Review on Five Minds for the Future

In this book, Howard Gardner stresses on five minds that is fundamental for survival in the present digital era and century. As we live in a digital technological world and era, inculcating and cultivating the habits of using these minds are mandatory. The five minds in brief are:

  1. Disciplined Mind: For each one of us to successful in life, we need to focus on one or two disciplines to succeed. Or else we need to compromise doing menial tasks and to master discipline in one subject takes about 10 years. To develop this disciplined mind, one must consistently work on for long enough until he attains mastery in the discipline. In future, Gardner stresses that for each productive and successful individual, he must focus on one or two disciplines proficiently to thrive in the coming generation.
  2. Synthesizing Mind: is basically integrating one or more disciplines to take effective decisions and actions so as to succeed. Most leaders and presidents have to use this mind most of the time in their career.
  3. Creative Mind: involves thinking creatively and outside the box. This result in creative breakthrough, inventions, innovations etc. The author stresses that having creative mind alone helps you reach nowhere unless and until it is backed up by disciplined mind and synthesized mind. Or else creative mind is a total failure. Whatever one does creatively need to be practiced and mastered regularly and built into a skill in that particular discipline.
  4. Respectful Mind: is another word for tolerant mind. Cultivating respectful minds helps to celebrate the difference across opinions, view, judgments, religious views, castes, races etc. Here one needs to be respectful of each other across nations, groups and community
  5. Ethical Mind: is building of ethics, principles and moral values. Here religious values play a great role. Gardner also considers digital way of communicating especially the chat as unethical and stresses here one must be as ethical as possible with support of respectful mind.

This book is a book I would recommend to read not only for the educators but also for the people in all professions including management and leadership. The language is very easy to follow and Gardener had been very down to earth in putting his ideas across. This book is one of the best book I have ever read because I think most of us lack the five minds and we need to be sure to have these 5 minds as a means to live and thrive in the coming decades. I would personally give 5 stars to this book.

Fish Oil Reviews – What You Need to Know

You are looking for some fish oil reviews online for couple reasons. Maybe you want to buy it for improving your own health, maybe you want it for preventative purposes or you want to buy the supplements for your friend or family member.

No matter what reason you have, you need to know some basic about fish oil and how to select the right one. Unless you want to buy the first product you see and risk that it was not that great one and you have lost couple dollars.

First I would like to tell you about couple things you need to think about when reading those fish oil reviews online.

One of the best sources the oil comes from are salmon, hoki fish, tuna and even some sardines. So make sure these are the types that the particular review is talking about. Because some companies makes the product from cod, Atlantic halibut or even shark. When you see these on the label, run away from it. Because these fish are constantly swimming in the most polluted oceans.

One of the most cleanest seas are the Arctic area and the ocean around the shores of the New Zealand.

When you find great fish oil review that talks about the good things I mentioned above, find out if their product is molecularly distilled, which removes completely any possible toxins and leaves the quality ingredients like omega 3 fatty acids untouched. And these omega 3 fatty acids are the most beneficial fats that can improve various ailments and help to fight many diseases.

Today’s medical scientists are already talking about some great effects on heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, brain functions, joints and ligaments, ADD and much more. So I believe that everybody that loves their own body should take a two capsules a day for great health benefits and prevention.

Personally I started using omega 3 fish oil supplements because I had constant pain in my knee and lower backs. I was so surprised that by taking some of the best fatty acids, I am pain free. Of course I have experienced even other benefits, but that is not the point of this article at all.

Let’s get to the last, but very important tip you need to have on your mind when reading the fish oil reviews. The supplement is best when consumed in soft gel capsules rather that hard pills or tablets. Because you get much more of the stuff inside your blood stream and therefore will experience better results.

ZipDebt Review – Is ZipDebt Helpful For Learning How To Settle Your Debts?

If you’re struggling to pay your credit card bills and looking for help, the Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Program from may be just what you need.

