Simple Freedom System Review

Simple Freedom System is a money making program composed of two parts. First you get a marketing course (an actual physical product) which consist of a 260 plus page manual, a quick start guide, and a CD. The course is pretty comprehensive covering online as well as offline marketing and even includes a full copywriting course. The second part of the system is the marketing system. They give you a website, capture page, blog, and email messages all designed to help you market the course online as well as offline with postcards or classified ads They’ve been around for a few years now and seem to have a good concept going. Their philosophy seems to be, provide a marketing course with good value then provide a website to help sell it. The marketing system is built for you so your only job is to direct traffic to the capture page they provide for you, so even a newbie can jump in and probably start making money pretty quick.

The payout is pretty good. You make $200 for every course you sell and $100 override on all the distributors you sign up when they make a sale. They offer a few backend products but you are not required to purchase to them, but they can increase your income if you decide to market any of them. One good thing about Simple Freedom is they don’t leave you high and dry when you buy the course like some other programs. They offer ongoing training in the form of conference calls twice a week and a internet marketing training center for members only.

Simple Freedom System seems to have a lot to offer in terms of an actual product as well as fine tuned marketing system, however its up to the distributor to learn how to drive traffic to the website they provide.It doesn’t matter how good the system is, if you still have to learn and master traffic generation to your capture page. At least the upfront commissions are pretty good so even if you only make a few sales a week the money can make a difference to ones bottom line.

What Makes Tiffany Style Lamps Unique From Other Lamps

When it comes to lighting a room, Tiffany style lamps are some of the most  unique  ways to softly and elegantly brighten a room. Louis Comfort Tiffany created the original lamp many years ago with his goal of being able to bring a little bit of art to every American home. He was an artist by trade and used his skills as an interior designer, painter, photographer, and a world traveler to create his new Tiffany lamps in his glass-making company in that debut in 1885. In addition to his lamps, Louis Comfort Tiffany’s father, Charles Tiffany was the founder of Tiffany & Company jewelry, but Louis did not want to engage in the jewelry making business.

The idea behind the Tiffany lamps is that the “shade” is made of various colors of glass that were stained, and when a bulb was placed in the lamp, it created various color hues that has never been seen in lamps before. The original lamps were in production from 1885 to 1920, today an authentic Tiffany lamp sells for nearly $2 million dollars, and finding the original lamps is not easy because those that have them in their family do not sell them.

The popularity and demand for the Tiffany lamps continued long after Tiffany’s death in 1933 and therefore, several Tiffany style lamps came on the market, which looked like the original Tiffany’s with the bronze base and the shade made of several pieces of colored glass. These, of course, are much more affordable than trying to find an original Tiffany Lamp.

Today, many homes all around the world proudly display Tiffany style lamps because even with the modern new lamps available, there has never been any lamp quite like the Tiffany. It offers a  unique  lighting experience that no other lamp has been able to capture. Louis Tiffany would have no doubt been pleased to see how his lamps became so popular long after his death. In fact, at the time of his death, the popularity of the lamps had declined sharply, which is the reason the company discontinued making them.

Today, unlike the original Tiffany lamps, the new Tiffany style lamps come in a variety of styles as far as the glass shade is concerned. For instance, you can find these lamps with various glass shades including an American flag, jasmine, animal style, Cabbage Rose, and jeweled geometric iris styles, to name a few. The fact is, since Tiffany’s death, his lamps have taken on a  unique  way of lighting the home and his idea of bringing art into the American home has reach far beyond the borders of North America.

Finally, Tiffany style lamps may not be the same as the handcrafted original Tiffany lamps, but they are more popular than ever and those that own them typically have several different styles throughout their homes. Regardless of your taste, there is a Tiffany style lamp designed especially for your d├ęcor and taste.

Fashion Fusion

How often do you encounter a situation when selection of the right kind of fashion accessory makes you go wild? Some women have such dilemmas once in a while, some once in a week, and some of them go through this daily. The question bugs “Do I look different?”, “Do I look attractive enough?”

Sometimes you often wonder, why do some women become the epitome of fashion whereas some strive for little appreciation even after wearing an expensive diamond necklace.

Well, I believe that beauty is not the cause. For I have noticed some of the most charming ladies being bugged with similar kinds of hassles. The reason is, most women simply follow the stereotyped fashion trends and do not get noticed among the crowd.

The idea is, that you have to dress differently in order to look different. I guess, jewelry happens to be an important part of fashion. Therefore it is necessary that you make some changes in your jewelry box.

To start with, I must say, that simple elegant jewelries are out. Gone are the days of a simple chain with a diamond pendant. Ladies are no longer totems of sophistication. Just try out something much more dashing. Accumulate at least ten to twelve black colored chains of similar look and size. Jumble them together and flaunt it at your slender neck. They would very well complement each other.

