And since the relationship ends in a gruesome manslaughter-murder-suicide, there’s isn’t a whole lot of suspense in the maybe-life-will-pick-up-some-day department.

This leaves just one character to consider: Jay Gatsby, the Man Himself. Is Gatsby happy? A more appropriate description of the guy might be “optimistic.” Or better yet, “he’s got hope up the wazoo.” The problem with optimism, though, is that, rather than qualifying as happiness, it anticipates future happiness. Or, in Gatsby’s case, future happiness that depends on recapturing past happiness that was interrupted by the present state of everyone being miserable.


The Asus G1 is packed full of gaming features that will be suitable for the avid gamer looking for a notebook at an affordable price.

Usually portable gaming systems are typically rather bulky which can be less than ideal for gamers on the go. Acer has produced an extremely portable notebook with a great 15.4″ screen and a   unique  design to set it apart from the average notebook. Other high-end gaming notebooks are bulkier with 17″ screens and will set you back about $3000, while the Asus G1s is mid-sized and very reasonably priced at $1,799.

The G1s has many  unique  physical features with an overall attractive design. Measuring 14 inches wide, 11.2 inches deep, and 1.6 inches high, the physical measurements and 15.4-inch screen are pretty standard for any laptop however, the weight edges into the desktop replacement category weighing in at 7 pounds. Most laptops fall around 6 pounds making the G1s slightly heavier than a mid-sized laptop.

The Asus G1s laptops offer a  unique  design, which attracts people with its dashing looks alone. The chassis appears to be colored in a basic-black look but when examining closely a crosshatch pattern is revealed which adds some extra personality. There are metal rivets in the lid on the hinges adding an industrial look and bright green accents on the sides of the lid for some extra flavor. Between the mouse button sits a plastic eyeball logo colored in bright green, which is illuminated by a glowing green light.

The W, A, S and D keys (the main control keys for most PC games)are highlighted green which enhances the users experience. The 15.4-inch LCD display offers a 1,280×80 native resolution, which is, expected from a display this size while the 17″ gaming laptops they offer a higher native resolution (1,440×900). ASUS’s Splendid Video Intelligence Technology integrates different multimedia data sources to reduce noise and conversion rate for a vivid display. This technology allows for vivid images with better contrast, brightness, skin tone and color saturation for any video application. The Game and Night View Modes provide additional gaming features which enhance the image details of the picture. The 15.4″ screen lacks some of the resolution in comparison to the 17″ models, which might prevent someone from playing certain high-end games at higher resolutions.

The system has a standard set of connections, including four USB 2.0 jacks, a mini FireWire jack, a PC Card slot, media card reader, headphone, microphone and line-in audio jacks, and VGA, DVI, and S-Video outputs for hooking up an external monitor. There’s no ExpressCard slot, but there is a tiny OLED display right above the keyboard that displays the current time. Standard media transport controls sits along the front edge of the system.

Networking connections include a modem and 10/100 Ethernet jacks with an integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless. Included in the box is a sleek carrying case and a gaming mouse. The built-in webcam sports 1.3 megapixels and sits on top of the screen for conferencing communication where gamers can now see and talk to teammates or opponents around the world!

The G1s boasts many attractive features such as a fast processor, sufficient memory, and the second-best NVIDIA video card available. They have also included eSATA and HDMI, two technologies which are not present in most mainstream laptops. The eSATA technology allows for an external hard-drive that operates at full speed. For those of you who prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista, Asus has Windows XP drivers available through the Asus website.The Asus GS1 notebook is no slacker when it comes to battery life which has been tested to run for more than 3 and a half hours. The enduring battery life adds to the portability factor allowing for longer gaming periods while on the go.

With all these features, physical and internal, the Asus G1s is quite the package. The bottom line is that the GS1 is a quality gaming notebook for a very resonable price. It is not the most technologically advanced gaming system on the market but you will have to shell out about $3000 for high-end gaming laptops. Overall, the Asus G1s is an advanced gaming system which offers great performance at a reasonable price.

When seeking out the best deals in Canada, Canadian price comparison sites such as is a great way to shop. lists a large selection of consumer electronics as well as numerous retailers enabling you to find the best deals all in one site.

The Million Dollar Condom Project

Through the innovations in the scientific community, it is now possible for people to have as much sexual pleasure as they want. Now, people don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or contracting HIVs and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the birth control options that promote safe sex are pills and condoms.