Debt settlement is a good option if you’re already behind in your credit card payments. But it’s not as easy as making a lowball offer to your creditors to pay off your balance for pennies on the dollars. Sure, the “do-it-yourself” option can save you lots of time and money. But only if you do it the right way.

Otherwise, you might just end up creating a lot more stress for yourself.

That’s where the ZipDebt program comes in. ZipDebt was founded by Charles Phelan, an expert in the debt settlement industry. He created the Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Program to share the tips he learned from working in the field of debt settlement.

Many people think that debt settlement is an easy way to get out of debt. But it is actually a process designed for those on the brink of bankruptcy. And while you can do it all on your own, it will certainly help to have expert guidance as you go through the process.

The ZipDebt program will give you the knowledge you need. But it’s not free. And it doesn’t work without learning and effort on your part.

But it is written in a step-by-step easy to read format. So even if you are not a financial genius, you can still learn how to settle your own debts. It will pay for itself many times over, saving you money in fees charged by settlement companies, and helping you negotiate the best settlement offer. And if you ever have any questions, you can always ask Charles.

So if you are looking for a great resource, is the place for expert debt settlement advice.

The Mandarin Duck Kama Sutra Position

The following position is undoubtedly incredibly out of the ordinary If perhaps you are quite versatile then this will end up being most pleasurable for yourself. If perhaps you are not really that flexible you shouldn’t worry, as with more experience this may possibly end up being your chosen position.

Due to this excellent position being an awkward one to be able to grasp I found this can additionally end up being a bundle of laughs. This unique position might start off as something a lot more simple, while you both stumble around you will more than possibly see you have got your self into a very similar position to the actual Mandarin Duck. The exceptional issue about this specific guide is that the majority of positions can easily result in you applying a completely different position. The Kama Sutra should really be studied as a guide, if perhaps you follow it to accurately it can end up being discouraging because you may well discover some positions really difficult. This primarily encourages certain positions nonetheless if you come across an additional similar position, better yet! You can certainly then add this to the many opportunities inside of the Kama Sutra book! Making the effort brand new positions can easily open up your mind and make you discover the enjoyment doesn’t need to stop at intercourse!

This doesn’t need to finish with love-making, you can merge into several more sex-related innuendos. Consider a rest in between intercourse positions, you could always attempt some foreplay or even dirty talk, this can re-boost the erotic pressure! This can become incredibly worthwhile as well as make the atmosphere a lot more extreme for you both. Your entire body will actually feel deprived of sexual excitement. This can easily take your complete body for the maximum enjoyment level, helping to make it tingle with immense enjoyment.

Book Review: Computer Investigation by Elizabeth Bauchner

Who is the target audience for this book?

Make no mistake. This book is not targeted for computer professionals. If you have a degree in Computer Science or just know a lot about computers, you won’t learn anything from this book. This book is targeted to children in the middle school age group, but it would also be a good introductory book for adults.

That said, what does the book talk about?

What is the science of computer forensics?

Computer forensics is a two-part process. First, data is retrieved and then the data is used. It is different from other forensic sciences because the data usually stands on its own and does not need to be interpreted.

What are the many duties of a computer forensics technician?

While doing their job, computer forensic specialists must preserve evidence, not introduce viruses or worms into a system, handle data properly, keep evidence within the chain of command, reduce the impact of the system’s analysis on any businesses affected, and make sure privileged information is not divulged.

Following those rules, computer forensic professionals find hidden files, swap files, and temp files used by the operating system and by applications. They access these files and protected and encrypted files, searching for information relevant to the case. They analyze the data found, especially in areas normally considered inaccessible. They perform an over all system analysis and list all relevant files. They provide an opinion of the system’s layout and who authored which files. They make notes of attempts to delete or protect files, and they provide expert testimony and/or consultation in court as needed.

The book gives definitions for commonly used words, or jargon, in the industry.

A hacker is someone who is really interested in a piece of technology and learns all possible about the technology.

A cracker is someone who uses their hacker knowledge for bad.

Hackers are white hat, and crackers are black hat hackers.

A phreaker was a person who scammed the telephone company to get free long-distance calls.

