Car Audio Equalizer

For most of us, a car audio system is nothing more than a device that plays our favorite music. However, our car audio systems are complex mechanisms. They consist of several small units. One unit of a good car audio system is the equalizer. It would be interesting to know more about the equalizer in a car audio system.

Understanding the Equalizer

A car audio equalizer can be defined as a high fidelity audio control. The equalizer enables the user to control different frequency bands in an audio system. The user can also see graphically or digitally (depending on the equalizer design) these sound frequencies with the help of the equalizer.

A regular car audio equalizer includes several audio filters or amplifiers. Each audio filter is centered on a particular frequency in the audio range.

The user can then decide which frequencies need to be boosted and which need to be turned down. This requires a level of skill. But you can try it out and see what works and what doesn’t.

Now, that you can tweak the frequencies to change the sound doesn’t mean you should do that with every CD you insert. This should actually be done only when you’re setting up, upgrading or tuning/retuning your car audio system.

It is always good to have an equalizer for your car audio system for several reasons. The most important advantage is a great improvement in sound quality. The audio quality is enhanced.

There are several types of equalizers. Most equalizers include both high and low pass filters for all inputs. However, whichever you choose will make a difference in your car audio system if used correctly.

If you don’t know how to use it and are not patient enough to learn or willing to get a professional, then you’d better leave it off. You can actually mess up your car audio if you don’t do it right.

11 Things You Should Do to Build an Awesome Local Presence

Local is all the rage these days as more and more businesses realise the importance of nearby audiences for more opportunities. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that your website is taking advantage of the best options for local prospects.

1. Optimise your website content

To attract a local audience, you need to look trustworthy and professional. Start by making sure that your website content is fully optimised. Include concise and relevant information, such as your locations, contact numbers and email, as well as an interactive map showing where you can be found. Showcase customer stories, FAQs and a blog to have a more personal approach.

2. Go mobile

According to Google and Nielsen, 75% of mobile searches for local stores and services lead to a store visit, a purchase, more research, or a call. This undeniable opportunity cannot be missed by local SMBs. Make sure to incorporate mobile response into your game.

3. Get found in listings and directories

Your local presence will not be complete if you can’t be found in local directories online. Own all your listings by providing updated information. Get listed on Google Places for Business as well as Local Google+ pages. These will help you provide accurate information to customers as well as communicate with them and get more exposure.

4. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful tool for online business, making and breaking businesses. Make sure that you have active social media profiles in the various platforms where your customers can reach you. This doesn’t stop at just creating a Facebook page.

Analyse your target audience and find out what platform they would likely use more, such as Pinterest or Instagram for fashion or food, and maintain a strong presence there. Knowing how people use different platforms is invaluable, such as how Twitter for quick questions and shout-outs, or Facebook for sharing content and stories.

5. Use localised Search Engine Marketing

Increase people’s awareness of your business with pay-per-click ads on search engines. Choose keywords that are most relevant for your business within the area. This will allow your company to target the audience in the specific area and give you a competitive advantage over other businesses.

6. Find your voice

Many companies attract a large following by having a distinct approach – a human touch or voice behind the business. Find the personality to build your business around, whether that’s incorporating a family business approach or quirky language. This will help local audiences to recall your business when they are looking for your services.

7. Get involved in the community

Local visibility can be greatly improved by being involved in local events. One way to do this is organising a drive for a good cause that will benefit a particular local audience. Not only do you generate good public relations, but you also get to give back to the community that supports your business.

8. All about branding

Branding is a must, whether you’re a small business or a more established one. This includes not just a logo or a tagline, but the overall image that you project within the community. Give your branding a local touch by including local trends, expressions or approach.

9. Encourage local reviews

With so many people with access to the web, prospects are able to find what others say about you with just a few clicks. This is why having reviews from genuine customers is important. The more good reviews your business receives, the more likely it is that people will choose what you have to offer.

10. Join local business organisations

Getting involved in local business organisations is a good way of establishing ties within the larger business setting. This will help you build your network and be more visible in the community.

11. Closely monitor results for continuous improvement

Lastly, striving for further improvement is important for any business, big or small. Monitor the results of your efforts and analyse where you can still improve. Listen to customer feedback and make sure to lessen negative talk across the web.

When it comes to local presence, it’s a good idea to build a business that your audiences can relate to, something that can have a certain bearing on their daily lives. These steps will help you on your way.

11 Things to Avoid When It Comes to Establishing Your Local Presence

1. Not bothering to update your listings

First, stick to listings that are relevant to your industry and area, as some tend to be spammy and may hurt your chances. Next, make sure that all your information across all directories are updated and accurate, otherwise you may lose prospects. Include open hours, contact numbers and your address.

