Unique Engagement Rings Do Not Have to Look Weird

While shopping for a  unique  engagement ring for your woman, make sure you realize the  unique  bond between the two of you. What is it that your woman looks for in a ring? What is the gemstone that wows her? What metal and cuts does she prefer? Buying a  unique  ring does not mean that you buy a ring that is so different that your girlfriend feels strange about it. You can design a ring considering your woman’s choice, likes and dislikes and preferences in mind.

For example, if your woman loves diamonds and you think that diamonds are commonly found in rings, you can go for diamonds but a different shade of diamond. A diamond comes in different colors and shades – both natural as well as laboratory made. Also, you can use her favorite stone in a different cut like cushion-cut or pear cut. This way you will have the gemstone she likes, but since the gemstone will be in a different cut, it will make the ring  unique  and stand out from the rest.

Dangling engagement rings are a  unique  concept. If you go for a ring that has a dangling pendant or something similar attached to it, it will not only look chic, but the wearer will also feel good since it will catch everyone’s attention.

You can also engrave your engagement date or the couple’s name on the ring to make it memorable. Furthermore, you can also go for a tag line that you can engrave at the inner side of the ring, so that only you and your woman knows about it – it will give the ring a special meaning to it.