Affiliate Auditions

Why should a site visitor buy from your site and not just go directly to the merchant or vendor site? Because you provide value added services. You don’t just slap links on your site, you carefully review merchants to make certain they’re appropriate and that they remain so as both your sites change and grow. You perform affiliate auditions.

Before you join an affiliate program, roam around the company’s site, evaluating the environment, products, advice, articles, ease of use, shopping cart and customer service options. Scrutinize the images and descriptions. Buy something. Return it. Ask questions. Check your credit card bill. Then go on a search engine and see how their top three competitors stack up. Once you’ve chosen a site or two, avoiding as much duplication as possible, begin writing product reviews, and comparisons. Which home décor and linens site would you want to visit, the one that provides a rating of flannel sheets based upon the six most popular criteria, or one with a mass of links and no distinctions between the products? The latter makes buying harder, not easier and the visitor will click off, never to be seen again.

You have the advantage of knowing your audience. If you reduce the time it takes to choose, as well as the potential for your visitor to be disappointed, there’s reason for him to return. Keep up the trust by regularly reviewing your affiliate sites and the commissions they generate. Write reviews of seasonal and new products. Ask site visitors to review products they’ve bought through the site. Make it fun and people will return to see what you’ve found for them now.

Unique Idea Use White Cake Candles As Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are the customary way of thanking your guests for their participation and sharing a special day with you. Giving favors dates back to 16th century and usually are given only by rich and aristocratic families. The French gave ‘Bonbonnieres’ which is bonbons presented in a crystal box, and the bonbons are nothing but sugared almonds. Normally, five sugared almonds are given to symbolically represent the five wedding wishes namely fertility, wealth, health, happiness and longevity.

Guests love gifts that are exquisitely made for the special occasion. One such gift is the miniature cake candle white which has a majestic look due to the large white pearls made beautifully on the three-tiered wedding cake. Your party guests will love this gift as it adds a festive mood to the wedding celebration. You should always order wedding favors that matches your style and elegance. white cake candle with its stunning look and nice aroma will definitely win the hearts of your guests.

Nowadays, there is variety of wedding favor ideas available in stores and normally one gets confused in choosing the right one. Many brides still give bonbons as their wedding reception gifts. Some may like to give chocolate hearts, but, giving a gift which is more common may not suit your style. If you want to be unique, different from others, then a white cake candle is the perfect ideal gift you can give to your party guests.

White cake candle are pure white in color which goes well with your bridal dress and bouquet. Each candle has three tiers in white decorated with large white beads which resembles pearls that are draped in a sloping pattern. More beads works on done in the first two layers of the cake in dark silver color. The top of the cake is in the form of a candle with a thick bow which gives an artistic touch to the cake. The romantic look and tongue-licking taste will make your guests remember you every time they get a wedding favor.

It is a common myth that favors should be costly. But, if you can plan carefully and choose wisely, then you can save a lot. At the same time, you can get appreciation from your party guests for the nice wedding favor. If you have a white color theme for your wedding party, then cake candle white is the best wedding favor you can ever find in a store. The romantic and beautiful icing on the cake candle says it all. It looks good enough to taste and also it evokes fresh memories of ones own wedding. So, you can choose cake candle white as a personalized wedding favor for your distinguished guests.

Web Site Creation Themes Help You Carve a Unique Identity

Getting noticed – that’s the first rule of every successful website. However, everyday there are hundreds of websites being uploaded to the web from all corners of the world. The result is a mind-boggling range of websites selling everything from toys to satellites! Every industry seems to have hundreds of sites devoted to it – so how will your website get noticed?

Read on to find out how you can carve a  unique  identity for yourself in this scenario.

Building a Theme Website

An instant way to secure recognition for your business is to build it around a theme or niche. This is a strategy that has been very successfully used by many online marketers. You can build a niche based on your hobbies, interests or areas of expertise. However, you need to ensure that the niche has enough potential customers, low competition and there is sufficient demand for your products/services.