2. Not focusing on local keywords

Localised search engine marketing provides a   unique  opportunity for you within your area of business. This will give you an edge over larger businesses that tend to focus on other areas than the one near your office.

3. Not putting any attention to reviews

It’s all good if customers leave reviews about your business online, but there are still more ways you can encourage more reviews. Provide discounts, freebies and other incentives in exchange for honest reviews from genuine customers.

Formulate timely and appropriate responses to reviews, both positive and negative. This way, customers looking at your profiles online will see that you care.

4. Not using Google My Business and Local Google+ pages

Google My Business lets you update your information in one place so that prospects looking for your type of business will have the right information. Keep your data updated to make sure that you can maximise online presence and encourage people to interact with your business.

5. Not establishing ties with other local businesses

Other businesses in the area can help you when it comes to establishing yourself within the larger community. This will help you build a strong network as well as get more people to notice what you have to offer. Ties with other businesses can widen your prospects for future partnerships and more opportunities.

6. Not using social media smarts

Be smart about social media. Not only does it provide you of a way to get close with customers, but the different platforms can help you get more prospects. Respond to customer inquiries and concerns and keep your profiles updated with exciting events or sales.

7. Not taking advantage of local events

Getting involved in local events is a good way of gaining more visibility in your local area. This can include a wide variety of activities, such as promos, discounts, special offers, gifts and more. Get creative and make customers feel extra special on special events.

8. Not giving back to the community

A good cause helps you do something meaningful for your community, helping you increase involvement as well as visibility.

9. Not looking for more ways to improve

No matter how successful a business may be, there will always be a need for more improvements and changes to go along with the progress happening every day. Look for ways that you can grow your business online.

10. Not paying attention to site content

The first thing customers will want look at will be your website, so make sure that your content is fresh, concise and accurate. Incorporate modern and professional design, including mobile, and make sure all information is up to date.

11. Not building your brand around local trends

Since you’re targeting local audiences, make sure that your business approach is something that impacts their lives. Make use of local trends and quirks to stand out. Think what the locals are looking for, how they live their lives, and structure your brand around that.

How I Passed the CSET….Little Tips and Pointers That Made the Difference Between Pass and Failure

The CSET — Your Path To A Rewarding Career!

Few careers can provide the levels of responsibility, satisfaction and fulfillment that teaching brings to California educators. Each day, thousands of teachers across California help their students to study, to learn and to reach for their dreams.

Good Teachers Create Great Lives

Teachers can touch lives in ways that no one else can. Everyone remembers at least one teacher who provided them with encouragement and inspiration, with the help and advice that they needed just when they needed it most.

You are one small step away from becoming such a teacher.

Good Teachers Also Lead Great Lives

But teachers don’t just inspire and educate. As a teacher, you’ll enjoy respect from your family and friends, and a social status given to few other professionals. You’ll have long paid vacations that will enable you to travel the world or pursue your own goals. And you’ll have an income that will bring you independence and a career path that can lead you from challenge to success.

All that stands between you and a rewarding career of educating, guiding and inspiring students right now is your CSET test.

Pass The CSET exam, Pass On Your CSET test Knowledge

The CSET exam is a series of single-subject tests intended to prove to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that you have the basic CSET test knowledge and ability to teach your subject in a classroom. There is also a CSET Multiple Subject exam which is required for K-8 certification.

Currently there is a

  • CSET Mathematics
  • CSET English
  • CSET Social Science
  • CSET Science
  • CSET Spanish
  • CSET Business
  • CSET Health Science
  • CSET Home Economics
  • CSET Physical Education
  • CSET French
  • CSET Spanish
  • CSET German
  • CSET Industrial and Technology Education
  • CSET Art
  • CSET Agriculture

    With hard work and, no less importantly, the right CSET test preparation, you should find it easy to pass the CSET and start your teaching career.

    What You Need To Know About The CSET

    Whichever subject you intend to teach, you’ll find that passing the CSET test will require you to make use of two sets of skills: recalling the CSET knowledge that you possess about your subject; and answering exam questions quickly and accurately.

    Both of these skill sets are vitally important on the CSET.

    What is the CSET?

    The CSET is a single subject exam, intended to replace the old Single Subject Assessments for Teaching and Praxis II tests. There are three types of test in the CSET:

    Single Subject Teaching Credentials are mainly used from grades 7-12 and authorize a teacher to teach one particular subject.

    Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials allow teachers to teach a range of different subjects and are generally used in elementary schools for grades K-6.

