Afghanistan Starvation

There appears to be many people in Afghanistan that were starving and it is said that over 3.5 million Afghans face a severe and critical food shortage. Now some might say this is because they are busy planting poppies instead of planting crops and indeed that is true. However, the fact that people are starving also needs to be addressed. This is why the United Nations “World Food Program” is urging for nations to give their support.

There is only one problem with all of this and that is that many citizens of the world will be asking their governments not to give money because the Afghans will not help themselves and instead wish to pollute the human minds of the world with their drugs. How much is needed to help the 3.5 million people who are starving? About $40 million is needed just for the United Nations world food program and this would be in the neighborhood of 55,000 tons of food.

The United Nations food program is short about half of their goal for Afghanistan and about half of their goal for the rest of the world is well. So what are they doing? They are ration enough food and only bringing half. Some say this will work, but others point out it will cause civil unrest and violence as people fight for the food that is delivered and it will make it very dangerous for volunteers and the United Nations in protecting the supplies and the people.

The Afghanistan government said it’s farmers in Afghanistan do not harvest enough food to meet the consumption goals for the country. There are still some issues that need to be addressed to make Afghanistan viable for its inhabitants. Please consider this in 2006.

Playstation Portable

The time of the most belated portable console has at last arrived. Brace yourself for astonishing, ultimate game play on a game unit which is expected to transform the way we think about hand held devices.

By using cable free internet, mP3 and 333 MHz processor, and astonishing 1.8 GB of memory and connectivity options, the Sony PSP is a outstanding resolution for the moveble digital way of life.

Sony production has hit the mark by mixing both high quality and groundbreaking characteristics into a package that only weighs only a hair greater than half a pound. The PSP will always remind us of the Sony PlayStation 2. To have the PS name is really good itself, still what is much more incredible is thrashing the significantly bigger Sony PlayStation 2 in nearly every purpose. The extent stashed away within such a little portable is simply astonishing.

From a controls view, the PlayStation PSP is created for gaming. If you’re accustomed to a PlayStation analoge controller, you’ll be a pro at the Sony PSP controls in no time.

Using many of these bedazzling gaming features a minimum cost 249.99 dollars where many handheld devices forecasting in the vicinity of the five hundred and beyond, and exhilarating program specifications it seems to be greatly changing the gaming industry for the greater good.

Asteroid Raid

This fascinating space shooter game – “Asteroid Raid” will certainly electrify you. Enemy ships strive to shoot you but you are a good pilot of a spacecraft and flying and wiping off everything on your way and even have time to refuel your ship. Amazing action will give you the adrenaline which makes you activate your instincts of self-preservation and hunting. Your reaction will become mega fast and it will be completely impossible to stop you. In this captivating online shooter game you will pass level after level overcoming more and more obstacles. You are meeting more enemies on your way but anyway you are still invincible. Explore new galaxies and even universes playing our absorbing dynamic free space shooter.

Make sure you avoid all the rocks and other ships. Shoot on them in order not to crush. Your main objective is to pass through all 50 levels without any damage. Every next level brings more challenges so you should try your best to complete all the levels. The number of enemies consistently grows and the you should go through more tangled labyrinth of rocks. Dont forget about your fuel and every time you have an opportunity try to refuel your ship. Maneuver between rocks and avoid them and kill all your enemies.

In this breathtaking free shooter game control of your spaceship is realized with the help of arrow keys. Use your space bar to shoot. You may also use A, W, D, S to move your ship. You can submit you score and find out your achievements and achievements of other players in High score.

Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Tips for Alternatives to the Theater Model

If you love popcorn, then most likely you’ll want to find the perfect popcorn butter dispenser.

Commercial butter dispensers are expensive and can take up a lot of space. Is there an alternative to the butter dispensers you find at the theater?

Your Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Theater Model or Make Do at Home?

When you buy popcorn at the movie theater, the salesperson will most likely ask you if you want butter on it.

The theater may provide real melted butter, or they may have some sort of melted butter-flavored liquid stuff (often called “buttery topping”) that they will squirt on the popcorn from a box with a large dispenser pump on top.

Either way, the popcorn is delicious!

Is this the type of popcorn you want to enjoy at home? Many people do.

So you have a choice. You can opt for the real thing, a commercial popcorn butter dispenser that keeps the butter melted and ready to pour on your popped treat, or you can make do with an alternative dispenser.

Theater Popcorn Butter Dispensers Can Be Very Expensive

The butter dispensers you find at the theater are commercial models, and while they do a good job at keeping the butter melted at just the right temperature, they are very expensive.

On the other hand, melting butter on your stove is a bit of a haphazard thing. If you keep the butter on the stove with the burner lit under it, the butter stays melted but it may also burn. It’s not fun to pour burned butter on your popcorn treat. Yuck.

Commercial popcorn butter dispensers do a great job at keeping the butter melted at just the right temperature.

These models have a stainless steel tub inside the dispenser that is surrounded by hot water. The dispenser has a warmer in it that keeps the water at just the right temperature to maintain the butter at melting point. When the day is over, the stainless steel tub of butter is removed and placed in the fridge and the dispenser is unplugged. No waste, no hassle.

However, prices for these theater popcorn butter dispensers typically start at about $150 and go up to as much as $400. There are even some models that run more than $1000.

For most people, spending that kind of money on a peripheral item is ridiculous!

Try These Alternative Popcorn Butter Dispensers at Home

Finding an alternative to the theater popcorn butter dispensers is actually a common thread on forums.

Many people balk at the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on something they may use sporadically.

Instead, others have suggested using a ceramic fondue pot as an alternative popcorn butter dispenser.

The fondue pot generally uses a small lit votive candle or Sterno can to melt the contents of the pot. It can work well to keep the butter melted at just the right temperature without burning.

Picture using this type of pot and candle to keep butter melted for lobster. It works!

One drawback to the fondue pot idea is that it can be difficult to pour the butter onto the popcorn without making a small mess.

A second suggestion is to shop eBay periodically. Sometimes you can find a commercial popcorn butter dispenser for sale when someone sells their concession or theater equipment. Be aware, though, that most likely you’ll be spending close to $100 for the dispenser, even though it may be used.

Several people commented that they will put some butter in a squeeze bottle and place it in the microwave for a few moments. There is a concern, however, that the bottle itself may melt, which could make a mess and/or cause burns. If you try this, be very careful.

Try the Presto Hot Topper

One idea that many people have found helpful is to look for the Presto Hot Topper. This is a dispenser that is specially designed to melt butter so you can spray it on popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, pancakes or waffles, baste a turkey, and so on.

Reviews for using this as a popcorn butter dispenser have been quite positive, with many people stating they really like it. One woman wrote that her kids call the Hot Topper the “Butter Gun.” It is easy to use and easy to clean.

One drawback is that the Hot Topper doesn’t seem to be made any more by Presto. The good news is that it can be found fairly regularly on eBay, at a price of somewhere between $5 and $20.

You may opt to buy a commercial popcorn butter dispenser, but if not, the Presto Hot Topper may be your best solution for enjoying melted butter on your popcorn.