Themed Content & Design

A theme website’s entire content must be based on a selected topic and of interest to a clearly defined niche. Care must be taken to stick to a narrow focus. The design must complement the theme of the site – for instance a site that caters to a fashion niche must be trendy while one catering to corporate companies needs to be more subtle. The ‘mood’ has to be reflected in the selection of colours, logo and total design.

Promoting Your Site through Search Engines

Search engines are the quickest and most effective way to bring a stream of targeted traffic to your site. That’s why it’s important that your theme website gets high rankings on search engines. To ensure this, you need to first select the right keywords and build your content around them. These keywords are the ones likely to be used by your prospects to search for products/services that they need.

Reciprocal Links

You can place links to your site on non-competitive sites that complement your theme, where your prospects are likely to visit. For instance if you have built an online store that sells teen sports garments, you would benefit by placing links on sites that offer just sports shoes. You just need to give this some thought so that you will be able to identify the right links to suit your theme.

Banner Advertisements & Other Promotions

You can promote your theme site by placing advertisements in the form of banner ads or text links on other sites that your prospects are likely to visit. You can also opt for interesting promotions like contests where prospects will have to visit your site to participate.

Creating a Database of Valuable Prospects

One of the most effective means of promotion online is giving away information in the form of free ebooks, tutorials or CDs for all those who sign up on the site with their name and email id. Since yours will be a theme website, all those who sign up are likely to be deeply interested in the subject, and will join your subscriber list if you offer quality information on a regular basis. Those subscribers will be a highly motivated group of prospects, and through a series of communications you can make a lot of conversions to sales.

Your Path to Fortune

A theme website can be your path to fortune and it’s important that you don’t hesitate and go ahead with your plans to build your online business.

Discover more about how Web Site Creation Themes Help You Carve a  Unique  Identity and how to achieve a complete theme website solution incorporating design, content and marketing revolving around your selected business niche.

Why a Steel Chastity Belt is Best For Male Chastity

A stainless steel chastity belt is probably the ultimate male chastity device you can get, and for several reasons.

Before I get into that though, I just want to say a few words about devices and belts in general because there seems to be some considerable confusion about them.

There’s a common misconception that the cheaper plastic tube-devices, typically held in place by a ring around the testicles, are inferior and suitable only for short-term wear or play.

And this is not necessarily true, because more than one person I know has found them secure and suitable for long term wear. This is perhaps unusual, but it’s not unheard of or unique, so even if long-term chastity is your aim, it’s probably worth giving these simpler devices a try. You might just get a nice surprise.

But for many couples, those seeking unarguable security plus a more subtle yet in some ways more powerful benefit of male chastity, a full stainless steel chastity belt is seen as the ultimate solution.


First, it’s worth understanding there is no such thing as a perfectly secure belt.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either dreaming or deliberately trying to mislead you. Designs and materials vary to some extent but essentially all modern belts comprise a waist-band to which is attached an arrangement for preventing access to the man’s penis and testicles.

Clearly, any device of this type can be removed by simply cutting the waist-band. How easy this is depends on several factors, but there isn’t a steel chastity belt out there a man couldn’t remove in just a few minutes with even the most basic of tools found in almost any garage.

So the real aim of these belts is to be secure enough that you can’t withdraw your penis or get access to it without damaging the belt and so breaking the “rules” of the male chastity game you and your partner are playing.


Some women claim not to care (although I suspect they are just playing a fantasy role for men who are into the “femdom” thing), but for long term wear any device or belt has to be comfortable (if it’s not, he won’t wear it, which takes you right back to square one). And since a high quality steel chastity belt is bespoke and hand-made to fit every client’s individual measurements, they tend to be extremely comfortable – to the extent they can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (it might be a game, bit no-one said male chastity wasn’t a serious and challenging game).


And here’s the more subtle but very powerful benefit I mentioned above.