    Education Specialist Instruction Credentials allow teachers to teach students who have a particular disability or special need in grades K-12.

    Each exam in the CSET contains a number of subtests and lasts up to five hours. The sub-tests themselves are not timed however, allowing you to spend more time on areas that you find difficult and less time on the parts that you know best.

    Time management will be an important element in getting the score you need to pass the CSET exam and become a teacher.

    Two Types Of Questions, Two Types Of Challenge

    CSET exam questions come in two forms: multiple-choice questions ask you to choose the best answer from a number of options. In these questions, it is important to remember that the best answer isn’t necessarily the only correct answer. You may find that two CSET exam answers look correct but one answer will be more correct than the other. (This also means that when two answers look the same, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of guessing the right one.)

    Constructed-response CSET questions ask you to discuss, describe, analyze, explain etc. Often you’ll be asked to complete more than one task. Always read the question carefully and make sure that you have completed all the tasks.

    CSET Test Taking Tips for Essay Writing

    CSET Test Preparation– How To Cram Fast And Effectively

    Whatever your subject, the CSET exam is going to expect you to have memorized vast amounts of information. Some of that CSET information you’ll know well because you use it every day. But much of the details that will turn up in the exam will be the sort of knowledge that will normally have you turning to the books to find the answers.

    In the CSET, you’ll need to be able to recall those facts from your memory. That means being able to cram.

    Top Methods To Quickly Complete CSET Test Preparation

    At some point, just about everyone finds themselves having to cram for an exam. It might not be the best way to learn, but it’s often the only way to pass the test.

    There are a number of effective techniques that you can use to fill your head with the information you need to breeze through your CSET exam.

    1. Organize Your Priorities

    No one excels at everything. There will inevitably be some subjects at which you are stronger and others at which you are weaker. You’ll need to make sure that you spend more time memorizing and learning your weaker areas than your stronger ones for the CSET.

    Don’t worry if it looks like there’s a huge difference between the amount of work you have to do and the amount of time you have to do it. The next step will be to chop down the work and preparation required to pass the CSET.

    2. Pick And Store for the CSET

    Once you’ve identified those areas that will need the most work, read all the information through once. Highlight the most important points (don’t just underline: it’s easier to picture a highlighted page than an underlined sentence).

    There are a number of different methods that you can then use to store your CSET exam information in your head:

    o Break up what you need to learn into bite-sized chunks. There’s a limit to how much you can stuff into your short-term memory in one go. Take each piece a little at a time.

    o Acrostics help you remember a list in the right order by turning them into strange sentences. My Dear Aunt Sally is the famous way to remember to Multiply and Divide before you Add and Subtract. You can create your own acrostic for any set of facts on the CSET.

    o Turn your CSET notes into musical notes. If you can put the words you’re trying to memorize to a tune you like, you’ll find them much easier to remember. You might not be able to hum in the exam, but you can sing in the shower — and in the process, keep memorizing for the CSET;

    3. Get the CSET Rammed Right In There!

    Cramming only puts the information you want in your head for a short time (using what you’re memorizing will keep it there for the long term). In order to stop what you’ve memorized falling out before your CSET exam, you’ll need to keep seeing it and going over it right up until you need it on the day.

    Acing The CSET

    The actual content of your exam will depend on the subject you’re thinking of teaching. The official CSET study guides will tell you what you’re supposed to know before you walk into the CSET exam room. You should certainly be familiar with the CSET guides that apply to you.

    What the CSET study guides won’t tell you though is how to ace the CSET when you aren’t sure of the answer. That isn’t because you can’t do it; it’s because they don’t want you to know how to do it.

    Here are 5 Ways To Ace The CSET (Even When You Don’t Know The Answer)

    1. Do the easy questions first

    Use the first few minutes of the exam to zip through the paper. You’ll certainly find some of the questions easier than others. Do those straight away. It will make you feel a bit better and give you more time for the tough questions. And if you find yourself getting stuck on a question, make a mark, leave it and move on. Come back to it at the end when you’ll have more time, more focus and less panic.

    2. Use a process of elimination

    This is an absolute must on any multiple choice question. There will always be one or two questions that are outrageously wrong. Knock them out quick and your score doubles.

    3. Drop extreme language and numbers

    One way to pick the bad answer choices from the good is to look at the wording of the answers. The examiners generally prefer the correct answer to be wishy-washy. Any answer choice that uses words like ‘all’, ‘never’ or ‘always’ are probably wrong. Similarly, on math and science questions, the highest and lowest figures are usually bad choices too. Take them out.