When you try to look different, there is no harm in being a little more adventurous. One of the latest trends among fashion freaks is to try out something Bohemian. And when it come to Bohemian fashion, there is nothing like a candlenut necklace. The candlenuts, commonly known as Kukui nuts, are strung together in a string or a ribbon and tied in knot. Black happens to be the most popular color. However other colors like green, brown are also in vogue. The Kukui nut jewelries can be worn as necklace and also as bracelets.

You know what, I have always admired fashion conscious ladies since my early teenage. I still remember how my young English teacher at the high school adorned her ears with long wooden danglers. As she moved her head sideways while explaining the lessons, the danglers simply danced around her beautiful ears and caught our attention for an entire hour. Later on, I came to know that such wooden danglers can be easily made at home. All you have to do is cut out two stripes of reasonable length from a piece of ply and make it smooth with a sandpaper. Make sure you get the edges rounded. Drill small holes in each of them and attach a jump ring at it and attach it again with a hook. And there you are! That would look elegant as well as dandy!

Now while we discuss about fashion jewelries, how can the beads be left behind? You can make simple beaded earrings at home. Just grab a headpin, and put inside some beads of various colors. But the colors should be well synchronized. Get a round-nose plier and bend the extended portion of the earring at an angle of ninety degree. Bend the end of the headpin and complete the loop. Attach it with a French wire. And you are done with it.

If you are quite innovative, you can try this one too. Boil some eggs and peel off the outer hard layer. Make sure that the thin film inside is also removed. Coat them with two parts of epoxy coupled with a chemical hardener. Get a ceramic tile and coat it with petroleum jelly. Rest the egg shells over it and get them dried. After sometime, cut them out in different shapes and paint it with a nail polish. Once again you may implement some of your innovative skills by painting them with different colors. Drill a small hole and attach a jump ring.

I shall be happy if you like my ideas and try them out. But I would be happier if you discard them and try something different that comes to your mind.

After all, fashion is not about following the latest trends of market. Fashion is all about flaunting your own style that would reflect your own personality. Sometimes, the jewelry you wear may not go hand in hand with your personality. But once you are confident about your accessories, you can simply flaunt anything under the sun.

So what are you ladies waiting for? Just get going, full speed ahead!

Dogtra 175NCP Review

Being a dog trainer and someone who works with the humane society it gives me a chance to try dog training products on a great variety of dogs. These dogs love to see me coming because it means we get to go outside and play, train and generally have fun while I decide if the dog training equipment it rugged, stable, durable and generally a good product to recommend to my clients.

In my quest to find and review dog training products, this series of reviews will be based on the electronic training aids which are becoming more popular. I will review the Dogtra brand of products first.

I started with the Dogtra 175 as it is the base and beginner model. At first glance the transmitter, which is what you hold to press buttons and give stimulation, is about three inches tall and a little under two inches wide and about an inch thick. It has a very small antenna and a lanyard type of cloth strap to hang from your neck. The collar has a plastic or resin type of collar which holds the receiver box. There are plastic loops on the sides of the transmitter box that the collar straps go through. This will allow you to change the collar in the future if necessary. It also allows you to reposition the transmitter box anywhere on the collar to make it more convenient for you to attach the collar to your dog any way you like.

There are two sets of probes for the transmitter. One is a longer version for dogs that have the thick long fur. There is a red dog on the transmitter and collar and when you put the dots next to each other it will turn the collar on or off. The dial on the transmitter is a continuous movement, not a clicking type so you can slowly turn the dial to change the intensity.

The transmitter has two buttons. The top one is a “nick” and will give a slight stimulation such as a tapping feeling and that is all. The constant button will emit a continuous stimulation for a period of 20 seconds and then will quit. You would need to release the button and depress again to have the stimulation continue.

The collar has a decent range of 400 feet which is a good distance for someone going to a park with their dog. For the basic companion dog you don’t need your dog getting that far away from you when training. The collar is waterproof so if your dog decides to go in the water you can be secure knowing the collar will not be ruined.

What is Goherenext? Here is My Review

I’m sure that you have heard the radio commercials talking about as the new can’t miss home based business opportunity. The website landing page where you directed to asks you to enter your info and says that you’re about to learn about a guy who built four billion-dollar companies and is about to build his fifth billion-dollar company. What they are actually marketing is Shaklee a well know manufacturer of premium nutrition, personal care and homecare products. The miracle business builder behind this new business opportunity is Roger Barnett, the current CEO of Shaklee. The company has been around for about 50 years and they are considered to be the number 1 nutrition company in the United States. Their business opportunity is based on a Multi Level Marketing business model. Similar to the very successful AMWay and Fuller Brush business opportunities to name a few that have been around for years. In this particular business model you become a distributor for the companies products where you will sell the products while working to bring on other new distributors to be part of your own down line. You make a commission on what you sale and also the sales of each of your down line members. The key to success here is to build a solid team of people who are motivated to both sell the product and build their own down line. If you are a good sales person and you don’t mind approaching people to sell a product you can generate a good income with this type of business model. There are many people making good money using the Multi Level Marketing business model which has been around for decades, but there are also a lot of people that don’t do well in this type of business opportunity.