See, some other metal devices, both stainless steel and titanium, are secure but still leave the penis and testicles mostly visible and to some extent accessible (especially the testicles). But a full belt is very different. The design always means the man’s penis and testicles are almost completely enclosed – he can’t see them and he can’t touch them.

His access to them is completely at your whim, and this is why a steel chastity belt makes male chastity far more profound and exquisite than simply the delicious torture of his orgasm denial.

I cannot stress how this takes things out of the physical realm and puts them firmly into the psychological realm. It’s a complete fiction and a fabrication to say your man must needs become “submissive” to you when this happens – most men and women don’t actually want this, either.

Ultimate Surrender.

But what does tend to happen is he will feel his surrender to the delicious feelings coursing through his mind and body much more keenly; and as for you, you’re going to enjoy your feminine power to drive him wild with desire all the more potent and satisfying.

In my mind, there is no doubt: if you want to enjoy male chastity to the full, then locking your man in a steel chastity belt becomes almost inevitable.

If you’re fed up and frustrated reading all the hype and made up stories about femdom and male chastity, and you want to know what it’s really like to keep your man locked 24/7 in s steel chastity belt, then…

Are Gift Cards Traceable?

Gift cards are given to people as a gift or used as a promotional material by a company to promote its brand by offering discounts to people that use the card. It is loaded with money, which is the face value of what it says. It can be described as a prepaid card and most are issued by one of the major credit card companies.

These instruments when issued by a credit card company normally would contain the logo of the company on top of it and this serves as a mark of authenticity for the card. It also suggests that the card can be used anywhere that particular brand as described by the logo is accepted. For example if it’s issued by visa and has a visa logo, then it can used anywhere visa is accepted.

Individuals that receive cards in place of a present, and do not care for the brand that offered the instrument could decide to spend it elsewhere. For example getting a sears card, but you do your shopping at JC Penny, and therefore will use it there. Some people feel guilty that the presenter of the present might be offended if the card is used elsewhere and most times will ignore the card until it expires wasting whatever amount of money that was loaded on it.

Are gift cards traceable? Short answer, yes, any prepaid money instrument is traceable because it has numbers and identifying features that makes it possible for you to use it for a transaction. However, that does not mean the purchaser can determine who is using it. If the gift was purchased with cash, the issuing company will have the information that card number, for example 54 was used to make purchases at this particular store, but it would not know who used it.

Furthermore, if the card was purchased with a credit card, the card company will have the info that the gift card purchased with Mr. Joe’s credit card was used to buy stuff at some store.

In a nutshell, gift cards are traceable by the issuing company as to the fact that it was used; however, determining who used it exactly would require a lot of tracing and research that is not worth the trouble for an individual.

Birthday Gifts a Teenage Girl Can’t Resist

When it comes to birthday gifts for teenage girls things can become a little confusing. Times change and what was popular to give a year ago is completely obsolete now. If you want to choose a great gift you have to be aware of the wants of a teen girl. She wants to feel older, she wants to look older, and she wants to stay in contact with her friends as often as possible. Once you understand these fundamental desires of an adolescent female it will be much easier to choose a gift that she will love.

What every teenage girl has on her birthday wish list is make-up. This is in order to look more mature and to be able to express herself better with her looks. Make-up also gives her the opportunity to cover up those facial blemishes that so often appear that developmental age she in. There are several brands of products that a specifically made for teen girls. Those products will give her a look of growth without making her seem too old. Make-up is an excellent gift to give because not only will it help her feel more confident in herself, but will also give her the chance feel more her age.

If buying make-up for a young girl is something you don’t feel comfortable with, then how about giving her the items that will accentuate her style. Jewelry and accessories of all kinds are highly appreciated by any growing female. Things like earrings, bracelets, hair bands, watches and even keychains will give your recipient more room to decorate herself. A girl can never get enough accessories.