Spoofing is mimicking a website (or an email) so the receiver thinks the sender is someone else.

Phishing is trying to get information from people, like their user accounts and passwords, and social security numbers.

A virus is a program, attached to another program, that infects a system when the program is opened. The virus can’t do anything unless the program is opened and ran.

A worm is like a virus, but it can replicate itself without other programs being opened.

A Trojan horse is a program that pretends to be a different kind of program.

Denial of Service (DoS) is when a cracker tries to prevent a system from being accessible by its normal users.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Maca

Maca is a unique supplement that has been helping men enlarge their penises for a very long time, and if you are tired of trying product after product with little to no results, then this is the product for you.

Maca provides you with an easy, safe, and natural way to increase the girth and length of your penis for very little money especially when it is used in conjunction with a male enhancement product.  If you are sick of taking supplements that do not provide the results you want, or if you do not want embarrassing products like penis pumps in your home, then Maca can provide a simple yet effective solution.

Here, we’ll talk about how Maca can benefit you both during sexual intercourse as well as everyday life.

Maca works with your body to increase the overall size of your penis, providing a number of different benefits. Longer penises are able to penetrate more deeply during sexual intercourse, which not only provides a greater degree of sexual pleasure for the male partner, but for the female partner as well.

This is because the cervix and fornix, which are located near the back of the vaginal cavity, are key pleasure spots that are difficult to reach with an average sized penis. A longer penis also increases the amount of wet friction during intercourse, because deeper penetration means more friction per stroke.

Thicker penises are also important during sex, because they allow the vaginal cavity to fit snugly around the penis. This increases wet friction and in turn increases sexual stimulation for both the male and female. Using Maca to increase the girth and length of your penis is an excellent way to increase your sexual performance and help please your partner, as well as get more pleasure yourself.

Large penises are not only important during sex, however. Studies by leading sexologists around the world have shown that men with larger penises experience a number of benefits in terms of mental and emotional health. Men that believe their penis is of greater than average size (that is, more than six inches long) have higher confidence and more self esteem than those that think their penis is of less than average size.

If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence both in and out of sexual intercourse, as well as a way to improve your sex life with your partner, then choosing Maca as your ticket to male enhancement is a good way to go.

Digital Ebook Reader – How to Buy

You will find loads associated with ways to use the brand new eBook reader. These types of handheld products make it possible to see anyplace you are. The books can be downloaded so that no internet access is required to open up and study with the tale.

This is a wonderful present for that avid book lover. Round the holidays, lots of people look for the best present. These devices tend to be light-weight and sturdy. But first you need to read some Reviews e-book Visitors to find the best device. The actual techniques that permit these machines to visit on the internet and look for books make it possible to get any type of guide you are interested in.

Ideal for people who are usually performing do it yourself products, they can supply helpful tips on the run whenever somebody is certainly going with the shop looking for a particular item because you can have the manual right at your fingertips.

How-to manuals are simply one type of useful guide that can be downloaded, stored and browse on a transportable digital eBook reader. They are also perfect for peak student. There is a lot of research that has to become carried out when someone is attending college, no matter what level of academia it’s. The requirement for and the need to use paper products offers severely reduced within the last many years, because people have be aware of the requirement to be environmentally aware.

This expenses a lot less in order to printing a story in e-book type it will within book. Actually, it is virtually totally free. This means that whenever somebody purchases a book or even tale in this type, they will not need to pay excessively high costs. This is often vital to a college student that’s working themselves via university.

Individuals who journey often additionally find these devices to be a necessity. There’s nothing even worse compared to having to have a long bus, teach or airplane journey and being put through someone else range of entertainment. For a lot of, investing in ear plugs and sitting back again with a top quality digital eBook reader is the perfect answer.

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall speakers are the new hip thing in surround sound systems because it eliminates the wires on the ground that are in the way and it also eliminates the space taken by regular sound systems because they are mounted to the walls.

If you want your surround sound system to look classy and get rid of the wiring problem you should consider buying wall mount speakers for your home entertainment room.