    4. Identify similar answers

    Another way to hone in on the right answer choices is to pick out any answers that look the same. Usually on the CSET exam, two answers will be extreme, one will look right and one will be right.

    The one that looks right has been put there deliberately to confuse you.

    The examiners are hoping that as you rush through the exam, you won’t notice that there’s a better answer right next to it and pick the wrong choice. That’s mean, but it actually does you a favor. When two answer choices look similar, one of them is likely to be right.

    5. Use previous questions

    One of the great things about long exams like the CSET is that the answer to one question can often be found in another part of the test. It’s going to be almost impossible for the examiners not to repeat a subject or duplicate a point. If you’re scratching your head over a question, move on and keep an eye out for it later. There’s a good chance that they’ll give the game away in a different question.

    Those are just five simple tactics you can use to ace the CSET test. There are dozens of others and you’ll need them all to put yourself in the classroom and in front of the blackboard. To learn all the tactics you need, and to make sure that your CSET test preparation is right on track, check out our Study Guide and start your teaching career with top marks.

  • Some Things To Know About Pony Beads For Jewelry Making

    Pony beads are quite similar to seed beads. But, they are not that small in size and they can be made from many different materials. In most cases, they are made from plastic or glass. Pony beads are suitable for a range of projects and they are very popular for kids and adults projects because they are easy to work with. Pony beads for jewelry making are available in a range of colors, shapes, and finishes. Apart from jewelry making, they can be used in kids craft work, ornaments and hair fashions.

    It was in the 1800s when the early explorers Lewis and Clark brought trade inventory consisting of pony beads to North America. These beads were not called pony beads until 1929. In 1929, the term pony beads was first used for these beads when they were delivered via the Pony Express. From then, these beads have been used by girls and women to decorate shoes and clothing. They were used with a range of other beads for jewelry making to design necklaces and bracelets.

    In the UK, these beads are also known as barrel beads because of its shape. If you take a look at these beads today, you will see that they are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. With the extensive selection of pony beads for jewelry making available these days, it can at times be daunting to pick the right ones for your jewelry making needs.

    These beads come in basic shapes such as rounds and ovals to more complex shapes such as flowers and animals. There are themed shaped ones available such as sports, medical, music, transportation, holiday, Christmas, etc. The ones that are made from plastic are more popular than the ones that are made from glass. Christmas pony beads for jewelry making are available in red, white and green colors and in shapes such as Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa Claus.

    These beads for jewelry making can be transparent or opaque. The transparent ones resemble glass beads to a great extent and they also appear seamless and of good quality. You will also find those which have a metallic finish. If you are looking to add a touch of sparkle or glitter to your jewelry making project, then you can consider those which have a glitter finish.

    These beads are available in a range of colors and they are inexpensive as well. They are quite easy to use even by children. While the opaque ones can be used by children to include in their crafting and beading projects, transparent beads can be used to make woven sun catchers for the window.

    How Can I Make Him Afraid of Losing Me

    Many women who are in relationships often give too much to their partner. Often too late, they realize that their romantic partner is not afraid of losing them. No, he is not. If your guy is not afraid of losing you, you need to sit back and ask yourself why. The quick and easy answer to this is because they have no fear that you would ever leave them. You have made it to easy for them. After all, they have seen you tolerate their countless nonsense, bad behavior and bad manners, so what’s one more time going to hurt? You are the one getting hurt, not him. So why should he stop for fear of losing you? Since you haven’t left yet, he doubts you ever will. When you make abnormal behavior acceptable in a relationship, it becomes the norm in your relationship. This is the fastest, quickest and easiest route to a dysfunctional relationship.

    If you want him to fear losing you, you will have to stand up for yourself. No one is afraid of a weakling. A strong, empowered woman knows that she has to back up her words (or ultimatums) with actions and her punishment with actions. If you don’t mean it, he will not believe you. If he knows you are terrified of losing him, no matter what he does to you, how could you possibly expect him to have any fear of losing you whatsoever? When you show him you will stay with him, compromising your own self-respect, dignity, and happiness, why should he be afraid of losing you? He shouldn’t and he won’t!

    You want him, or any other man you date or have a relationship with, to have a natural, normal fear that if they screw up badly, they will lose you. But in order for that to happen, the first time he screws up so badly you have to end things, end them in a believable way, even if you are just making a point and hoping he will beg your forgiveness. If it is not believable, the fear goes out the window and you are scary as a puppy. Think about all the things we fear. We are afraid of these things because they will either cause us to lose something, hurt us or kill us? That’s where most fears come from, fear of death, loss or pain, don’t they? If you are the only one feeling any pain or loss, then why should you expect him to be afraid? Do you think he will be afraid of your tears, your pain or your broken heart? He won’t!