Condoms are the cheapest and most convenient form of birth control in the market. There is no age requirement to be able to buy one. Now, people can even choose to buy condoms online. But even with these advantages, some people still won’t buy a condom, exposing themselves to risks carried out by unprotected sex. With this, the Bill Gates Foundation has launched a contest for the redesign and development of the best condom in the market.

Here are some of the ideas that made it into phase one. They were given a $100,000 grant for the research and development. The best idea will grab a staggering amount of $1 million.


Aside from the sensation one can get from using a condom, this project also prioritizes ease of use. Developed by a company in South America, the proponents want a condom that can be worn with just a single thug after taking it out of the wrapper.


There are many comments about condoms online and most of them are about how guys don’t want to use them because the sensation is reduced. Lakshminarayanan Ragupatin from a company in India would like to address this by developing a thinner and warmer condom. This can be done by incorporating graphene, a new super strong and conductive material, into the product. This will create a more natural sensation due to the thinner walls, which improves the amount of body heat transfer.


The Cambridge Design Partnership from United Kingdom is doing their best to come up with a dynamic, universal fit, and low-cost condom. The   unique  thing about their product is that while using the condom during intercourse, the multiple polymers in it will tighten around the sex organ. This aims to maximize pleasure for both partners.


Among those that made the cut is California Family Health Council’s great idea. Their concept is to make a condom that is as thin as possible without losing its durability. They are trying out polyethylene, which will cling over the surface rather than squeeze itself. Sensation is therefore heightened.

Which among these ideas do you think will make the cut? Which will make people buy condoms not only for marketing purposes but for the promotion of safe sex? While the search is still on to find the next generation condom, don’t be careless and always have a pack stashed in your purse. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Tea and Gift Baskets – A Perfect Combination

In any relationship thinking about the other person and making their day happy and memorable is what it is all about.

One great way to create that moment of happiness is to send the other person a   unique  gift basket with quality products and a thoughtful message. A gift basket says that you care for and are thinking about the other person and that memory will be repeated again and again as they use the basket and the quality products the basket contains.

Gift Baskets for All Occasions

The flexibility and variety of gift baskets is limited only by the imagination. For example:

o A tea gift basket can give a delightful array of morning drink choices.

o Spa essentials gift baskets make a great way to unwind.

o Gift basket can include subscription gifts like a Tea of the Month Club.

o A Taste of (Choose the culture – Italian, French, Chinese etc.) is a great gift basket idea for someone who appreciates that culture.

o Spa gift baskets are great for busy moms who have no time for themselves

o Senior citizens love gift baskets.

o Kosher gift baskets are excellent for Jewish individuals.

o A race car driver would appreciate a NASCAR or NHRA gift basket after a big win.

o A sales person closes a big deal.

o A friend or loved one earns a big promotion.

Special Occasions are Always a Good Time for a Gift Basket:

o Anniversary

o Graduation

o Housewarming

o Baby

o Just Because

o Birthday

o Love & Romance

o Congratulations

o Sympathy

o Corporate

o Thank You

o Get Well

o Wedding

o For Men

o For Women

o Holidays

o Christmas

o Valentine’s Day

o Hanukkah

o Mother’s Day

o Easter

o Father’s Day

How do you make a Gift Basket?

One can make their own gift basket but if you require a greater quantity of gift baskets or want to send to multiple recipients, it is best to work with a gift basket supplier. There are many high quality gift basket vendors and most of them sell through e-commerce web pages on the internet. E-commerce increases choice and provides ease of purchase.

The industry is very competitive and this competition encourages higher quality and  unique  and attractive gift baskets. Suppliers are constantly searching for ways to improve their offerings.

Tea is Ideal for a Quality Gift Basket

High quality, loose leaf tea products are often included in gift baskets for a number of reasons:

o Quality Tea Tastes Delicious: A cup of tea appeals to the palette and creates a  unique  taste experience.

o Tea Creates A Feeling Of Well Being: Ask any tea drinker and they will attest to the soothing and serene effect of a cup of tea.

o Tea Is Good For Your Health: The health benefits of tea in preventing illnesses like heart disease and cancer are well documented.

o Packaging is Important: High quality tea packaging in tins with quality labels is attractive and appealing in a tea basket.

o  Unique , Flexible Offering: Some tea vendors offer gift certificates and Tea of the Month Club memberships.

o Quality Added Value: High quality tea reinforces the perception of quality for the entire basket.

o Opportunity for Vendors: Many tea suppliers have their own customer bases who are also potential customers for gift baskets. Some tea suppliers offer gift basket vendors special pricing and wholesales programs for their tea products.