The definition of speaker: speaker is a device which receives commands from the player (CD, DVD, MP3 etc.) via a cable or signal which is then converted so that the speakers play the sound of a song or video that played.

The wall mount speakers have audio enchantments that is linked with the master speaker of the system, this audio enchantment advances a few features of this system like; the bass, treble, small and soft sound details so that you can feel at ease when you have a wall mount system in your entertainment room.

There are a big variety of wall mounts to choose from which will be compatible with most of the brands in the market and you can also place them on speaker stands.

By adjusting your wall speakers to the right angles and levels you can improve your sound quality of your entertainment system to your likes.

One of the key reasons why we buy sound systems for our homes is to get the satisfaction of the movie experience in our homes that is why we sometime even buy the high brand name Sound systems to get the best surround sound out of the system.

When buying wall mount speakers just make sure you do not buy cheap products because you will sooner or later pay extra to either fix your current system or to buy a new one, so pay a little extra to make sure you do not buy a cheap system to satisfy your needs and a long lasting system.

If you want to know anything more on wall mount speakers, surround sound systems, where to buy the products and reviews on these sound products, please visit the following sites.

Eating Wild Plants

There are a number of reasons you might want to use wild plants as food.

Wild plants have some   unique  flavors that can be among your enjoyed favorites. Watercress with something sweet such as pancake syrup in a peanut butter sandwich is one I particularly enjoy. Dandelion greens pesto mixed with spaghetti sauce is another.

Since the taste of many wild edible plants is so different from the usual cultivated vegetables, you likely will at first not accept some of them as a delicious flavorful food. Just about any food flavor other than sweet, salty, starchy, and fat are, I suppose, acquired tastes. It takes time for your mind to recognize an unfamiliar flavor as a ‘tried and true’ favorite. Introduce a wild food into your diet by eating a small amount when you are most hungry. Repeatedly doing so can make the new food one that you especially enjoy.

The amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in wild food, according to many sources, is on the average, greater in wild foods. Domesticated vegetables have been selectively bred for looks, production quantity, taste, length of storage and other qualities other than nutrition.

The fruits and vegetables sold in the supermarket have been chemically fertilized; exposed to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and a variety of other chemicals; and they may have been genetically modified and/or irradiated. The safety of eating such produce is of concern to many people. Wild foods for the most part, avoid those concerns. If you do gather wild foods avoid taking them from along roadsides, lawns that have been treated with chemicals or any other areas that may have been treated.

There is the possibility that supermarket food can be contaminated with pathogens. Dozens of diseases can be spread by an infected person handling food anywhere from the time it is harvested until it is put into your grocery bag. Plants growing in the wild are untouched by human hands.

Wild plants can be prepared in many ways. Greens can be put through a food processor or blender to make pesto. Add just enough oil and/or water to let the mixture process well. The pesto can then be easily mixed with other ingredients such as peanut butter, tomato sauce, or syrup for flavoring. Some greens such as lambsquarters, chickweed and purslane can be used anyway spinach is prepared. Strong or bitter tasting greens can be boiled changing the water once or twice to reduce bitterness. This is sometimes done with dandelion leaves. Then other ingredients can be added for flavoring and texture.

Wild fruit can simply be mixed with nuts or seeds such as sunflower seeds or almonds.

Some plants such as cattail tuber shoots and burdock root can be boiled to increase tenderness or to reduce strong flavors and then simply eaten as is.

Be sure of what it is that you are going to eat and be sure that it is edible. Consult a good reference book. If possible have someone who is familiar with a particular plant point it out to you. Most photographs are not of high enough quality to be relied upon to positively identify a wild plant.

Some edible plants have poisonous look-alikes. Some plants have edible parts and have poisonous parts. Some plant parts are edible only after being prepared in a particular way. It is common that a small quantity of a plant can be eaten without problems but if you eat too much your digestive system will protest forcefully.