    A good place to start working on healthy fears in a relationship is to examine your own fears first. If your fear of losing him is so great it allows you to tolerate his bad behavior without taking a stand you will never get the relationship to have proper balance or mutual respect. If you are afraid to risk losing a relationship that is not working, you need to realize why you allow yourself to stay in a relationship where you are under valued and not respected. Remember, once they lose respect for you their feelings will change anyway, it is just a matter of time. Why? Because you cannot really love what you do not respect. By putting up with intolerable behavior you may hold on to him longer. But expect the bad treatment to continue, or get worse, because you have taught him he can do terrible things to you and won’t lose you. Don’t expect him to feel too guilty either. If your hurt feelings are not enough for you to put yourself first, you can’t expect him to put your feelings first either.

    If you want him to be afraid of losing you because he won’t tell you how he feels, then stop telling him your feelings as a first step. If you want him to be afraid of losing you because he has no time for you, stop making time for him. If he hasn’t already made a commitment to you, then certainly don’t act and behave like you are already committed to him. If you want him to be afraid of losing you if he cheats, then if he does, end the relationship immediately and go quiet for a while. If you want him to be afraid of losing you, then you have to act like he is losing you when he does the things you consider deal breakers.

    If the man you love disappears on you out of the blue and then shows back up in your life out of the blue you should realize there is a good chance he does this because you showed him that he can and that he can get away with it. He is not afraid of losing you because he has done this so many times and you never moved on, found someone else, or turned him away. Sure, you may have bitched at him about it, but he is not afraid of your words. He would only be afraid of you moving on or turning him away when he comes back. Have you done either of those things? If you have not, don’t sit around dumbfounded that he did it again and again. You have to see how he is not afraid of losing you. Every time you allowed it to happen you proved to him that he can do it again and should fear losing you when he does. So your choices are to either to find the courage to address this situation head-on or accept the fact that he will never be afraid of losing you.

    It is time to accept certain facts. If you truly believe he can change and that he loves you, then it is time to put your foot down. If he really can’t change, why keep waiting for change that may never come? Most people only change when they have to, so shouldn’t you make him HAVE TO? If you are hanging in there because you believe he doesn’t love you enough to change or that he doesn’t have it in him, then what are you doing with him anyway? How long should you be unhappy before it dawns on you that being in this relationship makes you unhappy? You deserve happiness, either with him or without him? If being with him makes you totally miserable,, it is time you faced your fears of losing him!

    Why should you let your fear drive YOU? Why are you so afraid to demand respect? Why do you fear telling him how you want him to treat you? Are you like that with everyone in your life or just with him? If it is just with him, then you need to ask yourself why you changed for the worse for someone who treats you worse than anyone else in your life does. Why would you want to be with someone who does not bring out the best in you and instead brings out the worst in you? Until you are strong enough to admit you may lose him, you are only going to continue to lose yourself to the point where you no longer even recognize the woman you have become.

    Not every man will fear losing you. Many men withdraw and mistreat women as a way to get rid of them. The problem is many woman simply won’t let go and instead will hang on tighter than ever. Sometimes we simply are not valued by the people we love the most, but either way, don’t you want to know the truth or do you just want to waste more and more of your time living in fantasy land? Just because you believe in fairytales or miracles does not mean they will come true for you.

    Keep in mind that by standing your ground and creating and enforcing healthy boundaries does not insure he will step up to the plate. Each relationship is unique, and he may simply not be afraid of losing you because he doesn’t care enough or love you enough to do what is right. He may enjoy the unhealthy dysfunctional relationship that you have and resist any change. We can tell you if he will regret losing you and will step up to the plate or if he will let you go and find someone else to treat like dirt. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.

    Fear can keep us from taking the one we love for granted, keep us from stepping out of line, or doing something to risk losing the one we love. If only one person in a relationship has that fear, the relationship will forever be one-sided. It will never grow, mature, or last. It is time to face your fear of losing a relationship that is going no where. It is time to create a little fear for the one you love, or it is simply time to let go and move on to something better.

    If he does not value you, or the relationship he shares with you, how can you value yourself? You can’t. You won’t. Because if you did, you would get away from this idiot who places so little value on you.. So why do you continue to place value on the relationship? Why are you so afraid of letting it go? It wont bother him if you did let it go anyway, so why are you still holding on to him?