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water and the market demand for high quality, loose leaf tea is growing rapidly in the United States. Tea makes a perfect gift for everyone and the inclusion of tea will add significant value to the gift basket.

What to Look for in a Gift Basket Supplier

Quality of Products – The supplier must offer high quality products. Sending a friend or loved one a low quality, cheap looking gift basket may do more harm than good.

 Unique , Memorable Offerings – Choose a supplier with creative, attractive offerings that will appeal to the gift basket recipient.

Ease Of Purchase – Purchase from a supplier with a well designed e-commerce web site that allows you, the customer, an easy to use shopping cart and check out procedure.

Quality Of Customer Service- Always deal with a supplier who stands behind each purchase through an effective customer service process. Remember claims of good customer service don’t count – look for testimonials on the web site.

Total Value- Total value is the essence of a quality purchase. Look for a supplier offering quality, innovative products coupled with ease of purchase and world class customer service. Value is more than the lowest price and quality will be remembered.

How Can I Display My Antique Diecast Model Cars at Home?

Collections are a great pastime; however, if you’ve been at it for awhile, you’ll start to realize that you lose the space in your home to boxes and boxes of antique collectibles. If you’ve found that you have no space for your collection it may be time to find a nice way to display it in your home. Below you will find a few great ideas that can take your collection of diecast model cars from a boxed nuisance to a fun treasure for everyone to see.

Dust Be Gone

One of the most common problems that collectors have when trying to display their Diecast Model Cars is the collection of dust. Dust easily gets in and on their collectibles making displaying them more of a chore than a fun experience. If this is a problem for you, there are solutions that will easily remedy the problem.

Display Cases

There are some places you can go and purchase display cases that are designed for collectible toys. You can often see these displays in toy stores in the Barbie section where the most popular items are. Ordering these display cases allows you to put your collection wherever you’d like. The cases are clear all around making it visible to all however it is completely enclosed warding off that dust.

Glass Cases with Lighting

Another great way to display your Diecast Model Cars in your home is to invest in a glass case. They are sold in different sizes and some of them are equipped with lighting that makes it easier to see your toys.

China Cabinets

Your grandma’s china cabinet idea for displaying her fine china is another great solution that collectors of Diecast Model Cars can try. If you have a decent china cabinet you can place your toys on the shelves. Since the cabinet doors are glass, they can make a great focal point in your living or dining room area.

Book Shelves

If you don’t mind the dust too much, there is always the option to display your Diecast Model Cars on a bookshelf. There are plenty of shelving arrangements now that have different sized shelves making it easy for you to customize your display the way you want to. Book shelves are already great display pieces and can be stored in any room in your house.

Designate a Room

If your Diecast Model Cars are still in their original packaging and you intend to resell them at a later date than you will need to preserve them appropriately. Instead of taking them out of the boxes, you might consider designating a room or area where you can easily display the toys. For instance, if you have an attic or basement, add a few shelves that can mount to the wall. Place your toy boxes on the shelves for an easy display area.

When displaying your Diecast Model Cars please keep in mind that they must maintain their quality in order to maintain its value. Therefore you should not store your items anywhere that there is intense heat, moisture, or cold. Keep the toys away from younger children who might play with them or open the packages, and more importantly store them out of the reach of your pets. Other than that, get creative in making your collectibles mesh with your living space for everyone to enjoy.

The Secrets of Top Students by Stefanie Weisman

“The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College” by Stefanie Weisman is chock full of strategies to do just what she claims in the title, Ace High School and College. This is an outstanding book for any student who wants to do better in school. Following Weisman’s advice won’t only help you get better grades, but you’ll learn a lot more too.

I did very well in high school and college, but not as good as Weisman. Her accomplishments are very impressive, and besides her own first hand knowledge, she included tips and strategies from many others who also excelled throughout their schooling. (Valedictorians like Weisman, Rhodes scholars, Fulbright scholars, Intel Science Fair finalists, National Spelling Bee champions and others like these.) I read the book because I speak to and work with students, and I also wanted to see how it would be for my daughter to read. It’s one I definitely will have her read when she’s a bit older, but since she asked why she had to wait, maybe I’ll let her read it now and then again when she starts high school.