Having fun is what every teenager really wants to do. So as a fantastic gift how about buying an exciting board game as a gift for the teenager you are shopping for. Games like Scrabble, Bingo, Taboo, and Pictionary are games that anyone would love to receive especially an adolescent girl with a lot of friends. Her and her posse will always have something to do with a present like this.

However what all teenagers really think of is clothing. They are obsessed about what they wear and about what others think about what they are wearing. So to help the fashion conscious teen girl get her a birthday gift of clothes. Buying clothes for teenagers is very tricky, and can go very wrong even with the best intentions. So to be on the safe side you should ask her what her favorite store is, and pick something from that store. You will more than likely pick something she would be grateful to have. If you are still a little uneasy about buying clothes for other people you can just get a gift card for the birthday girl, and let her go shopping on her own. This is a win- win situation for both you and her.

Elliptical Machine Reviews – Which Elliptical Trainer Is The Best?

An elliptical is a great way to get your aerobic exercise. They are perfect if you want to reduce the amount of impact on your joints but still get a good workout. They are usually stationary machinery that help you to walk and/or jog. They provide you with a low impact workout while giving your body more of a workout than a simple treadmill can.

Some examples of ellipticals are the Ellipse by NordiTrack, Cyclone Crosstrainer by Quantum Television, Power Train by Ruthy-Renker and the HealthRider Elliptical CrossTrainer by ICON Health and Fitness.

An elliptical trainer can also be known as a cross trainer. The best ellipticals will help you with your aerobic exercise, cardio and strength training.

1) The benefits of an elliptical – an elliptical can offer you a whole body workout with a low impact, meaning your joints will be a lot safer when using an elliptical because you are not slamming your feet down on a treadmill or the ground. You simply keep your feet where you are supposed to, like when you use a stationary bike. Using an elliptical on a regular basis can help you with your cardio, aerobic exercise and even your weight training.

2) The best elliptical trainer – There are so many elliptical trainers out there, it was difficult to choose an outright winner. The one that has it all in the end is the Precor line of elliptical trainers. They are dependable, durable, easy to use for beginners, have options for more advanced ones, twenty resistance levels, a twelve to twenty degree incline and a cool nineteen-inch long stride. Precor even has a childproof safety feature because they know parents often worry about exercise equipment being in the home with their children.

The best part is that Precor elliptical trainers don’t have a weight limit. You can search for more information on the Precor line of ellipticals.

Even though I chose Precor as the best elliptical trainer, you might find that another better fits your needs. Do your own research on ellipticals and what would best suit your needs.

Reviews of the Best Adult Dating Sites

Read our reviews of the very best adult dating websites the internet has to offer. These adult dating sites are a simple method to find adult hookups online.

1. Adult XXX Date

AdultXXXDate is the current and greatest addition to the online grownup dating arena. It benefits from the same huge database of members as the preferred AdultFriendFinder website, while also benefiting from a more intuitive design and layout. With over 34 million members, AdultXXXDate has the largest variety of members you’ll find on any dating site (on a par with AdultFriendFinder, and, all which share the same data source).

2. Adult Pal Finder

It is one of the longest running, the majority of established adult dating websites around, and as such its members’ database has grown to enormous proportions and is now the biggest in the industry! Grownup FriendFinder is part of the FriendFinder network of dating websites.

3. Grownup Dating is a preferred grownup dating site, which is in fact powered by the exact same members’ data source as AdultFriendFinder and AdultXXXDate. So simply puts, you’ll discover the same members online right here as you would for AdultFriendFinder and AdultXXXDate. The only distinction is the user interface and design. has much the same functions as AdultFriendFinder and AdultXXXDate, but for our cash, we chose the layout of the other 2.

4. XMatch

XMatch guarantees excellent things on its homepage, advertising itself as the premier dating website on the internet. As a sister site of Grownup XXX Date and Adult Buddy Finder, our greatest rated sites in this category, we were delighted for what had to provide. XMatch is a truly superb site, which not just boasts a big user base of more than 34 million individuals, however it likewise has a wide array of attributes and additional extras.