    What it all boils down to is that a little fear in a relationship is actually healthy for the relationship. When both parties have a natural fear of losing each other they respect the relationship and each other. When you are the only one with fear in the relationship, the fear grows, and so does the neglect and mistreatment. There is a chance to get healthy fear back into your relationship before it is too late. You owe it to yourself to discover if it is really possible, and how to go about making your relationship better.

    A Few Reasons Why Avia Running Shoes Are Very Popular

    The reason why you are here is probably because you want to learn more about Avia running shoes. If that is the case, then you can be comfortable because you have come to the right place. If you do not know much about the shoes, then please do note that the shoes have been manufactured in the United States of America since the year 1976. For all this time, they have been considered among the best in the country and in the world when it comes to the specializing in running shoes. It is therefore important that we spare some time to discuss more about this great product. In this article, I would like to give some of the reasons why the Avia running shoes continue to trounce the competition left right and center.


    Although a good number of people think that all sports shoes are similar, people who engage in the specific sports do actually know that there are slight if not major differences in the type of shoes that will be used in the specific game or sport. That is why there are different shoes for walking, volleyball, running and so on. When it comes to Avia running shoes, the greatest asset of this brand is the fact that it has an exemplary design that specifically fits the sport in question – running. That is something that few of its competitors can come close to.


    The other reason why the Avia running shoes continue to attract the interest of many people is the fact that they last for a long time. Unless you are a rich fellow, you probably do not have the money to buy sports shoes every week. For this reason, it is important that you get to select the product that will last long and one which will not be damaged easily. Now, these assets in discussion here are one of those types of sportswear.


    Although one may not say that the Avia running shoes are cheap, but one can confidently say that they are pretty affordable especially when taking into account the fact that you are buying a well known brand. For this reason, people continue to rush to buy this product because of its affordability.

    All in all, the greatest feature of the Avia running shoes is the fact that they are of extremely high quality. This is perhaps the greatest asset anyone may want from something that one will spend money on.

    Wonderland Days Sim Date Review

    Wonderland Days Sim Date is a simulated dating game that is based upon the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. As Alice you mysteriously fall inside a hole and you are transported into the fantasy world of Wonderland. You are then told that you have 30 days until the hole is reopened. During those 30 days you can explore the world of Wonderland and talk to the many interesting characters that inhabit this fantasy world.

    Unlike many other sim-dating games, there are more activities that you can do here other than talking to potential partners to fall in love with. One of the first things I did was go inside the maze. Thankfully you can exit the maze at any time but you will stumble onto some helpful items that will be useful for you to attract your lover-to-be. You can only go out on date if you have a fancy dress. Normally you can go out and buy one in other games but Wonderland doesn’t have a store like this. A beautiful dress just happened to be hidden inside the maze! It’s this level of interactivity that I feel is sorely missing in other sim-dating games. Another aspect of the game’s interactivity is the way you earn money. One of the easiest ways to earn money is by street performing. You have to impress a specific audience member or else you won’t earn any money. It pays to actually talk to many of the citizens of Wonderland before you do this activity. This way it will be easier for you to know what their interests and hobbies are so you know what type of performance you can give them. Working at a store is the other way of earning cash in Wonderland.

    Unlike other sim-dating game where you automatically earn cash, this game makes you actually work for it. Some basic mathematics skills are at hand as you have to figure out the correct amount of change to give to your customers. It’s much like you are working at a real retail store. Graphically the game is brightly animated and littered with many references from the Alice in Wonderland universe. Many of the characters have been turned into humans so there are no weird animal-like creatures featured in this game. As with every dating game you goal is to find a partner and go out on a successful date with them. Unlike other games I’ve played in the past, it’s a bit boring that Alice can only go out on a date with a guy. It would be nice in this day and age if players are able to choose their sexual orientation…

    Nevertheless, Wonderland Days Sim Date is a game that can be enjoyed by little girls. It’s a fun game that offers more to the player than just simply talking to boys and going out on a date with them. Overall, I thought the game is one of the better sim-dating games I have played since it offers more of a variety of game modes.

    Samsung Gear S3 VS Gear S2: A Side by Side Comparison

    Samsung has just disclosed its seventh smartwatch, the Gear S3 along with its two variants, Classic and Frontier. The fresher model comes with some incredible features and makes various improvements on last year’s watches. Here, we are going to compare both of these exceptional watches so you can analyse better which one to shop and which one to ignore. So, let’s get started with side by side comparison of Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2.