There’s about 6 or 8 disaster scenarios that I can think of that seem likely to happen at some time. Most of them seem unlikely to happen in my lifetime. But you never know. Isn’t it prudent to be prepared, at least to some extent, in the event the normal food supply is interrupted. Examples of disasters that seem likely to happen are an asteroid hitting the earth, a massive nuclear war, a global epidemic, and the failure of one or two major crops such as corn and wheat due to a widespread disease or climate change.

The gathering of wild foods is interesting and enjoyable. Foraging for a favorite or new addition to your menu may take you through woods, through open fields and meadows and other places of beauty. It is a great way to get out into the natural world and enjoy its complexity and majesty. It adds to the perception that the world is a good place that is to be enjoyed. It is emotionally pleasing to find something that seems free and of exceptional value.

Making use of natural foods gives you greater awareness of the inter-relatedness of living things to each other and to the environment. That greater awareness helps us more appreciate the weather and climate, the abundance of nature, agriculture and the food supply, and the importance of protecting those things.

For a list of links to more information see

House Portraits To Own And Treasure

If you feel immensely proud of the home you live in and want to show off your property to all and sundry you should consider the option of commissioning a portrait or painting of the building for posterity. House portraits were once the big rage and again are finding favor with homeowners from a variety of backgrounds. You should not think that you need to live in a stately home to consider having a portrait of the building made; even those of us in relatively small properties can commission an artist to put down on canvas an image of the building that would last for decades if not longer.

Our homes are a place that have and hold a lot of memories for us. They are the location where many important events take place, for example we watch our children grow up and our relationships with our partners develop. Perhaps your current property is the place you have moved to after getting married to your sweetheart. Whatever the reason, a house portrait can allow you to have a snap shot of the building as it is today and be kept for time eternal. It may happen that the building changes considerably over the coming years and decades, a painting would ensure you never forget how it originally appeared. A portrait would allow you to capture and immortalize your personal memories.

Perhaps you are looking for a   unique  gift for a friend or family member. A house portrait would definitely fall into such a category. Unfortunately today there is a trend for digital photography which cannot capture the true essence of a building or a scene. By choosing an artist to carry out a house portrait you can be certain that the recipient of the picture would be overwhelmed by your  unique  choice of gift.

Can you remember the home that you grew up in? Unfortunately many of us cannot. It is often with hindsight that we wished we had a relative who had commissioned a painting of our childhood home. You can ensure that your kids never feel such a loss. A portrait can be preserved and cherished for generations. It would be a family keepsake that can be passed on with other heirlooms such as old jewelry and furniture.

You should not think that commissioning a watercolor or oil portrait of your home would be difficult. In fact today it has never been so easy. A quick search online would provide you with information and the contact details for a range of artists who could carry out such work. The artists do not even have to visit your home, all that they would require is to be given a number of photographs of the building that have been taken in various lighting conditions. It would not take a professional artist long to create a portrait that is loved and cherished for a long time. If you have an old property and are planning extensive renovation work, choosing to have a painting carried out prior to the changes being made would ensure that the original appearance lives on eternally.

By having a portrait made you can also opt to have the image used on a range of items such as birthday cards, Christmas cards, letterheads, and the like. You can be sure that the beauty of your home will not be lost to time.

If you want to have a portrait with an old world feel you could ask the artist to create a sepia tinted picture. This would give the image a classic feel that would provide nostalgia and warmth no matter where you choose to display it. If on the other hand you are after a more delicate look why not opt for a pencil sketch rendering. This would give the portrait a softness which would not be available through other mediums.

Before commissioning any artist to undertake the project, always take the time to check out as much of their work as possible. No two artists have the same style. The more artists you check out and compare the better chance there would be of being happy with the finished results.

A house portrait does not have to be a costly proposition, you can order an original piece for a price that is more than affordable. At the end of the day we cannot put a price on a piece of history that will be treasured for generations to come. For under a hundred dollars you can have a  unique  family keepsake that your children and grandchildren will appreciate for the rest of their lives.

House portraits make fantastic gifts for almost any occasion or personal  unique  gift that will last a lifetime.