I do think that this type of business opportunity will work for some people but is not for everyone. You need to understand that it takes time, generally 3 – 5 years of steady effort to build a solid down-line that will allow you to make a steady income. The key to success is to be able to successfully market your business and products. One way to do this is by using good Internet Marketing techniques and strategies. Please make sure that before you invest in any online or home based business that you do the proper research necessary to give you all the information.

HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR Laptop Review

The HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR laptop is an extremely functional, powerful, laptop at a great price. In this review, we will tell you if that is reason enough to buy it.

First, let’s look at the basics, the core of the machine.

The HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR comes with an Intel Core i3-350M processor which will be enough to meet most of your demanding needs. In today’s laptop environment, you should never even consider a laptop that does not provide a dual core processor. A dual core processor enhances your computer’s speed significantly and should come standard on any laptop that you are considering.

Another item that should never be compromised these days is memory. This HP Pavilion comes equipped with 4GB of DD3 memory which is expandable to 8GB. This expandability is important as the new laptops mostly come with Windows 7, which can take advantage of this memory. This amount of memory is absolutely essential in today’s graphic rich environment.

Speaking of graphics, you have probably noticed that hard drives in today’s laptops are getting larger and larger. Why is this? It is because we all love photos, personal videos, and the latest top ten movie rentals. When you create a Microsoft Word document, it takes up very little room. However, when you want to store movies, you will need a lot of disk space. This HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR comes with a 500GB hard drive which will store ample music and video. If your needs go beyond that, you can simply purchase an external drive.

So, this HP laptop certainly has the basics covered, which brings us to the real question: Should you buy the HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR? Does it provide the best price/performance value on the market today?

Let’s first look at price. This laptop from Hewlett Packard continues to come down in price. It can currently be purchased for under $700, which makes it a truly tempting laptop to consider. With all of the power that this laptop brings, the price to performance ratio is very good.

The question that you need to consider with this laptop is portability. At just over 6lbs, it is heavier than some of its competitors and certainly more than the top rated netbooks. And the battery life on this HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR can be beat by other models. With an average battery life of a little over 3 hours, the laptop will not last all day on one battery as some others will.

In summary, the HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR from Hewlett Packard is a machine worthy of consideration. If you are always on the move, you may want to consider another laptop because of the weight and limited battery life of the machine. However, if this laptop will remain in one place for extended periods, it provides a lot of performance at a great price and you just may want to buy it.

People Wanting to Buy Clutch Bags

Over the past few years, people have been wanting to find out how they can buy cheap clutch bags at the best affordable rates. Fact of the matter is that when it comes to making online purchases, not everyone wants to invest into the internet. People want to feel and touch the bags themselves before they can make their investments. What people do not realize is that an online store is just as good as an offline store from where one can make their purchases. What needs to be understood is that buyers and those interested in making sure that they can get the right deals should be well aware that they need to find out which are the best online stores across the net that offer Clutch Bags at the best available rates.

If you are willing to understand how one can get the best of these results, it is best advised that you scout the market effectively so that you can get for yourself the results that you have always desired. Remember, to check with your online retailer about the shipping and handling measures that they offer so that buyers can finalize if they want to make their purchases or not.

Once you can find the best stores from where you can buy cheap clutch bags, it is best recommended that you scout the web so as to find out which are the best of places from where you can make your purchase as part of a guarantee. Additionally, do not forget to check into the mailing and delivery system that the retailer offers.

Let It Be Fun

Children love to have fun. It’s why they love computer and video games. They’re fun. It’s why they like to watch television shows and movies.

If you mention the word “exercise” to them, all thoughts of fun disappear from their minds. Exercise is push ups and jumping jacks. Exercise is endlessly jogging around an oval track. In other words, it’s boring.

It doesn’t have to be. It wasn’t when we were kids. Of course we didn’t have all the cool gadgets kids have now so we had to find something to do that was fun. Most of our outdoor games were very vigorous in nature. They still are, they just aren’t played as often.

Making it fun: Take the bikes to the park and let the kids ride them on the paths. As long as they are polite to walkers those paths are just as useful and the kids are infinitely safer than riding on the streets.

Find an organized sports team that the children are interested in. Our area offers baseball, softball and water polo. The schools add volleyball, basketball and football. This will do more than provide exercise, it will teach team spirit and fair play.

The memories I enjoy the most when it comes to this topic is when adult family members joined in the games. My parents would sometimes play and older cousins as well. I can still hear my mother yelling “Don’t you ring my tomatoes!” when we’d get into a horseshoe match. (The pit was right next to that part of the garden.)