    Variants Comparison:

    First, let’s discuss the variants of these two great smartwatches. Both Gear S3 and S2 come with two separate and unique designs. The Samsung Gear S3 variants are Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier. Overall, there is no big difference between the two forms, except its strap style and weight and Frontier with LTE built-in. Inversely, The Samsung Gear S2 alternatives were named as Gear S2 Basic and Gear S2 Classic.

    Design Comparison:

    The design of Samsung Gear S3 is elegant, unique, and rugged but it is not suited for women due to its bigger size and wrist styling. Samsung Gear S3 Classic version appearance is almost similar to the LG Watch Urbane than the S2 Classic.

    Overall, S3 comes with a dress watch style in comparison with S2, which looks more like a sports watch due to its sporty plastic curves. The rubber strap has been upgraded with a leather strap and a 22 mm pin in a metal body similar to the S2 Classic.

    It is more loyal to compare the S3 Classic with the S2 Classic, which had a standard 20 mm leather band. However, the S2 Classic smartwatch delivers more visual features in comparison with the S3 Frontier. Frontier version of S3 is more sporty, according to the majority of people.

    Size Comparison:

    When it comes to size, the Samsung Gear S3 is one of the largest smartwatches in the market nowadays. 46mm size is way too big for the individuals with smaller wrists. While on the other hand, Gear S2 was the smaller ones.

    Weight Comparison:

    With additional size, Samsung Gear S3 is bulky too, almost 30% heavier than its predecessors. Frontier version is even 8% to 10% heavier than the Classic. Due to its bigger size and weight, S3 is not suited for the individuals with smaller wrists. And it will not attract women either.

    Display Comparison:

    The screen size of both Samsung Gear S3 variants is larger than its predecessors. S3 has 1.3-inch 360×360 pixel AMOLED Always-On display with a pixel density of 278ppi.Although the bigger screen size is convenient to read but it also increases the overall dimensions and the weight as well as decrease the pixel density of the device, which is not good at all. As the body weight increased up to 30% in the current model than the previous versions, the display size has also been increased by 15%. As far as display material is concerned, both Samsung watches use Corning Gorilla Glass. The S3 uses the SR+ composite, which is more damage resistant.

    All in all, the Gear S2 technically has a brighter but smaller display. In comparison, S3 can display more on its Always-On display, which also keeps color intact instead of going to grayscale and delivers the best customisation.

    Performance Comparison:

    Performance wise, Gear S3 is far better than its predecessor. With the powerful processor, improved operating system, and more RAM, S3 is beating S2 in almost every department. It delivers 50% additional memory and battery comparing with its predecessor.

    Battery Comparison:

    Now let’s come to one of the most vital considerations of any gadget device, the battery. Samsung Gear S3 is loaded with 380mAh ambient light yet powerful battery that gives extra 24 hours than Gear S2’s 250mAH battery, and you remain connected up to 4 days. However, it may vary according to the usage of the device.

    Software Comparison:

    If you experience the Samsung Gear S3’s operating system then you will know that it is the same as was active on the S2 smartwatch, except now you can spin the bezel to accept or cancel calls and there are some minor visual changes. According to the manufacturer, both devices are compatible with Android and iOS.

    Price Comparison:

    Price is one of the most important aspects when it comes to buying these powerful and stunning smartwatches, and it would be your main concern too. Well, the basic model of Gear S2 costs 299 USD, and the S2 Classic is available at 349 USD. On the other hand, the Gear S3 opening price is 499 USD. Through a well-reputed shopping comparison engine; you can get your favourite smartwatch at the cheapest price while cutting the additional charges and taxes. These types of price check sources provide the best deals from the top retailers of any particular location.

    Other Features Comparison:

    Water Resistance

    Both smartwatches are completely water-resistant and provide great protection against splashing, rain, and water drop with IP68 dust & waterproof rating. IP68 water resistance means you can put it under the water of up to one meter deep and for maximum 30 minutes. It is far better than Apple watch that can’t be worn in rain or while swimming.

    Wireless Charging

    Both models of Samsung smartwatch support wireless charging.


    Unlike Gear S2, speaker and microphone are pre-installed in S3 that let you call more freely.

    GPS & Connectivity

    GPS is only active in the 3G variants of the Samsung Gear S2. Inversely, all the S3 models have built-in GPS. In addition, the Frontier version of S3 has built-in 3G/LTE connectivity, so you can make and receive calls as well as check other activities without even using the phone.

    Samsung Pay

    Samsung Pay has been added into the Gear series since 2016. However, the 2015 models were NFC-only, and so retailers were required to use an extra NFC scanner for accept payments. The 2016 models have both NFC and MST technology, and thus you can shop from anywhere. While doing online shopping, try to compare prices for getting the cheapest deals.