5. Get It On is the current offering from dating titans FriendFinder, makers of AdultFriendFinder and However unlike AdultFriendFinder and, Get It On has an entirely different members’ database, so if you have not had any luck with either of these various other two sites, then GetItOn is well worth a look. Although relatively brand-new to the adult dating scene, Get It On has actually already turninged into one of the world’s most popular grownup dating websites, second just to AdultFriendFinder and

6. Social Flirt is an adult dating internet site that plays no favorites. While a lot of websites seem to concentrate on a certain age group, you will not discover that right here at We haven’t seen many websites with a such balanced demographic as

7. Sex Search is a duplicate of its initial sibling adult dating website With a huge membership base of more than 21 million members throughout the world, the possibilities of finding a terrific hookup or more on this website are actually fantastic. When we visited to start reviewing this website, there were more than 100,000 users active at one minute– and it had not been even a peak time for use!


Perhaps one of the most impressive sites on the internet committed to swingers and swinger dating, has an excellent membership base and a fantastic credibility. Many pleased clients report that the site runs wonderfully, with its administration ensuring that all members are who they state they are, and that they are undoubtedly, ‘real’ energetic individuals. With a host of functions to keep the site fascinating and a huge variety of active individuals to play and speak to with.

9. is an independently run grownup dating website where over two million members discover the thrills and activity desired and anticipated in a top adult dating site. With streaming adult movies and video chat with’s models, the website could be referred to as a mix of a grownup dating website, a porn site, and a pay-per-chat website. You’ll find a sexually adventuresome membership on a site that fully supports and engages an “activity oriented” way of living.

10. Horny Matches is an additional of the adult dating sites that feature a substantial adequate membership to make them a gamer in the action-orientated game of personal sensual dating. Their strategy is to offer simple, fundamental functionality and with it they have actually amassed a significant following of members in the US and abroad.

Proform Elliptical Trainers Reviewed

I’m going to review two of the most popular Proform elliptical trainers. I’ll tell you about the features, specs and all about the pros and cons of each so hopefully you can make a more informed purchasing decision. The two models I’ll be reviewing are the Proform 850 elliptical with GameFit and the Proform Ergostride 3.0. They’re both at fairly close price points to each other so it allows for a fair comparison of the two since they also differ a bit both in features and in size.

The Proform 850. Let’s begin with the Proform 850 Elliptical Trainer with GameFit technology. This elliptical machine as the model name indicates has what Proform calls “GameFit Technology”. GameFit adds two games that are played as you exercise. It definitely adds a level of fun and excitement to your routine by challenging you to win the games. Interestingly, the game actually gets easier the harder you work out. This means if you keep up a high pace, you’ll have no trouble winning the game. The two games available are Fat Blocker and Calorie Destroyer. This model also features 12 different workout routines to help you burn calories and lose weight. This is a very solid unit that gives a gym quality workout. You will feel it the next day, trust me. The very nice display on this model also gives you your heart rate at all times thanks to sensors in the handle bars. It also has an Interplay music port with allows you to connect your iPod so you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes through the built-in sound system while you workout. Unfortunately, as promised it’s now for the cons of the machine. Assembly seems to be quite a challenge for most people. Part of that issue is caused by the fact that most of the screws are hex screws and strip easily if you are not careful. The only other issue is sometimes the heart rate monitor appears to be inaccurate. This is not a deal breaker but since it does happen from time to time, I felt the need to mention it in this review. While not perfect, with the music port, games and 12 workout levels, this unit is sure to make your cardio training a lot more fun.