Getting involved helps bring the family closer together. It teaches that adults like to have fun and that this sort of thing is life long. It’s well worth the time.

Gift Ideas for a Poker Player

Everyone has that member of their family who loves playing poker. They are consumed by the game and sometimes they think of nothing else. They are hard to buy presents for because they only care about one thing.

They are also hard to spend time with because they will always playing the game. Some people might think that they are addicted to the game, but that would only be the case if they were winning or losing all the time.

However, some people play on websites and they only play for points. Websites like Facebook have poker games where they can play with thousands of players and win points. Some other sites let you convert the points to prizes.

With the being so hard to buy for, it is important to do your research and get them something that is relevant to the game that they love. Read ahead for some awesome ideas for keeping poker players happy at Christmas and their birthdays.

Gift Cards

You could buy them a gift card. This would not be a regular gift card where they go into the store and buy whatever they want. This would be a gift card for a website where they can exchange the money for poker chips and then they have more credit to play with.

Some of the free sites will exchange the money for points and the relative can play in higher staked games. If the love poker so much, you could get them a gift card for a casino and they could go and play an actual poker game with other people and make some friends along the way.

Poker Chips

If they play at home, or with their friends, then you can buy them some poker chips. They are cheap enough and you can even get them in supermarkets now. If you want to go an extra mile, you can buy poker chips that have actually been used in Las Vegas casinos. They might appreciate this a bit more, especially if they have never been to Vegas before.

Some brands like Jack Daniels will make their own poker sets and if the person likes the drink, they might love this type of poker set even more. Everything will match if you buy a set like this because they will have chips, cards, dealer’s buttons and banker’s buttons.

Playing Cards

Playing cards are the Holy Grail to some poker players. There will be poker players who actually collect the cards and they have a set from all over the world. Other players will have packs from every casino that they have played in.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to get them a pack of cards that no one else would ever have. This would be a personalized pack with something that is personal to them, printed on the back of each card. This could be their name, or a logo that is dear to them, or some companies will be able to print an image on the back.

When you buy personalized cards, you can change anything. From the packaging, to the style of font, for the numbers. It will be a pack that no one else in the world has and they will love it.

Poker Tables

Some supermarkets now have poker tables that are quite reasonably priced. They are not full tables mind you, they are just table toppers made of felt. They have spaces for your cards, the flop and all your chips. They even have a cup holder installed so that you won’t spill the drink on the cards.

Top 5 Places to Visit Before You Die

If you are one among the few who desire to travel as much as possible before you leave this world, then this is for you. Here are the top 5 places you must visit before you die. This is useful for everyone who is going to travel in near future and also to those who are planning a trip soon. Here are few insights on the place you are going to visit and the specialty of the place. These places are spread across many countries of the world which means you got to travel many countries to visit these places. Hence, it comes handy if you have an idea on the customs, traditions do’s and don ts of the country and sometimes it is essential to have an idea about the place of the visit as this makes your travel much easier and convenient.

Before knowing about the place let’s look at few basics which you ought to follow while traveling. Pack as less luggage as possible and be prepared for the unforeseen. Plan your trip with sufficient rest time as too much traveling would lead to many problems later. Plan your trip well before and organize everything accordingly. Now as you are ready for the trip, let’s look at top 5 places that must be visited before you die as per the latest survey.

Kauai, Hawaii: If you want to visit heaven on earth, then you must visit this place. This place is nicknamed as ‘Garden Island’ famous for its greenery and scenic view. Though there are 8 other islands in Hawaii, Kauai is a hot cake island as it is the oldest of all 8 and has many cliffs at its heart, peaks and the scenic Wailua River. All these geological spectacles have made Hawaii a paradise on the earth.

Wengen, Switzerland: If you are tired of busy urban life, then you must visit Wengen, Switzerland. A city where no cars are being used in last 100 years and are surrounded by alpine mountains, grassy hills is a spectacular tourist spot. The city is known for its finest ski slopes on the earth and is the only place which is clean and unpolluted all across the globe.

Santorini, Greece: A place which is unique and beautiful along a cliff of volcanic rocks. It’s the only place which is surrounded with world’s largest volcanic eruptions. The white washed houses with a coat of volcanic ashes make them distinct and give them a pearl color which makes the place more attractive.

Mount Fuji, Japan: Japan’s highest peak and is one of the sacred locations which is also the most popular spot for artists and tourists. Amazing architecture, rich cultural experience, blooming lakes all together will surely make your visit much exciting. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best natural destinations.

Cinque Terre, Italy: A town located in Northern Italy and a picturesque town with atop cliffs, mountains. A place known for finest dessert wine while enjoying the stay at the shores of Mediterranean Sea makes your trip much fun filled.