    Final Words:

    With the bigger display, bigger RAM, and bigger battery, Samsung Gear S3 has already given Gear S2 a tough time but it doesn’t mean that S3 is replacing the Gear S2. Both models have their own ups and downs. And so picking up a one between these two is not an easy decision to make. Although S3 is built with some amazing new features, but it is also a bit bulky and due to the bigger size it’s not well suited for the individuals with smaller wrists. At first look, it looks like that the S3 is made only for men. On the other hand, S2 has a perfect size and includes all the major features of a well-equipped smartwatch. But it doesn’t offer LTE. So it is worth spending some time to compare features and prices of both these watches and choose a one according to your preferences.

    World of Warcraft Classes

    In World of Warcraft (WoW), there are a total of 9 playable classes. You can not freely choose race and class, as it is somewhat limited. Not all races can be combined with all classes. To choose your class will be your most important choice in the game. This is because you define your play style within WoW with your class, whether it is healing and support, dealing much damage, or be the one who takes the damage and controls the monsters. Do not fear; there are a few roads you can walk within each class as well which you can change whenever you want. These “roads” are called talents. With talents, you specialize in a part of your class. For every level you achieve, you gain one talent point which you can spend on whatever talent tree you want. Every class has three talent trees. In other words, you can walk three different roads with your character per class.


    A warrior is strongly specialized in fighting with powerful two-handed weapons to deal damage or with a one-handed weapon and a shield to take all the pounding from a monster (called tanking). Very wanted for Arena teams as damage dealer and very wanted for instances and raid dungeons as tank. Warriors have the following talent trees: Arms (Damage), Fury (Damage) and Protection (Tank).


    A druid is a hybrid class. The druid is at one with nature, and is able to transform into different animals which have various unique abilities. Hybrid means that the class can perform several tasks, and the forms have a boost each to help them with a specific task. For instance, Bear Form makes them tougher and more resilient allowing them to tank with ease. Druids have the following talent trees: Balance (Spell damage), Feral Combat (Melee damage and tanking) and Restoration (Healing and support).


    Priests are magical users able to perform holy and shadowy magic. Their shadow spells are mostly used to cause damage on foes; however there are certain support abilities which are shadow magic. The priest is the main healing class with its manifold of holy support and healing spells. Priests have the following talent trees: Discipline (Survivability), Holy (Healing) and Shadow (Damage).


    Paladins are guardians of the holy light. They bolster their allies and themselves with holy auras and blessings to protect and empower them. Paladins are a defensive class designed to outlast their enemies. It is also a hybrid class, capable of healing, dealing decent damage and tanking. Paladins have the following talent trees: Retribution (Damage), Holy (Healing) and Protection (Survivability and Tanking).


    A mage is a magical user with frost, fire and arcane spells. They deal massive damage from afar, casting elemental bolts at a single target, or raining destruction down upon their foes in a wide area. Mages are also masters of slowing and temporarily immobilizing the enemy, enabling mages to get away easily. Mages have the following talent trees: Arcane (Burst damage), Fire (High damage) and Frost (Survivability).


    Warlocks are masters of demonic power, shadow and flame, plaguing their enemies with curses and diseases. They are also able to summon several demonic pets, each with its speciality. While warlocks deal ranged damage, their pets may attack at melee range and support the warlock and the warlock’s allies. They can also summon other people from anywhere in the world. Warlocks have the following talent trees: Affliction (Curses and debuffs), Demonology (Pet) and Destruction (Direct damage).


    Rogues are masters of stealth and assassination, and they’re able to pass by most enemies unseen and attack them from behind. Rogues can also create poisons which they one on their blade to add extra damage or negative effects on the victim. Rogues usually have two quick one-handed weapons dual-wielded, making them valuable for interrupting casters of magic. They are also able to open locked doors and chests. Rogues have the following talent trees: Assassination, Combat and Subtlety.


    A shaman is the spiritual leader of their tribe. They are a magic-based semi-hybrid class. They are masters of the Elements, enabling them to place elemental empowered totems which benefit the Shaman’s allies or have a negative effect on enemies. They are good healers and damage dealers. Shamans have the following talent trees: Elemental (Spell damage), Enhancement (Melee damage) and Restoration (Healing).


    Hunters are deadly snipers, capable of bringing their enemies down from a long distance with bows or guns. They can track enemies and place traps to damage or entrap their opponent. Hunters also have the ability to tame beasts in the world as pets and train them to become loyal guardians. Hunters have the following talent tress: Beast Mastery (Pet), Marksmanship (High Damage) and Survival (Damage and survivability).