What I really like is that this book isn’t just another “how to study” book. It is much more than that. While it does include advice on how to maximize your studying, it also provides information on the entire learning experience, including why you should want to be a better student in the first place.

There are chapters on motivation, time management, how taking care of your body will improve your mind and ability to study, learn, and get good grades. There is a chapter on navigating the game of academia, which is important. The actual study tips are divided into what you should do in the class room and how to take notes, learning to read for school, honing your homework skills, how to write a paper, and getting ready for and taking tests.

The book also includes a few helpful exercises to help students practice what they have learned in regards to taking notes, staying motivated, etc. And again, I like that the book talks about lifestyle tips and techniques, and not just study tips. There are a a lot of things during high school and college that will effect your grades. It’s not just how you write papers and take tests. This book does an excellent job at covering a lot of areas and providing a lot of practical advice without going too far and give students another voluminous text book to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to become a top student.

Dresses For Men – A Crossdresser’s Guide To Fit

Creating a convincing feminine look for a cross-dressing man takes a lot of work. There are many considerations when putting together your female wardrobe. Because a man’s body is often much thinner in the waist and broader in the shoulders, not to mention the lack of hips and butt curves, it takes special clothing to achieve a womanly figure. Finding dresses for men might be a challenge, unless you know where to buy your wardrobe.

Fortunately, there are a handful of online retailers that not only design their own female clothing for men, but also manufacture the clothing with a man’s body in mind. The following are guidelines of what to look for in dresses made for men.

Firstly, if you want to be seen outside of the privacy of your home, it’s important to find a dress that is the appropriate length. Most men like a length somewhere between the lower thigh and right above the knee. This allows you to wear a garter belt and stockings without the top of the stockings showing. A dress made for men will also conceal foundation pieces that most men wear to add curves, such as padded panties, long line girdles and other curve-creating foundations.

Second, you need to find dresses made for men’s measurements. This means that a dress will fit correctly if it is specifically made with longer sleeves made to fit a man’s arm length, and a wider chest to accommodate breast forms that most cross-dressing men wear. Most men are disappointed when a dress arrives and the sleeves are too short to cover their arm hair, or the bust-line of the dress is so narrow that their voluptuous bosom is squeezed flat! Look for online retail store that designs dresses with pockets to safely tuck breast forms, and makes sure that long sleeve dresses made for men will cover the wrists.

Lastly, you want a good selection of styles. When a woman goes shopping, she wants more than just one dress to choose from. It’s the same with a cross-dressing man. Unfortunately, the past has provided slim pickings for many men, but now, some online retailers are making a real effort to design and manufacture sexy dress styles for men to wear. New styles include: halter dresses, long sleeve dresses that combine fabrics like lycra and lace, long gowns and form fitting mini dresses. The key is to make sure the dresses are made in bust sizes to fit men and provide the length in the sleeves and bottom of the dress to cover your foundation pieces.

Now that you have the essential information on how to find beautiful dresses made for men, you can look for the perfect style to suit your feminine personality.

Mischievous Girl Or Predictable?

Women who are really secure are confident, not arrogant. Men can smell the difference and a confident woman is flat out sexy.

What makes a woman confident is when she has the ability to live a centered life. She believes in herself and her dreams. She goes out and does something great and she absolutely, unequivocally does not hang on a man’s attention or opinion.

Sometimes confidence is tested when you meet a man who appears to draw you in. There’s a tendency to lean in too much because he seems so intriguing.

And this is where NOT being nice aka a doormat come into play. Men are flattered by nice women but they hardly find anything fascinating about them.

If you want to know, I am not advocating being a demanding wrench – act like this and men will do everything to get away from you.

Nice equals boring

Mischievous equals electrifying

Become a playful woman who just might burn an impression of yourself on a man’s mind. When you are being mischievous, you need to play it up, change it up, return back to base and leave em’ thinking.

Men love this. A woman who can round up a good does of mischief builds a man’s attraction for her. As with anything, steady it with balance.

Keep it moving, don’t overdo it, and use a little ebb and flow to gently rock a man into overdrive. Love it!

If you’ve ever experience how a man can be enticed by mischief, drawn in it’s magnetism, and almost fall at your feet, then you’ll know the sweet power of mischief.

You’ll leave him wanting!