The Proform Ergostride 3.0. This unit is setup for a totally different sort of individual. This one is much smaller and compact in size than the one in the first review. If you are limited on space, this one is a fantastic machine for you. However, to fit the machine into a smaller package means you’ll lose a few features. Compared to the machine above, it does have an LED pace trainer, 1-10 digital resistance settings, 6 preset workout routines, a built-in fan and also has the heart rate monitor built into the grips of the handle bars. What it’s missing is the GameFit technology so you lose the two games. That may or may not be a big deal to you depending on whether or not you need the distraction while you workout. You lose a few workout routines and ability to listen to your iPod through the machine’s speakers as this one doesn’t have speakers. This machine is also difficult to assemble. It will take on average 2-3 hours from reviews I’ve seen from other customers.

I think if you weigh out the pros and cons to each and basically decide if you need games and music which for the most part is the difference, you’ll know which you want. If you don’t care about music or games and would like the extra space, go for the Ergostride 3.0. If you do care about that sort of thing, go for the 850. Both are capable of giving you a great workout which should be the main goal. Both are solidly constructed and both come with a 3-year warranty.

How to Play All Video Files by The Pioneer AVH P4200DVD

When buying a Pioneer AVH P4200DVD, you suppose you can watch all format video in this DVD player. But after installed onto your vehicle, you know if you can play a DivX format video only. So, what can you do?

Don’t waste your time by whining and complaint. The firstly you must do is dig deeper information about all video formats out there. Furthermore focusing your effort on how to make them run into the DVD player. Lets go.

DivX is a video codec released by DivX in 2001 and extracted since 1998 by French hacker Jerome Rota at Montpellier. The DivX is distinct from DIVX or Digital Video Express. The last stable version is 7 and released in 2009. Then in September 2010, the DivX Plus Web Player (beta version) were introduced. In HTML5 video format, this version support for embedding video codec format others like DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV video. Additional file format container also support for H264 video in MP4 or MOV.

AVI or audio video interleaved is a multimedia container format produced by Microsoft as part of its video for Windows technology in November 1992. Recently the original AVI specification could not anticipating the fastest growing of new computer video techniques. This format have several problems within like cannot contain some specific types of VBR data reliably, does not provide a standardized way to encode aspect ratio information, and not intended to contain variable frame rate material.

Matroska or The Matroska Multimedia Container (filename extension is MKV for video, MKA for audio, and MKS for subtitle) is an open standard free container format that early created in December 2002. Google in 2010 sponsored to development WebM, a multimedia container format that would be based on a profile of the Matroska by VP8 format in video and Vorbis in audio. This means a Matroska will be bigger and important than today.

QuickTime File Format (filename extension is MOV) is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework produced by Apple Inc. MOV capable to handle several formats of sound, picture, digital video, panoramic images and interactivity. QuickTime is integrated with MacOS X and downloadable for Windows as a standalone installation.

The four is a famous of video format and else many others available out there. But the problem about DVD player in AVH P4200 is it is only suitable with a DivX file. So, what can you do if you owned a MKV or MOV file?

You have three options. First, do not buy a AVH P4200 and find out car video others which supported your files. Second, do not watch your movies which cannot played by this Pioneer. Third, convert your files to DivX format. This is a best choice.

So, how to convert a MKV or AVI file to DivX format? Find out a video converter software. Don’t worry, many free version software downloadable out there, one of them is DivX Plus Converter. Pick up one movie file to convert as sample and play onto your AVH P4200. If you are satisfied with the convert result, you can convert more files. But free version of the DivX Plus Converter and DivX Plus Codec Pack available only for 15 days. After that you can purchase a Pro version and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

By DivX Pro version, you can create a DivX file by unlock the pro features. You can easily convert MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV and MP4 files to DivX. You can create DivX file in your favorite video application like VirtualDub or Sony Vegas. You can also use pre-set profiles to make high-quality DivX videos for DivX HD, DivX home theater, or DivX wireless devices.

You can keep the new files into a USB flash drive or burn into a blank DVD. After that connected the file in the media to the AVH P4200 DVD player. And voila, you can watch the action of Megan Fox or enjoy the performance of Justin Bieber.